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  1. I just want the AI to be fair this time. It makes no sense to me that the statistically worst kart+driver beats everyone, including me in the statistically best kart+driver (and no I do not suck at the MK games). I don't wish to complain about everything ;_; but there's just always so much to complain about. Anyway, what I hope this game to be is a crossover between MK64 and MK for SNES (collecting coins builds up the speed and it needs to at least be 3D so driving does not suck n_n; ). Seeing how the non-standard karts are already in it, I'm not expecting too much of this game. They keep taking our beloved "hardcore" franchises and turning them into something everyone can play... You can't please EVERYONE and people who never played games before will like any game regardless of how much it sucks or not at all. Just let us keep at least this one and let new people actually do what 'we' did all this: practice for hours a day to actually build skill on the game.
  2. Assumed too much I have a Wii, got it as soon as it was my turn to pick up my pre-ordered unit. -Wii Sports was great fun, just don't find myself returning to it much. -Zelda was awckward after having played the Cube version first. -Wii Play is still great to play occasionally. -DBZ T2 was pretty good but didn't feel rewarding as a game and I was annoyed by the fact that some of the same flaws from DBZ B2 (for Cube) were still in there. -Red Steel was surprisingly good, but also had no lasting appeal. -Prince of Persia for some reason managed to catch my interest but I deeply regret buying it. Then again, that was the only choice I had when I returned the godawful Heatseeker. I never finished PoP in the end, because it just didn't feel rewarding enough to play. Some of these games were a pretty big gamble in the first place. I actually wanted to be open to 3rd party stuff but they let me down. The games I am lookign forward to are the games I already played on earlier generations. While I still want the likes of Metroid, Mario, Smash Bros., Final Fantasy, Kirby etc. etc. I didn't need a rushed next gen to give me what I want. The industry fails because of the competition and the technological progress that makes sure anything we buy is outdated the next day. They'll do what every marketeer has been doing since the industrial revolution: sell minorly updated products you don't really need, on mass market scale, because there will always be many fools to buy your product. This works with the toothbrush, electronic razorblades and mobile phones the same way it does with games like Mario Party 8, Pokemon Wii and just about every EA sports title. There are good games coming out for Wii, but we don't need a Wii to play them. The only reason last gen is "dead" is because they all rushed into the next gen because of competition. And THAT is marketing, and THAT is life. And that's why I'm mildly annoyed Which you can probably tell from this waaay too long reply to your short post. >_> Uhm yeah, so that was not even relevant was it. What I'm trying to say is; they can't meet my demands anymore and that sucks much after all these years of loyalty. But whatever, I don't expect anyone to make anything just for me.
  3. To be honest, I am really not impressed by anything I saw so far. Not only because nothing really came as a surprise, but also because the new things are aimed at people who are not me. It's great that Nintendo is selling so well and that these things will probably help them sell more, but they're going down a road where I can't follow them. *drama detector explodes* So now I have to make a choice. I either keep waiting for those rare AAA titles (which for the past 12 years have only been (to me) Nintendo-only titles and their sequels), I buy myself another system which may or may not actually have games that I actually do enjoy, or I face the fact that I am part of a very, very small demographic and might as well give up on new generation gaming all together. *sigh* Of course gaming isn't the only thing in life, but it is one of those few nice hobbies that have been entertaining me for so long... Marketing is a cruel master. 0_0; Of course this isn't the end either so for now I'll stick with the original plan: wait for those damn rare AAA titles (I'd actually settle for a nice B right now as well T__T). >_> Uhm don't mind me and my ramblings
  4. Well, not every item needs to be powerful. Again, it's all about balance. Anyway; this calls for 4 player, small stage, bumper only, item appearance ratio very high *Scottish accent:* it'll be pinball hell 0_0;
  5. Will it feature only sonic/mario characters or also official existing people who may or may not be famous in real life and have some kind of fan base?
  6. The thing is, you can stop reading here and stop watching the Smash site right now, but then there's still that bit of info you want to know that will really sell the game to you, but you don't want to know the info that would spoil it so you don't want to buy the game anymore. When you realize the info you're reading will spoil it, it's already too late So maybe a good question is: what bit of info is it that we need right now that would satisfy our needs completelt but not ruin the surprise? ... Ha, release date n_n
  7. I always think "ZOMG NEW CHARACTER???" when I see these things. I didn't realize he was an assist trophy untill the end of the update said so ehehehe. Pretty obvious though, but right now, anything goes I think it's an interesting update ;_; iep, though I kind of don't want to know more so I'll be surprised when I get the game, but on the other hand I really want to know more too Also for those complainers: you can't have a good update EVERY day. It's called balance, and not being an idiot for releasing allll the important info right away.
  8. Alright, let me rephrase then: "...I'd like to see that happen to a game I'm actually interested in, at least once in my lifetime."
  9. Ya know what would really surprise me? If they'd say at the end of the whole show: "oh and btw, you can pick up Smash Bros. Brawl in stores tomorrow..." 0_0; It'll never happen, but I want someone to pull a stunt like that at least once in my lifetime.
