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  1. I found it to be quite excellent as well and will probably get the DVD eventually. A particularly well done portrayal of an anti-villain.
  2. Minnesota!! Well I go to college in Indiana.
  3. If they put Dr. Robotnik in somewhere they better call him Dr. Robotnik and not Eggman or whatever because otherwise I will be very angry.
  4. HAPPY NEW YEARS about an hour and two minutes late for my time zone
  5. Would you believe the princess costume only cost about $20 total?
  6. Pokefloats was a good stage because it required players to pay attention
  7. In the last screenshot, Pit down in the corner looked a lot like Chansey at first glance.
  8. How will this work on a stage like the scrolling DK one?
  9. Lvl 24 Human Warlock on Wildhammer ~_^ I always play for a few months then get bored and start up again half a year later.....
  10. The baseline to that sounds terrible...
  11. Didn't Link have a vertical recovery and a chargeable B too
  12. The symbol to the left of the title of the post is not the smash symbol, but a leaf. Perhaps this means that there is indeed a playable AC character in the game? (Seeing as both stages and assist trophies so far that are associated with playable characters use such symbols instead of the smash one)
  13. Donkey Kong looks far more disgusting than he did in Melee. However, this is a fine trait, and it makes him far more awesome than he was in Melee. -C.J. Ballwipe
  14. I will now go play super mario brothers 3 for game boy advance in your honor
  15. FlagshipAmadeus


    I love this movie The only disappointment was that it had to end eventually
  16. I am rather good with peach and always hold Y when I win so that she says that anooying "oh did i win" thing at the end
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