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  1. I guess they're good at what they do. The question how long are they going to be able to get away with same old, same old. How long can anyone keep that up really? It kind of reminds me of that Special D guy who made one "hit" a few years back, and from then on, every track he made used the same samples and sounds and whatnot and where the heck is he now?. Or Bass Hunter for that matter. Or should I just say "every artist in the past few years who managed to score a hit with a very lame song". Fans are fans, and they'll probably keep enjoying this for a while. I for one try to not become a fan of anything, as fandom tends to blind us (much like love did u_u; ) I must say though that these Dragonforce chaps have something nice going and their songs are not all that unpleasant to listen to. I myself wouldn't go as far as buying their albums though (then again I never do).
  2. LOL, that's right, you would know "However, every medium has it's challenges and I'd say it'd be fun to keep working on it anyway. I bet once you get the hang of it you can work around the limitations and challenges and create something really good :)" So yeah, knowing what you can and can't do with gif would be a good start for the OP. As Coop said, you don't have access to yer usual millions of colors, but rather only 256.
  3. The problem is that .gif is a very lossy format and it's very difficult to get smooth animation. However, every medium has it's challenges and I'd say it'd be fun to keep working on it anyway. I bet once you get the hang of it you can work around the limitations and challenges and create something really good I don't exactly have anything to show .gif wise. I did make an animation with MSPaint, playing well over 6000 frames on an oldschool slideshow program with intervals of less than one second between each frame. This resulted in a good 15 minutes of "film"
  4. 0_0; Get...The Red Star! It's a shooter/action game based on a comic book series that plays in an alternate universe Russia where magic and technology come together. It's got a lot of references to all yer classic shooters and has a nice upgrade system and plenty of unlockables. Multiplayer makes it even more awesome; me and my best friend have been blasting through it so many times it's not even funny
  5. I think, for me, the only way a DKC4 could work is if the theme was closer to the first's. While I love DKC3 to death, it felt so far away from the DKC world I came to love in the first and even second game, making it feel somwhat non-DK like. The enemies in DKC3 felt a bit like dumbed down creatures, and didn't seem all too connected to K.Rool. Still, it built on a working formula and added just enough new things to keep it fresh, without completely making it into a new game altogether (which is good). They'd definitely need the good ol' Rare team back, assuming they can still come up with a solid DKC game. What happened to Donkey Kong after DKC is just...awfull in my opinion. That said, what would a new DKC need in order to be good and fit in with the other 3 games? Isn't the series just perfect the way it is and shouldn't we just keep enjoying those games instead? I know I've been doing so for a decade now; not many games have that kind of staying power. Especially in this generation.
  6. I can relate to that. I don't always understand the message either (the same goes for film) I just know there is quite often something deeper in music/movies/games that can take one from "I just liked it" to "ZOMG that has SOME depth!". Back to the part I can relate to: I too relate music to my own memories and feelings. It enables me to store and re-live special moments in life (be they good or bad) in greater detail. All I have to do is hear the song again. We can make something of a song that has nothing to do with the original intention of the artist. Which is, I guess, the reason why remixing here is such a big deal
  7. Well, I remember there being courses on how to listen to classical music. Liking a song is one thing, but understanding what a song is trying to tell is a whole other thing. Opera is another example. If one doesn't understand opera, there's hardly any point listening to it. And trance is also more than just *bass bass bass*, yet that is still how most people see it anyway. Each genre has things that people should be listening to in order to appreciate it. Things that define the genre in the first place. In the case of game remixes: game soundtracks are made with a purpose too. Most of them to set a mood for certain themed levels. Remixing allows people to use more realistic sounding instruments, making the songs sound more like other existing genres. I had another point but I forgot haha... u_u;
  8. I think that videogame music deviates so much from your popular music form, that there is only a select group of people who can appriciate it in the first place. When I listen to my father's classical music, I have a hard time following it, simply because I am not used to listening to melodies that don't repeat themselves after a couple of seconds. You have to learn how to listen to classical music before you can appreciate it, and I think it's the same for videogame music. That said, it is just odd that people would take back their words of praise when finding out the music is from a videogame. The last reactions I got when I shared OCremixes with friends were: "that was...interesting..." "it sounds fake" I did get two American country side women who are in their 40's to listen to OC stuff and they loved it So I guess I had a 50% succes rate overall.
