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  1. You know, I came in here expecting just another humdrum personal blog page, but then I read your DOOM entry and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of what you posted. Really cool stuff. I'll definitely be checking back in from time to time.
  2. Man, I'd love to play SOTC in 3D. Too bad I don't have a 3D TV. Still, I'm going to buy this to support Team ICO. I already have Ico and SOTC, but hey, the more Team ICO stuff the merrier.
  3. seriously. That music is enough to get me completely excited to play a new version. Can't wait to log in, feed my mag, and shoot at some rappies. Man, good times.
  4. Not real news. My real concern is not in the statement nor the man that made it, but rather the people so absolutely angry over it. This honestly isn't a big issue. It would be a big issue if Bungie, Valve, what's left of Infinity Ward, or some other huge FPS developer made this claim. But the Kinect guy? Really? All these people are going to get angry over the Kinect guy promoting Xbox products while dissing rival platforms? Seriously? For shame internet. For shame. Yeah his arrogance is annoying, but not enough to inspire such livid responses on all these news sites. If he wants to make dumb claims, then let dumb be dumb. No one will take him seriously. Now people are just posting one giant Kinect advertisement interview all over the internet, further promoting his product. Most hardcore gamers aren't going to buy Kinect in the first place, and casual people don't know nor care about whether there are more people playing console or PC First Person Shooter titles. Just ignore him for saying something dumb. It's really not a big deal.
  5. I enjoyed Bayonetta far more than DMC by a multiple of-- LIMIT EXCEEDED! INFINITONS! SUN PUNCH! I'm not saying the character's look is my cup of tea, but don't judge a whole game based on one character shot. What if the gameplay blows away the other DMCs'? Anyway, Capcom has to do SOMETHING drastic after the way Bayonetta stormed the scene and this (according to how people are reacting) is pretty drastic. Combine that with Capcom attempting to market games at western audiences more and this is the result. THAT and there's no way in determining if this Dante kid gets everyone's favorite young guy white hair or not; hell, if the kid get's white hair eventually I firmly believe most people will shut up about the look. ... geez, so much whining though. Reminds me of when WindWaker's trailer came out.
  6. http://www.joystiq.com/2010/09/15/phantasy-star-online-2-spotted-on-sega-tgs-video-stream/ Announced at TGS along with a trailer for release in 2011 on PC. I'm desperately searching online for the trailer. A kick back in the right direction might be a dream come true. Pretty exciting. *continues scouring the internet for more news* Other than that, I am super excited if they go back to the good old PSO roots. I miss that game so badly! EDIT: I found the trailer. Nothing really in it outside of info on a sequel to PS portable and the PSO2 announcement graphic. That's it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yUJiLyMWjc&feature=player_embedded No gameplay yet. Still, I'm psyched to know a real sequel to PSO is coming out soon. Man, that music really brings back good memories. PSO was one of the few games that really had a wonderful online community... up to a point... but still. I remember meeting up with some of you guys YEARS ago and playing it late into the night back in the day.
  7. What the Fuku-san!? Damn I forgot about this thread too, and I totally forgot the walls of text I contributed. Now I'm curious as hell all over again. Haha.
  8. There is documented evidence of a person that actually purchased Rumble Roses? Wow.
  9. If you've got the skills to back up your claim, you could just drop your pseudonym and include a portfolio of your work when dealing with people on a professional level. Or make a separate website portfolio and just include your works online sans the nickname. That's what I've always done, because people think I'm a terrorist if they see my name. I separate my online identity from real life me, but the work I've done for free as side projects is just the same. I really need to change my nick one of these days. I started using it in 7th grade back in 1997-98. The work required to transition without losing my online identity is a little troublesome though.
  10. I say this with tongue planted firmly in cheek, but I dare anyone not to compare Michael Jackson to the following and view them based on their merits alone AND not thinking of MJ. this: or this: or this: and I won't even post the Michael Jackson/Sonic 3 comparison videos that are everywhere. @ Salluz, I think I know what you're saying, and in a sense I guess I agree with you, but anything good that shakes the foundation of something (like MJ did to pop and mainstream entertaining) is going to get compared to things. In my opinion, when people seek to compare against someone else consistently, it only underscores their impact, and honestly, the ripples in the water from Michael Jackson's influence are still seen today. Just the way Elvis, Mozart, James Brown, Queen, Michael Jackson, or any other popular figures in music history (both modern and classical ) left ripples from their influence in the music world. They became a standard for subsets of musicians, whether you agree or not, you know?
  11. Seriously, that's like pretty much all of my mixes, so see, it really could be much worse. haha. I honestly can't remember that track of yours, although, when I search online I can't find it anywhere.
  12. I don't know... I think I have to give the tip of my hat to the SF64 video. Still, kudos to you guys for referencing those videos! haha. Good memories from those cassettes back in the day!
  13. I will play Duke Nukem Forever IF ONLY to say I've played Duke Nukem Forever.
  14. This made me happy times infinity. I'm glad I saw it. Nothing. But. Awesome.
  15. Goodness gracious... a lot of music means a lot of happy.
  16. You know, when I picked up my PS3 a few years ago I also got Armored Core 4. They did a lot of things right, the customization is fantastic. I mean, you can add counterweights to your mecha to make it lean a particular way if you're so inclined. There are a lot of parts, and a lot of cool touches in customization that are really robust, outshining the customization of all the older titles. Still, the game feels like it's missing something from a level design standpoint. Some of the missions feel like they could have been taken right from the original PlayStation game, but for the few that really stand out as unique, they're really special. Again, from a level design standpoint, another issue I have with Armored Core is how quickly (and awkwardly) many of the missions end. I love Armored Core, but a lot of times I wish it was a little more epic in the way it sets up its action. The game's action is great, but it just doesn't feel set up properly in the context of a plot, much less a reason to care about the game outside of just getting more money to customize your mecha. THAT said, I haven't played the latest, For Answer, which looked super cool, and it a had coop mode too. If you haven't picked up either of the games, you definitely should. Pretty cheap now a days too. And wasn't there an Armored Core 5 trailer that surfaced a while ago? Ah, good times.
  17. Mad props at the mention of "Green Onions" I also think "Spanish Flea" is due for a nod. "The Streetbeater" by Quincy Jones. Also the Sanford and Son theme. The actual song goes longer than the TV shows's theme and has some really funky solos in the middle. Damn I love that show, and miss Redd Foxx. ha.
  18. ... this thing is really scary, but... I... can't... stop... listening.
  19. Video games have taught me that there is no gray area when understanding morality. Oh, and Earthbound taught me that if I keep bothering someone they'll eventually give me money to leave them alone. In fact, I have a feeling Earthbound could teach us all a lot about life.
  20. You know, I never thought about it, but yeah, that would be pretty awesome. In fact a lot of these concepts people are bringing up are pretty good. I've always wished for a mechsim similar to MechWarrior or Steel Battalion where you're piloting a mech(mecha) from a cockpit that had the customization of Armored Core. In fact, if you could customize what your cockpit looked like with different screens, cameras, HUDs, and all that jazz I'd be in robot heaven. I just want some more sims (first of all) and then some real customization.
  21. Oh my God, has it been that long? So very sad.
  22. I'm just going to come out and say it, and I know it's a far cry from the RPG stylings of original titles, but ... I MISS YOU PSO !!!
  23. I'm so sad every time I'm reminded of this. Too soon! Too soon!
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