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  1. yeah, sure. Camera phone to the rescue! And don't make fun of my ghetto speakers! haha.
  2. I'm just going to come out and say it, and I know it's a far cry from the RPG stylings of original titles, but ... I MISS YOU PSO !!!
  3. I'm so sad every time I'm reminded of this. Too soon! Too soon!
  4. I think you're right on that, though I never considered it myself. Maybe that's why they were showing Starfox 64 on the 3DS... Yeah, don't get me wrong, I love the soundtracks for all of the games, but the arcade feel that the original had was really sublime. And yeah, the characters are cheesy, but it's a good kind of cheesy that fits. Everything about Star Fox works as long as it doesn't take itself seriously and focuses on blowing the hell out of stuff. And yeah, when they started compensating by putting an emphasis on story the series started to stagnate. Still, Star Fox is by far one of my favorite series. I even have an old promotional SNES Star Fox Poster from 1993 right above my computer and I wouldn't trade it for the world. haha. EDIT: Okay... maybe the world, but still...
  5. Strike911


    ... I guess that would explain the flock of sheep I'm always seeing, HEY-O! Yeah, but the picture of that sheep and its red, glowing eyes will make me have nightmares for the rest of my life... So this game is basically Paprika mixed with Inception mixed with sexy fun times... and sheep? This actually looks really really interesting. Some of the information I've been reading on it seems like a pretty compelling, unique experience (particularly the startling, terrifying moments).
  6. There were like 6 characters in the StarFox 2 to choose from right, or am I wrong? The gameplay they were adding in StarFox 2 looked pretty cool. I gotta be honest, I do miss the original 4 characters and the team they formed. The latest StarFox games seems to be pushing new characters down everyone's throats (a la the Sonic series) and the aesthetics and gameplay have just veered off course with it. Not that gameplay is terrible, but the earlier games (N64, SNES) are just hands down better games. Assault just felt watered down, imo, and Command had some interesting aspects but it too didn't really feel right. Ah, but yeah. The music of StarFox 2, from what I've heard on YouTube, sounds great, keeping up the tradition from the original. That's one thing I wish transferred over from the SNES version(s) to the N64 one, was the music. Complete shift in sound which is about the only thing I didn't like; still I'm a fan of SF64's tunes. I miss the way games were back in the day, not necessarily the graphics mind you, but a lot of these older titles were just pure unadulterated fun that I don't experience as much anymore in this day and age. I could remember playing the original StarFox and StarFox 64 for hours on end, and to this day I would still be willing to play them. I don't know if I could say that for more than 1 or, at maximum, 2 games in this generation or the previous one. I don't know that I would ever replay any of the games this generation a few years from now. I don't know that I'd replay a lot of them right now (with a few choice exceptions). ha. A sad state of affairs that is.
  7. Strike911


    Love the art style!
  8. You mustn't! The Earth's magnetism cannot take it! You must be stopped cruel fiend! Edit: Nah, but seriously... I just did it, and it sounds crazy cool with the mostly acoustic stuff in the beginning then just slowly turns into what hell must sound like halfway through as the Electric guitar solos start popping in. I also tried the Best is Yet to Come from the original Metal Gear Solid soundtrack... nothing short of amazing when slow. Wow.
  9. Though I never personally held a thorough conversation of depth with you, your contributions to this community were very important and will be missed. Sad to see an OCR staple heading out, but good luck with your future endeavors.
  10. Someone needs to put Freebird in this thing, and the world will explode.
  11. And playing as a Nazi's in multiplayer is okay why now? She says time? There's a lot of old folks that lived through the 40's that would BEG to differ, ironically demonstrating in her own segment that what offends some people doesn't offend her. *face palm* I'm sure people that were victims of bank robberies would be pretty pissed, too. I'm all for games that don't trivialize real war. That's wrong, period. But lady, come on... multiplayer war games are commonplace. What about the US military sponsored America's Army? The "official US Army Game" I might add where you play as a US soldier from your perspective and a terrorist from your enemies' perspective? At least that was how it was back in the day. Fact is, in multiplayer you're always playing a terrorist, the game just hides that fact from you. On a side note, I kind of love the symbolism of that aspect in America's Army: how no one views themselves as the bad guy in war. Ha. Anyway... I'm sorry this woman lost her son in the war, I really am, but if I heard a few actual US soldiers complaining about this I'd be more willing to care a little more. If those soldiers were telling me the game is wrong I'd listen. I really would, but I'd be willing to wager there will be more US military men & women playing multiplayer Medal of Honor in Afghanistan (as the freakin' Taliban) than people complaining about the game in the United States, or elsewhere for that matter. What's the right solution? A Co-Op Military title where everyone plays on the same team shoots at NPC Taliban troops? Back to Battlefield 2 and the MEC bots, I guess?