  9. I am still very much into the DKC series today. DKC1 was the first game I ever played on a SNES, and didn't own one myself untill late 1996, when DKC3 came out. I was a kid, so the hype thing never even got to me. Heck, I didn't even know what hype was. I like how after 12 years I can still play through every level, knowing exactly what to find where, in all 3 games. Now if only I had room in my brain for new, usefull information... I probably would have never found OCremix if I hadn't played DKC2 and heard it's awesome soundtrack
  10. For me that would be the following: Fight on! http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR01253/ And generally a lot of RPG battle music just really gets that adrenaline going. Golden Sun, FF6/7, Tales of Symphonia really do it for me My Trance playlist changes quite frequently, but when playing Halo I like to listen to Eternity by Matt Darey Ft. Izzy (original mix) to get my pwn on. http://www.htfr.com/more-info/MR163747 Carte Blanche by Veracocha (1999 original) really gets me enrgized too, and I listen to that when running/excersising. http://www.htfr.com/more-info/MR26542 The Moon loves the Sun by The Moon ft. Nu NRG is also a very energetic track that I used to play a lot when doing art and whatnot. One thing is for sure, when I'm not listening to music I have like 50% less motivation/energy to get things done at all . Music helps makeing a game out of everything.
  11. I just got back from seeing it and I can honestly say this movie is awesome on so many levels it's not even funny. It sort of felt like two movies in one. I figured out that Harvey would become Two Face (I'm not too familiar with the Batman universe but I vaguely recalled Two Face being a guy named Harvey and the coin gave it away in the court room scene) but I figured they'd probably use that character in a 3rd film. At some point I thought they'd almost be done with the plot, but then they had the two major twists 0_0; All in all it was a long movie, but it never got dull and everything had the dark feel to it I came to like about the previous film. The Joker was beyond excellent and I was pleasantly surprised by many things that happened throughout the whole thing. Best film I've seen in a while!
  12. I just see it as logical progression. Think about it, all you need to do is buy a little add on thing. While with electric razors and toothbrushes, and heck; cellphones, you have to get a NEW one with every upgrade. The "next gen" has only just begun and so Nintendo can use this time to try out new things and have a good deal of reasearch done before the making of the Wii 2, which essentially only needs a storage- and graphics boost right? The Wii is not perfect, but it's a solid product as it is, and it works for the most part.
  13. To see such support here warms my heart. OCRemix has seen some fantastic things happen to its musicians/remixers, while at the same time terrible things have happened to others... I don't know this person at all either, but I too can't help but feel tears of sadness. I wish him and his family/loved ones all the strength in the world and hope they'll all get through this.
  14. Another RPG coming to Wii??? http://media.wii.ign.com/media/827/827196/imgs_1.html It's something called 'Arc Rise Fantasia'. It looks pretty gorgeous and the battle screens remind me of Baten Kaitos, one of GameCube's most fantastic RPGs Excitement all around n_n
  15. IGN has some more info on Fragile and Tales of Symphonia 2. Both are looking very good, though Fragile is still abit of a mystery gameplay wise. ;_; I just really want Symphonia 2. The first was so good and the sequel sounds very promissing.
  16. I'm 23, I own a Wii, PS2, Cube, SNES and N64. I play the Wii so little that I can't even put it down to "so much a week". When I get a good new Wii game, which is very rare, I usually finish it within 1 up to 3 days and never bother with it again. I've always been the type of guy to play on for hours and hours and really get into a game, but the Wii hasn't given me something like that at all. So to compensate I traded in my DS and some crap for a PS2 with some good RPGs but besides Final Fantasy 12, I just cannot seem to really get into them. The most enjoyment I get out of games these days is playing Halo PC with the clan I'm in, which is kind of sad all things concidered. Gaming has just reached a very awkward stage for me and it pains me to say I'm rather over it. At least I still have my classics...
