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  1. I put it in my letter to Santa EDIT: Yes I know it's not even Thanksgiving yet but Santa is a busy man so I had to get my request in early
  2. Movies in 1982 were filmed on film, which has a resolution the rough equivalent of ten million pixels. This is about five times the resolution of a high definition DVD. The difference is imperceptible, but my point is that an HD DVD made from film will indeed be high-definition. It isn't restricted to films made in the last ten years or so.
  3. Didn't this thread just happen recently
  4. I use some Microsoft USB headphone set with a build in microphone, I got them for free off the internet and they sound quite nice. Except that they are USB, so I can only use them with a computer. But overall I like them and the microphone makes them good for gaming. Although I usually use speakers because then I can feel the music instead of just hearing it
  5. I am Sandbag, for I too have a lumpy physique and am incapable of autonomous movement
  6. It could be considered unwise to concern oneself about whether or not one's software or hardware is sufficiently professional, for tools do not an artist make.
  7. What no love for the Great Giana Sisters??
  8. may I compliment you on that beautiful rose you have there
  9. For sure D, Unavoidable enemies. If you can't avoid them, how are you supposed to continue through the game?? The other three are still really annoying though, well except unreachable powerups are more just stupid than annoying if they truly are unreachable.
  10. Music is very important for establishing the atmosphere and personality of a game
  11. I never thought Eternal Darkness was scary or even any good at all... I was totally pumped to stay up all night alone in the dark and play through it but all I found were atrociously clumsy controls and a boring excuse of a story
  12. Perhaps a gun that shoots special syringes that have a mechanism that causes them to self-inject upon sticking in the target's flesh, thus deploying their payload of a large quantity of pure insulin and causing the foe to collapse in a diabetic coma
  13. Maybe a melee weapon where you wear large furry mascot paws and caress the opponent's face very gently and they convert to pacifism
  14. how about a big boxy gun called the Meat Grinder it has a chute on top and grinding gears in the boxy part and a big tank coming out the back and there is no ammo for it, you must pick up dead players and stuff them in the top and they get ground up and then when you hold down the trigger it sprays their guts out a nozzle in the front and each blob does not much damage but there are a lot of guts spraying everywhere!! also it sprays bone shards mixed in with the guts and these do much more damage
  15. yeah my monitor is ancient so that must be why it lets me pick 640x480
  16. so does anyone else have to play at 640x480 or is just me who has a terrible computer
  17. Personally I find the new layout clumsy and slow, me no likey
  18. Actually now I'm back to Firefox because the page load time is marginally faster with Chrome and there doesn't seem to be any adblock functionality nor does my news ticker thing work with Chrome
  19. Using it right now and it seems pretty good all around so far
  20. Thumbs down for Dragonforce
  21. I suppose this makes me a black-hearted wretch but I do like it when unpleasant things happen to unpleasant people
  22. It seems like a pretty cool idea in theory, but since there is nothing to prevent people from misusing it, there is of course the possibility of it just not working. If it took off well though, I would probably consider using it.
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