  12. Seems like the best place for this: Suda 51 just announced a horizontally side scrolling shooter called Sine Mora. Exciting. Also, a personal note completely offtopic from everything else (since I'm in THE shmup thread) ... mad love for Einhander. <3 <3 As far as the SNES, UN Squadron wasn't half bad back in the day. Sure, R-Type was better, but hey, still good fun.
  13. Oh my God.... This is the coolest thing I've seen in quite a while!!! I'm having way too much fun screwing around with my own songs in there! omg omg omg!
  14. I find myself using any number of synths for leads, but adding a Guitar Rig 4 VST (basically a virtual amp) seems to give me a really nice sound consistently with very little work. It's practically picking the sound you want and it just does it. If you're using synths you'll never have that live feel, but you can fake it pretty well. In combo with slayer it's pretty convincing if you add slides and stuff.
  15. Download FL Studio's demo. It's free and pretty easy to jump in. If it's not your bag there's a zillion other things you can try.
  16. So this movie was bad? Or Good in a bad way? Or so bad it was worth it? Since before it's release, I've contended that this movie never had to be good to be successful just based on who's in it.
  17. I loved this movie. The most fun I've had at a movie theater in forever. Makes me a little sad that it struggled to top 10 million for the weekend. Hopefully it's one of those word of mouth deals, because the movie is so great. The presentation of attempting to be filled with cheese is just great. Loved it.
  18. Hoping for just a little Tech Romancer love SOMEWHERE.
  19. Kind of depends on the game for me. I like checkpoints/autosaves because it's automatic and I don't really have to worry about it. Some manual save systems just take me out of the experience, while checkpoints and autosaves feel a little more natural. That said, I like checkpoints that have been balanced and placed in a specific spot by a HUMAN BEING. These autosave/auto-checkpoints that exist in some games are TORTURE at times. Like Call of Duty 4, I remember playing single player working my way to bad position and the game suddenly autosaves my progress right there. When I died, I was set up to die the exact same way over and over again from the exact same place which was really frustrating. And at that point, when I'm respawning a few seconds back in time, I know the guy that's shooting me, so I start doing weird things to just kill the enemy, which kind of feels like breaking the game in the way. So.. yeah, checkpoints/autosaves are nice, but there are too many games that just let the game periodically save when it's not necessarily in your best interest in-game. Sometimes though the nostalgia of having to go to an Inn to save is kind of nice though. A little rougher on the player in this day and age, but still delightfully nostalgic.
  20. So I need a music file to start up and play to the end then loop back to a middle point continuously. WAV files can have embedded CUE points to do this, but I've run into a snafu. I can't set the cue point accurately. What is the best way to add cue/loop points in a WAV file? I'm using FL Studio Fruity Edition which I don't think supports CUE files (I hear Producer Edition does, but I cannot find ANYONE talking about it on the internet). Is there a program that can beat match AND add these points to help me find the exact measure where I want the track to loop? One would assume FL Studio would have an easy way to do it, but again, I don't think my edition supports it. I am able to add these CUE points in Goldwave while looking at the waveform, although accurately setting the point by ear is difficult and not really as accurate as it should be. IS there an easy way to add these cue points without meticulously beat matching by ear? If you have any information at all I would really appreciate it.
  21. Fixed. I don't care if I get flak for it, but you know, I can kind of dig the sound that autotune produces, in theory. I like the idea of heavily processed vocals, meshing the machine with a human being. I know it's overused in pop but that synthesized voice produced from vocoders and auto-tune plugins is something the cyberpunk fan in me quietly delights in. Sure, it goes a little overboard in pop to the point where it is indeed annoying, but I'm sure there's SOME kind of unique and interesting creation that can be built from the plugin when people aren't trying to emulate the sounds found in the top 40. Again, I inherently like the idea, but its execution in pop music is getting kind of old. I can also attest to GSnap, although I found it a little difficult to use. I could never get a decent sound out of it, although I have seen people on Youtube using it before. So If you put time into it, sure, still, as someone said above it's not the best thing out there. Price is right though, ha.
  22. I swear I heard Blaster Master music playing in between segments while listening to a show on NPR.
  23. Super excited for this movie. When he punched a guy in the face and the announcer said "K... O..." I knew I needed to see this movie. Hopefully it is decent. The little MTV preview clip they had online was funny enough, so I'm genuinely looking forward to it. Plus I hear it has a chiptune inspired soundtrack. Fancy that.
  24. I loved VGMix back in the day, but hell, let's face it, the site was dead long before it ever went offline. Hell, give it a few years and Super VGMix RPG will be back in development like it used to be.
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