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  1. I for one am very interested in hearing a remix of the beehive level's track. It needs some more attention because it's a good track but people seem to overlook it. (Unless someone can prove me wrong by sending a ton of links to remixes of said track n_n ) Looking forward to hearing what everyone comes up with. Faillure is not an option >_>
  2. Do you know if Nintendo ever had any problems with the original Gamecube Freeloader? If they just let it be then this will be a very good investment for anyone. There is no way I'm waiting 'till next Fall to get SSBB. T__T;
  3. Eastern Sea (Underwater remix) - Solarstone [ nice and relaxing trance track ] Watching the waves - Blank & Jones [ even more relaxing I guess n_n; ] Pacific Melody - Airscape [ including wale sounds 0_0 ] Just to name a few I can find in my playlists.
  4. Things are going to get really spoilerific pretty soon, so I think I may just have to avoid the internet when they release it in Japan. The whole Jigglypuff thing was pretty interesting, but I don't want to know anything more about Brawl now that isn't officially announced. On a side note: when will Fire Emblem be released in Europe?
  5. The graphics look "crappy" enough to convince me this could be on Wii, but pretty enough to put a grin on my face (observation, not critique). If it plays like Street Fighter Alpha 2 (SNES) but has more (special-) moves and extra characters then I will be most happy. Of course I will be sad if it doesn't come out on Wii afterall..
  6. "Oh btw, we're gonna delay the game again BUT ZOMG LOOK WE GIVE YOU SHEIK!!!" *puts on the Ring and vanishes into thin air*
  7. I'm not quite sure how you spell it, but one of the few cartoons really worth mentioning is (The adventures of) Teddy Ruxpin. A quick google search actually reveals plenty of pages/youtube clips. Since it's originally American, some of you may know it too. I haven't seen it since childhood and I'd rather not see it again now as it may ruin it for me so I won't haha . I also loved Donald Duck cartoons and the Ducktales series we had on video tape (wow that IS old n_n; ) The Dutchies among us may remember a show called Telekids as well, which always aired on saterday morning which was great. Nothing they show on TV today comes close to being as memorable as the classics from our childhood in my opinion. Too much popular garbage now...
  8. Technically, Kirby wouldn't be able to use Pikmin right? Since he adopts the standard special move of the character he sucks up, which is Pikmin Pluck in Olimar's case, there is no way he can actually throw them. Pikmin throw is the side special move... 0_0;
  9. Regardless, Krystal would still be a good addition to the game at this point, especially seeing how Fox is the only one representing the Starfox series now (assuming Falco is going to be replaced/removed at all).
  10. Brilliant update! This man must be a genius; he manages to make existing things all new and fresh and exiting without "breaking" them! I like how there are now more types of "wireframe fighters". I wonder what makes the yellow and green ones different in fighting style... The green one looks a bit like he may be a "heavy" character, like Bowser. Co-op mode just makes it a whole lot more fun, and the inclusion of online is even more excellent So... February eh?
  11. What did I do? ;_; Ehehehe. Just when I thought it couldn't get better, it did! It'll be quite a challenge to get all them boss trophies which only adds more to the replay value A very good thing these days what with all that crap that doesn't last for more than 5 hours. Only a monumental error in the gameplay/control/balance side of things can utterly ruin this game now n_n; if that happens, I'll never play a game again *lie-detector explodes*
  12. Watching that clip again made me remember the part with Fox, Diddy and Rayquaza and realize how totally awesome the blending of game series is being handled. It seems like some of the more "bad" guys are using the weapons that turn people into trophies, like discussed earlier. I wonder how that fits into the plot and what needs to be done to "cleanse" them of their evil ways. Everything looks so great and hilarious at the same time Hopefully we'll be playing this game very soon.
  13. I been trying to trade my stars for a 1000 points card for a week now and every day its the same story: points card store "under construction" or 0 cards being left... I just want that darn Pokemon Snap already and I never have time to just go out and buy a 2000 points card. This sucks much, and to think that it could cost me over 5 years of stars doesnt make me much happier.
  14. A new RPG type game is announced for Wii: http://wii.ign.com/articles/841/841103p1.html Seems pretty cool, if not a bit typical "hardcore" There's a PS2 version of it as well and it's made by Atlus. Any thoughts? There's a trailer in there as well.
  15. I think the better question would be: was it all worth it? Did Ganon really need to go through all that trouble to get into the position he is after those seven years? I would say he was already in a great position from the get go: he was the only male around a tribe consisting of dozens of female warriors! There wasn't really anything else going on. In fact, he could have had a very good life had he not tried to do whatever he did with the king of Hyrule. And even when he did conquer Hyrule...what is he gonna do? Sit around his castle playing the organ? Get a life! Go outside, meet people! There's plenty of girls out there man! But noooo, he had to go ahead and put Zelda in a crystal T__T; If he could learn anything from Bowser, it's that kidnapping a chick never works in your favor. But maybe it was never about the chicks, maybe he was just jealous of Link...Maybe all the poor lad wanted was to have some Courage (see what I did there? ) So now Hyrule is a wasteland, and all there is left to do is wait for Link to come and kill ya...real smart move Big Ears! Maybe part of him just WANTS to fail each and every time. He's desperate for attention, even negative attention. He had everything, but he threw it all out the window because of his silly ambitions *tsk tsk tsk*. Learn from this, children...learn from this
  16. So we can finally exchange stars via Club Nintendo, but dang are the exchange rates a biatch. I think it's even cheaper to just buy a new points card *sigh*, there's always something u_u; I guess I'll get some so I can get Pokemon Snap though, but it just feels like a rip off with those rates. Oh well...