  17. I'm a photographer I guess. But I don't aim to be some kind of professional. As most noobs, I do sunset photography mostly, though I haven't held the camera in a long time now due to the business in life. I have a hand full of cat photo's as well, and I enjoy catching rays falling through clouds (hence my username) and other natural scenes. My work is in no way unique or whatever, but I do get a lot of energy from it and I love most of the things I got so far. It is in it's own way perfect to me. You can view my works on http://rayfalling.deviantart.com/gallery. I also use my pictures in space scenes and textures. I just like to capture things that look beautiful to me at a certain moment. Usually photos of such a moment help me to remember particular times of my life and inspire me when I look back on it later on. Especially the past 4 years have been very difficult and photography has helped me a lot in dealing with setbacks. I even met my girlfriend through my photography. Despite not wanting to be a professional, I would be interested in knowing what a good camera would be for me, since I want one of my own and I want it to fit my needs. What I'm looking for is a digital camera with high mega pixel count, good zoomlens and the option to add other lenses/filters. Good range of ISO. Something that can stand being pointed directly at the sun and have a variety of functions. It also needs to be uhm...I think the English name for it is solar reflex? Price range around 300 - 400 Euros.
  18. IGN has screenshots of a new "shooter" coming to Wii, called Pyroblazer. It looks fantastic! From the looks of it it's more of a racing game a la Wipeout. No other details yet, just 4 screens: http://wii.ign.com/dor/objects/14245910/pyroblazer/images/pyroblazer-20080521094707666.html
  19. That's not an uncommon sight in cross-genre games I suppose. If it were just a platformer game they'd probably made it a ton better. Still, I didn't find it too bad at all. Hmm we could use some good, new platform games though OR, I could play my SNES games again *flashback to awesome times* 0_0; Man my 'fro looked bad back then.
  20. "pro" gamers depress me... Anyway, I didn't think I'd have so much fun going through the adventure mode again but it's been sweet. Took me a lot less time the second time around too My one savegame is at 99% and I'm just trying to get a ton of new stickers and trophies by playing a second game. I'm on 430+ trophies at the moment (or was it 340?). I love collecting stuff in this game. Some of the challenges are rediciulous though. Beating Bosses mode on Insane difficulty level? It's doable of course, I just haven't been bothering trying to figure out the best strategy to beach each separate boss... Overall the events wern't as much fun as Melee's but I guess I kinda rushed through them.
  21. I've had the game for about a week now and I'm sorry to say it is not quite what I expected it to be. I guess that is what you get when you've been anticipating it for so long. The biggest issue I have with it is the speed. It's often too chaotic to really feel in control, and the difficulty level is definitely toned down a great deal compared to Melee. This of course is the result of Nintendo enforcing their "everyone must be able to play or else..." policy T__T; Overall I really like the cast of characters and the music and everything is amazing. Due to the speed issue, I think I'll have a hard time actually getting skilled at the game and because it is so easy to unlock all characters, I felt "done" after really just 2 or 3 days (a good 17 hours). It's not quite as rewarding as Melee all in all, and I'm sad to see the point system gone which was one of my fav things about Melee. Now you can just mash buttons and win and the game won't care how lame you played. Oh well. I'm still glad I got it and I hope it will grow on me more over time. Looking forward to getting properly good at it and playing lag free online matches haha.
  22. Hmm okay that is sort of promissing I feel a bit better now. I was thinking not to buy Mariokart anyway (since I'm still not wow-ed) but it'd be crazy to never update and never purchase games with updates just so I can keep playing my imported Brawl. Worst case scenario though: waiting till June for Euro Brawl.
  23. I talked to a gameshop owner today who told me he had heard that the Mario Kart Wii disc will contain an update or something that renders the Freeloader useless. He also said that updates after March 10 may already have rendered Freeloader useless, in which case I'm screwed no matter if I get Mario Kart or not. *sigh*
  24. I hate to say it, but so far I have not seen a reason why I should invest in yet another iteration of Mario Kart. From what I've seen so far, nothing really tickles my interest. It just doesn't seem that new/fresh. Still, Mario Kart and F-zero are 2 of my favourite racing series which in the past have offered a lot hours of fun, but I really do need something more than just motorcycles and stunts. Also: ugh graphics u_u; Though I guess theres no need for discussion there...
  25. Ehehe, I was mostly joking when I said "faillure is not an option" That's kind of surprising though that you say 'everyone' wanted to do that song. Maybe the people who didn't get to do it for the project can still do it outside of it when they have time/effort. I'd love to hear their take on it. Good to know that you're happy with what you heard so far, btw. That's very promising (Unless they're all hip-hop style and you happen to be the biggest rap fan or something* ) Must...wait... *It's perfectly fine if you are, it's just not my cup of soda n_n
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