  10. And so conversation is going in circles again *sigh* Darn weekends Ooo, at least it's E3 time soon
  11. I'm more curious about the mini games we'll get in between fights. Break the targets is simply classic, so there's a big chance we'll see that back. Reach the finish (pathetic that I played this game just yesterday and not know what they really call it...Race to the finish? ) has also been there in both Smash games but in Melee it was updated. Not sure they'll have the trophy collecting thing again, so that bonus game isn't garantueed to be in there... I'm hoping they'll keep at least break the targets and also include many mini game modes like Melee had. I rather liked all that and also the collectign of trophies and getting all the silly bonuses (in fights). On one hand I want Brawl to be a really new game (which it is of course and looking very awesome already), but I also like those classic things that made Melee very awesome. Off course I'll settle for equally awesome, completely new things. My guess is though that they'll update the site up to the point that they've covered everything we've seen so far in the trailers and a handful of new stuff, but we won't find out the rest untill we actually play the game. I wouldn't really want to know EVERYTHING before it comes out. As for a Metroid stage: if they're using Samus' Metroid Zero Mission design, it is likely that we will get stages from said game. Though to me not as epic as say, Prime one or Super Metroid, Zelda seems to be getting the same treatment. The place where you fight Ridley in Prime 1 would make a lot of sense, but there's not much you can do with a round platform besides giving it the usual 2, 3 extra platforms in the air. The waiting continues EDIT: Btw, I must say that this team who's working on the Smash Brothers franchise is one of the few teams I have immense faith in. I get the feeling they won't let me down on this game and we really only had two games in the series yet. Same can be said about Retro, who are doing an ace job on Metroid so far.
  12. They're also in Donkey Konga, the new DK Jet game and they've had their games ported over to GBA. Plus, their trophies showed up in Melee. I'm sure they can work it out
  13. Works for me too In that case my vote goes to Diddy and Dixie to "replace the Iceclimbers".
  14. They could have Meowth as a counter move, like Peach uses Toad. And when you star KO them they'll do that famous line I only know in Dutch n_n So many possibilities
  15. Team Rocket With silly nets and contraptions to capture Pikachu.
  16. Nah, I think the makers of the game are really keeping them in mind too. There are sure to be many stages that are perfect for tournament play >_> Then again, there is always something to complain about...
  17. I was hoping for a stage like this. Just something big where you can brawl tons and really get into high percentages of damage before knocking someone off screen. And then have something make a hole in it so things get more dangerous. I really, really think I'll like this stage. So Zelda wise, they're pretty much going for anything Twillight it seems. So Twillight Ganondorf should be next as playable character?
  18. Yoshi should summon the Yoshi-stampede we saw in Melee's intro/Paper Mario 2 x_x Death by too many Yoshi x_x
  19. What's kind of sad is that we're all sort of waiting for the sequels to games we've been playing over the past X years, since we know at least those will be good. I was going to be very open to 3rd party titles but dissapointment after dissapointment made me change my mind on that. (Yes, I know, rental is the way to go for me then). Just remind yourself of the great stuff that has yet to come For me that be: -Metroid! -Mario Galaxy -Super Paper Mario -Smash Bros. -Final Fantasy CC -Fire Emblem -Kirby -the inevitable F zero -the hopefully better this time Starfox -another Zelda? -Namco is supposed to be working on a Tales sequel for Wii. -I'll concider the next DBZ maybe... -maybe Alien Syndrome etc. etc. etc. I can't wait to learn about more good titles soon to add to ze list. It's all that keeps me sane gaming wise x_x.
  20. If it's his Twillight version he might summon them ghostly horse riders
  21. Hey I just read on IGN that Smash Brothers Brawl will not be in playable form at E3 this year. The same article reminded me that this game was supposed to be released with the Wii. Now that got me thinking; why of all the franchises does Nintendo pick this game to pour all their efforts in? Why for example do they not pour such efforts in their huge franchises like Pokemon or Zelda or something like that? Why would they cancel certain games for not appealing to a wider crowd, yet put everything in SBB? Not complaining though, as I love the series and this game will no doubt be the most amazing yet, just wondered why this game gets the extra treatment. It's been in developement for quite some time now right? It makes sense for them to pull it back to include online options and other things, but why not do the same for other games that are now just mediocre? Was there a finished product ready for release anyway? Cause it sounds like the game is getting a huuuuuge update.
  22. I think Ray Falling is actually a song, possibly Japanese or sang by someone who is very popular in Japan. That's what I get most by googling, plus some dude over at microsoft messageboards, a dating site and some sort of parachute jumping place. Interestingly, the latter has almost the same email adress as me, and his supposed real name is R. Dutch and lives in Florida. It so happens to be that my real name is R. (René) and I'm Dutch...and my girlfriend lives in Florida... All coincidence I'm sure, but life is very interesting when paranoid Anyway, it started with me calling myself Ray because highscore lists in a lot of old games I played only allowed for 3 figures. I Never liked my real name anyway. I then started calling the main character in my sci-fi novel "Ray" and drew a picture of him falling, which then became his last name Ray Falling also refers to my greatest inspirational source which is in fact, falling rays, as seen in my photography a lot. Since this is now my established artist name, I figured i'd use it anywere on the net, as people tend to remember it and recognize it. n_n
  23. Well, it only works as quick smash in multiplayer. In single player it functions as a camera zoom function. I guess a lot of people would use the quick smashes hmm. I just liked the idea of having a few more signature moves the C-stick could offer that, but of course there are a ton of reasons not to do it too.
  24. I'm very pleased to see Bowser back, and he seriously does look fantastic! I'd say he's the best looking character model we've seen yet, very refined and polished. I was thinking how it would be possible for each character to have up to 4 more moves if they used the C-stick on the Cube controller. Kind of like Tales of Symphonia, only I guess that would mean abandoning the camera zoom function (which wasn't all too usefull to begin with). Unfortunatly so many moves would probably not be possible for other controller types since they have less buttons. ;_; I also like the sound of the whole "they (some of the characters) play different this time around" thing. I'm very curious how much change we're talking about and I can't wait to try out Bowser. He was one of the first I tried to get good with on Melee.
  25. This is the best update yet! And I must say that's a really clever way to get more characters in it without having to make them playable. It also looks like they're really listening to what the fans want so we may get to see all those unlikely characters afterall. I'll say it again: this game is starting to get better and better everytime
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