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  1. I, for one, am very glad that music is available for free on the internet --> discover --> maybe even buy, because otherwise I would have to listen to the stuff everyone else around here (USA) listens to, which I hate. If music stores would sell "SUPER BEST TRANCE VOLUME VII" for like fifteen bucks instead of having to import it from Japan for forty, I would probably buy them all. Interestingly, I don't pirate games, probably because it's way too much trouble to get them to actually work, and I guess I feel more about games than about music that if it's worth playing, it's worth paying.
  2. I think the name "pirate" kind of skews the perception a bit, since there is a big difference between plundering/murdering/raping/hijacking/etc and copying a data file while leaving the original data in place. Yes, I know that's facetious thing to point out, but I'm not really sure copying a data file that gives you a program is actually stealing. On the other hand, a spy could "steal national secrets" or whatever by copying data files, although there is no way that is in the same vicinity as downloading a copy of Flash because I want to make a few animated gifs. It is a little immoral to use a copy of a program someone worked hard to make when you didn't pay for that hard work, but if a company isn't going to make their software or music or whatever affordable for its value, and there aren't any comparable alternatives that are affordable, piracy will happen. It seems to me that most of the time, free alternatives are both vastly inferior and function too differently than industry standards to be of any educational use for future endeavors with the real deal. Maybe a good model would to maybe have some sort of system in which creative programs like Flash are really cheap but if you are using them for commercial purposes then make them cost those ridiculous prices?
  3. Because I want to use it but don't think it's worth even close to the price?? I use Game Maker quite a bit and have paid for that, twice actually. That's fifty dollars I think. That seems reasonable for what the program can do and for how much I use it. Seven hundred dollars for Adobe Flash seems a pretty steep price when I just want to make a short, badly animated image.
  4. Well actually I have bought several CDs (used, they are cheaper that way) of which I already downloaded the whole thing... better quality, and I have the real deal in my hand I suppose. But I wouldn't have bought them if I hadn't first downloaded and listened to them to know I would like them enough to pay for. No, it's not okay to steal a candy bar, but if there was a place that was just giving them out for free and taking one didn't diminish anyone's stockpile by any amount whatsoever, I might as well go get the candy bar. I do have quite a few CDs, DVDs, and games, but I might as well try things out to see what is worth my money. If the product is actually worth buying then they deserve my money.
  5. That is a good reason that I never really thought about, but still, I'm not hurting anyone by downloading something I wouldn't have paid for anyways. I suppose uploading is a different story, but I don't do that.
  6. If you steal a CD from a store, the store owner will no longer be able to sell that copy because you stole it. They lose money. If you download a copy of a program you would otherwise not even consider buying because it is several hundred dollars for example, nobody has one less copy to sell, nobody lost a purchase that would have otherwise been made, and nobody loses money. That is how I see it, anyway. I would still buy a legitimate copy if I were to sell something I made with that program or whatever. If Flash was like $20 I'd buy it. That seems like a fair price. If a CD or DVD is like $5 - 10 I'll buy it. Which reminds me, if I download a CD or buy a used CD from eBay, either way the artist gets no money, therefore in my mind they are morally equivalent.
  7. I really really hope that this movie does extremely well, so that studios will begin making 2d animation again. Otherwise, if it fails, everyone will be all like "See?? 2d doesn't work!!"... a "city on a hill" if you like. I am also looking forward to Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea with great anticipation. Also, I thought Kung Fu Panda was a surprisingly decent CGI film but had it been done in quality 2d animation it could have been so amazing. I think I'm going to go watch All Dogs Go To Heaven now...
  8. I didn't find them funny, but still something I would look through, so not bad, just not funny.
  9. this looks more like a book than an album
  10. after I played through Portal, for the next few days I looked at elevated orthogonal architecture in terms of how I would portal myself up there and then caught myself and wondered what I was thinking
  11. Return to Zork Adventure game featuring live actors, an amazing sense of humor, and unforgettable dialogue (WANT SOME RYE? COURSE YA DO)! I have been trying for like sixteen years now and I still can't beat it I don't think I've even gotten halfway but I refuse to use a walkthrough aaaand also these days I can't get it to run on vista
  12. Ok well if that German company or whatever that bought them (is that even correct or am I making that up??) does not end up unleashing TS4 then when I am rich someday I will personally pay for it to get done
  13. I tried to think of a clever way to say that I only have two thumbs but want to give it more than two thumbs down, except nothing came to mind
  14. Well personally I hate those two, really I think all four of the original games have an equal percentage of really good tracks and really terrible tracks
  15. Hey all, typing this on my Microsoft Vista desktop whilst listening to my 120 gigabyte iPod, no problems here
  16. Ho ho ho ho! Merrrry Christmas!!
  17. I will probably never stop playing Soul Calibur II. My friends and I have been playing it consistently since it came out, sometimes I play with my cousins, sometimes I play with my dad, and someday I will probably play with my children.
  18. 5 stars (this thread, I am too lazy to look for videos without links)
  19. That was beautiful but it turns out it's only a demo!! Can't wait for the full game to be completed.
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