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  1. I've been very open minded these past few years and so far I have only been dissapointed. History is my teacher, and it is a good one at that. Having said that though, I'm sure there are plenty of good series (hype or no hype) that I haven't played. Again, I just don't feel I MUST play games on systems I don't own. That's really all there is to say. We have different tastes, and that's just fine I just don't appreciate it when people suggest I'm less of a whatever, just because I haven't played a certain something they're really passionate about (you probably didn't even mean to do that anyway). Or call me dumb because I have a different style or preference that, for me, is working out just fine. Just a silly argument that didn't even need so many words... Exactly. Big name games can still be good and all, but I love finding greatness in smaller names. It went like that for me with Tales of Symphonia and Baten Kaitos. Since there was little to no hype back then, I could sort of...get into them with a fresh page on my mind. That way it feels more personal, almost as if it's just for you. Once the hype kicks in it just feels like it's mass marketed and not so personal, and that's when bias starts too. It'll be like your hyperactive friend saying "ZOMG You gotta listen to this new song by *insert popular band name*" I'd rather they say "Hey man, here's a CD. Take it home for a month and listen to it, ya know, whenever you feel like it. And let me know what you think later..." Maybe we should bump up the Wii thread *goes there now*
  2. That's just fine. Either way, I have no desire to play it because it is not in any of the genres that I enjoy. I play games I grew up with, on systems I actually own. I'm open to other games, but I want to ease my way into new genres, not get them shoved down my throat (like people tried to do with RE4). Great that you love the series so much. I just love other games that way. EDIT: Darn! The one time I dress up as Mario and someone takes a picture of me... Curse...you...Link! Curse...you...Zelda! Curse...you...peer pressure and mobile phone cameras!
  3. So you're saying I should buy a game for platforms I don't have and never have owned because many, many people love it? Let me get right out and buy me a 360 with Halo 3! Everybody loves it, so it must be good! (not to mention worth all that money that I'm spending on a system I'd be owning one game on).* Look, I'm trying to keep an open mind for games I haven't played, but I just feel no desire to buy a lot of games that everyone seems to love. Much like I don't feel the desire to buy a car, or talk to all my friends on my mobile phone every damn moment of the day. Everybody does it, but why should I? Ask someone to recommend music to you in the genre you (think you) like. How much crap would you get and how much would actually be right up yer alley? If you still don't understand my point, then I'm the one feeling sorry... *(I have nothing against Halo at this point. It just seemed like the most obvious game to mention to get a point across.)
  4. That...really wasn't the point...at all >_> I feel no desire to play MGS games though. Since I don't know what I'm missing, I'm not really missing it now am I? I'd rather casually stumble upon really good games, rather than listening to the hype.
  5. I too am very happy to see the trophies back, rather than them being replaced by the stickers (which I think are also nice). Collecting all the trophies was one of the longest and most fun challenges of Melee. I look forward to collecting them in Brawl as well.
  6. Hmm okay, let's try a different question then: did this whole 3rd party character craze start only because of the Snake announcement, or did people feel the want for 3rd party characters after Melee in the first place? I for one don't feel Brawl NEEDS 3rd party characters, so in that sense, I would be happy with just having Snake (I'm neutral towards his inclusion since I dont know him or his games). However if so, then this wouldn't be that "all mascots welcome" thing I for some reason thought it was supposed to be...I probably misunderstood some of Sakurai's very early comments about Brawl when it was announced. If Snake's inclusion is merely a favor to a friend then I'm fine with that too. Still he may feel a little out of place...
  7. There's plenty of possibilities... Hmm, so how many non-Nintendo characters would you guys think is necesary for this game to feel like "that game that is open to any cool mascot"? Ideally there should be a 50-50 ratio, though in all honesty I don't care all that much for 3rd party characters. (But I am keeping an open mind, and design wise it'll be very interesting.) Since there are so many characters already, a 50-50 ratio could be too much, so perhaps 75-25? On one hand I don't want it to just throw in a few 3rd party peeps fot the heck of it, but on the other hand I don't want it to lose the Smash Bros. feel, we all love.
  8. I'm still hoping there's going to be other 3rd party characters besides Snake though. It'll be a bit weird only having him in.
  9. It's not even a coincidence really. People see what they want to see. I see poor spelling and the result of teenagers having spent too much time playing online shooters...
  10. WTF When I try to get to the smashbros site it takes me to one of them fake pages that suggests the domain name is still available and holds a ton of ads T__T;
  11. I don't think there will be a lot more options than those shown, but there's a decent number of combinations so there's not really a need for more options. Did anyone even play the special melee a lot? I think it's great that they're taking a lot from the older games and just build on that. Making all new modes could backfire; I like the familiarity they have now, alongside all the new things.
  12. Thanks for ruining it for...well...everybody ;_; Eheheheh just kidding. Meta Knight actually appears to be playable in the adventure mode, so he can't be the minister..or can he??? 0_0;
  13. Best...update...ever! So the CD's unlock more songs? That's what I'm getting from it. Gosh they're really going all out on this game release date can't come fast enough.
  14. He even has his own logo Good to have his profile on the site now too. Perhaps tomorrow we'll see his special moves, which we kind of already know >_> Thank goodness it's not Friday though.
  15. One thing that worries me about some moves characters have is that some of them can "break" and become unusable (or can they?) Take Diddy there for example: when his gun pops, does it just stay broken untill KO-ed? What about the jet-barrels? Does he have to pick them up again like Wario's chopper or does he have infinite acces to these jet-barrels? I know the game was meant to play somewhat different, but I wouldn't want certain moves to become unavailble for a certain time, or permanently. Imagine using Rest as Jigglypuff, but you miss and you get smacked and lose the Rest ability...You're pretty much screwed then 0_0; (hold your rants about how awesome you are with Jiggly and you don't rely on Rest, you know what I'm talking about). 0_0;
  16. It could simply not appear when playing as a certain character untill it is "unlocked" Or the item itself could be "locked". It's not at all impossible Maybe just not likely.
  17. I'm kind of hoping you need to unlock each character's Final Smash (imagine that said in Japanese accent) by playing/finishing the Adventure mode. Sort of give you an extra reason to do so and stimulate you to play as each character at least a couple of times
  18. **Inside Sakurai's mind** "Well, it is almost time to update the site with a new secret character...*sips coffee* Mmm maybe I should check OCremix first for some better ideas. *drops coffee* 0_0; *gasp!* ... Yeah, you know he does We'll see it soon enough eheheh
  19. It's never too late Unless you die first 0_0
  20. Nice one on the invisible sarcasm That battle is right up there with "Aeries dies" and "Sheik is really Zelda"
  21. That does look crazy good and very interesting It's been a while since I played a good 3D platformer/action game. This looks promissing enough. The concept art is some of the most beautiful I've seen. I hope to be able to draw like that some day as well. ZOMG
  22. Okay, I took the survey. With all the open questions you're going to get a lot of different views I expect. Hope that'll work out alright when you try to come up with a conclusion.
  23. Set your game language to German or French for an even funnier voice n_n;
  24. Seeing how IGN is all over Metroid now, I'll have to do my best to avoid it untill it comes to Eur-f*cking-ope T__T; ;_; Gosh I just want it already.
  25. On thing is for sure: they can go crazy with bosses now. They'll probably have health meters that need to go down to 0% a la Master Hand. This means bosses can be big, ugly and have a nasty moveset to boot *obvious detector explodes*
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