  17. Don't forget that this particular mode is meant for "quick and simple matches". Of course there's not going to be any options. They have that in the other modes right? Think of it as playing a quick match on Pokemon Stadium 64 where you just get random Pokemon and start playing right away. SIMPLE is what they want with this
  18. I'm kind of getting the feeling that everything is starting to wrap up nicely. These "less interesting" updates are unavoidable, and would have to be done at one point or another. They probably won't reveal EVERYTHING on the site, and seeing how the game WAS going to be released this week originally, I can imagine all that is left for them to do is finish up on their online stuff and whatnot (assuming that was the reason of the delay). There's still a chance of more interesting secrets to be revealed soon, but these "Smash for dummies" updates will still be there too. One a side note: Stage builder + crazy physics + Super Wario on bike = at least 2 minutes worth of giggles
  19. I absolutely loved the Events in Melee! They are a very welcome feature indeed. I remember the joy of discovering all the extra modes in Melee so I'm hoping for many more extra's
  20. Uhm, as much as I enjoyed Sin & Punishment (though for just a few days) I don't really think this character has done enough to have "earned" a spot on Smash Brothers. Now I don't want to start the whole "well no one knew Mr. Game & Watch either" discussion, but this one just seems plain ol' silly, like whoa. Sakurai: "There were many requests from users for his inclusion, and he IS pretty cool, so I did what I could to include him." Yes...fan-boys/-girls come in large packs...that's why we have pop-music...and people screaming they want Cloud in it, and characters from Golden Sun T__T; Just because so many request for something it doesn't mean it would fit in the game. Their judgment is clouded... I'm gonna go with the "well, it doesn't hurt the game either" stance, but still, did it need more assist trophies that just hack away with a sword (and then some)?
  21. Dead serious. Like, "oh God...must...get...effing stars to get...even..more..stars". I guess I should have known, seeing how it IS Mario. But yeah, thats what I said. Also, just about 10 minutes ago I completed it with all 120 stars and the reward is not that rewarding *kills self*
  22. I have to be very honest here, Mario Galaxy is a huge disappointment to me ;_; They've been working on this game for so long, and it has generated so much hype, but to me, it is severely lacking. Maybe I've just been tired or something but I did not enjoy this game one moment. For starters, it is waaay too easy for the most part. Even the part that said "it gets harder from here on". Everything (levels) felt way too random and not "deep" enough to impress me, and quite frankly, it never really felt like a Mario game (or maybe I just don't enjoy Mario games? 0_0 ) I never really felt connected to the worlds and they didn't feel anything like Mushroom Kingdom at all. It never really felt rewarding to fly around or gather a star either. The problem I always had with 3D platformers is that space is never filled properly: too little enemies, too easy to avoid. And the camera is still a bitch in this game. I just didn't feel like this game was bringing anything new to the table, even with the whole space theme, gravity/physics stuff. It just wasn't enough to make it enjoyable for me. You quite literally race through the first half of the game, and then they just do repeat performances only with special rules (read: the comets). Graphics wise I was a little disappointed as well. Though every character model looks amazing, a lot of things just don't. Overall, it was more of a chore than a joy to play this, and even that didn't last very long. Mario is still Mario, the empty character with no personality, or motive. I just get tired of this formula, it's like watching an episode of the Power Rangers. I know a lot of you are going to explode with anger over this, but I really can't help but feel this way. Maybe I've just out-grown these games, or is it true that each and every one of my beloved franchises are finally dying of dehydration? My closing statement: this game did NOT live up to the hype at all and I don't understand why the hell it took so long for them to build this game. This could very well be the last 3D Mario game I ever bought. FAKE EDIT: So now we've had Metroid, Mario and Zelda...I have high hopes for SSB Brawl, but other than that, I fear all my other favourites are going to disappoint just as much (though I did actually enjoy Zelda and Metroid). Starfox and Donkey Kong died a long time ago...Who's next? *drama detector explodes*
  23. I'm getting the feeling that most of the games "we" were "hyped" for are turning out not-so-fantastic-afterall (more examples: Dragonblade, Dewy's Adventure). Will you keep us informed on if it gets any better? I was looking forward to trying this franchise for a first time, but if it's really not that great then I'll pass for now. I'm loving Metroid: Corruption though, which is the only game so far that I can truely call a Wii game. And with Mario Galaxy on its way, I'm glad to have at least a few good games by the end of the year ;_;
  24. I see. So is there a brand you can recommend, or does Nintendo have their own SD cards as well?
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