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  1. Holy smokes! I can't believe this!! They're putting so much stuff in the game, and just when you think it can't get better it DOES and then a few weeks later it does again n_n I'm guessing it's time to invest in these SD cards...What are they anyway? Some type of universal thing or a Nintendo-specific thing? Anyway, looking forward to making awesome stages
  2. Since Metroid Corruption is out in Europe since a few days, is there anyone interested in trading friend vouchers? (in others words, exchange friend codes so we can unlock stuff) 0_0 I started playing 2 days ago, on the veteran difficulty and finished at 99% on my first go n_n. (Granted that finding stuff is now easier than ever before u_u ) I did check some FAQS afterwards to see what else can be done, and I'm always surprised at how much stuff is hidden in games and how the hell people figure these things out on their own, like those special event things. Are people just that good. Or do they have some sort of insider help/tools or something? It's crazy really. Maybe they're game testers then? Anyway, lets trade stuff My Wii-number: 7102756276883396
  3. I'm guessing it'll be a while before it hits Europe, but I definitely had an interest in it when we first learned about it. IGN is going crazy over this title, but I'd hate to be dissapointed in the end. I hear there's about 20 levels, of which some can take up to an hour to solve, so length wise, it should be decent, but I'm worried about re-play value, seeing how once you know how to solve a level, it is pretty much done and "spoiled". Even though there's supposed to be alternative ways of beating a level.
  4. For some reason I picture him with the voice of Mr. T n_n
  5. Even though it is very likely that Luigi will be in Brawl, I don't think that guy in the video "revealed" it for the sake of revealing it. Rather, he sounded like he couldn't come up with character names, so he said "Mario and uhm Luigi..." since those two are often mentioned together in the same line anyway. 0_0 I did a test where I had to sum up as many professions/animals in 1 minute. It's surprising how little one can come up with under pressure. n_n; so uhm, yeah. Seeing how huge the fanbase of this series is, it doesn't make sense to leave out any of the previous characters, though did Sakurai actually say some characters were cut from the list?
  6. IGN places the trailer under the Wii section
  7. Btw guys, it is interesting to note that the update says "Stadium: homerun contest". Which kind of implies homerun contest is a sub-category of stadium, which means we're likely to see more mini-games like Melee's and probably also new things *end of obvious transmission*
  8. n_n; Haha! The second I read "Homerun contest" this silly grin appeared on ma face and I can't get it off n_n; The additions are very welcome. Especially the barrier and of course online competition. I was never too good at HRC, but it sure was a lot of fun/frustration to try and get them really long distances. If they have even more surprises for us like this, I don't think we'll ever stop playing this game 0_0 eheh.
  9. "I'm no maaaaaaaaaatch..." *dies* Hilarious Silly Sakurai n_n; This looks like a great stage to just have fun and do crazy stuff. Like using the gliding ability of Pitt and Metaknight
  10. I loved the Cube FF:CC too I'm pretty sure the Wii Ware game is a stand alone game though, but then again, you can never be too sure. You're right about sad times for old franchises though ;_;. I been thinking about that a lot too. I think what happens is that Nintendo is trying new things...experimenting, to keep things fresh. And while that in itself is very good, I can't help but feel a lot of franchises are going in the direction where I can't follow them. (Example: Starfox. While I loved Adventures, I was really hoping for a true LylatWars type game and Assault didn't quite deliver that, nor did the DS version.) (Better example: Donkey Kong. DKC was the best series ever, it only went downhill from DK64 ;_ On one hand we don't want same old, same old, but on the other hand, changing the direction of franchises so drastically is a huge risk. And if it doesn't hit right, you have to wait for like 2 years before they try again. On a side note: I do hear that Disaster: Day of Crisis is still being developed .
  11. We have a lot of great stuff coming our way indeed Sadly 3rd parties are still having a hard time producing proper games, but that's old news aye. Certain games are sort of starting to slip under the radar though...Like, whatever happend to Final Fantasy CC (not the Wii Ware one), or Tales of Symphonia 2? Even Kirby and various others I can't remember now just seem to be gone-ish. I'm hoping to see these and more back soon so i can update my wish list Apart from all the crap we're getting and the long waits, I have to say these are the most exciting times for videogames since the GameCube!
  12. On a side note: in the other clip from the Sonic update; is that Magmoor caverns (Metroid Prime)? The place where Wario is standing next to a Torchic? It looks like the monitor station room, right before you enter the ice lands (good times )
  13. One thing I noticed from the videos so far is that smash attacks seem to be much more powerful now in terms of sending someone flying much easier, and jumps go much higher as well. I do like how specials link with attacks much smoother and I'm sure everything is properly balanced and fine tuned. Also, damage percentages seem to go up very fast? Everything so far looks epic and smooth This will be one game to play for a loooong time.
  14. I don't like Sonic as a character, but it's a very nice update and he looks like he may play quite nicely. Am I the only one uber excited about the adventure mode though? Blasting through the barrel invested jungle of DK simply looks fantastic Just like old times. *flashback to me playing DKC1 over 10 years* (wow, I had bad hair back then ) I'm hoping the release in Europe will follow shortly after US release. T__T;
  15. You could make that one of your four "taunts" if they allow so many characters Speaking of which. Since we won't have voice chat or whatever for online, we could sort of try and agree on some "taunts" as means of interaction. Like for example have a "play again?" a "yes" and a "no" and a personal taunt, or maybe (again depending on character limit) display friend code. You know, for in case you play a random person (and you cant see their code). That way, when you liked playing someone you can exchange friend codes and add each other to yer list. Of course these things won't be necesary if FC are always given, but as for taunts as communication, we should come up with something universal
  16. I still think Sakurai is secretly lurking on the OCR boards >_>. You guys have had a looot of wishes come true Anyway, since I'm on very crappy internet at work, I will have to wait 7 hours before I can actually watch these things. Everything looks fantastic though. I especially appreciate the stage, what with the walls and all. Good times
  17. No problem Hope you'll enjoy it. The story is a bit "WTF??? 0_0" but the action is really good most of the time, which is why I keep coming back to it.
  18. I guess I could It's fairly challenging and has some decent length, which is always good. I have yet to beat it on Normal difficulty, and certain menu's make me believe there are some unlockables to be uhm...unlocked. It's definitely worth the money concidering you'd normally pay over $70 (?) for a new N64 game, back in the day. On a side note: if Nintendo is going to make another Starfox, for the love of God let Treasure do it!!! Not Namco, seeing how they have more experience with RPG's/Fighting games. It's so obvious!
  19. I know, but I meant in the context of using the switching out to avoid attacks. Since switching out is bad for the poke's (granted that we don't know how it will affect them) I figured switching out would not be some uber dodge technique like someone might have thought.
  20. Ray Falling

    Halo 3

    I don't want to get into a big argument or anything, but even the manual of Halo 1 says Spartans are cyborgs. However, Chief does bleed... Anyway, he's just not that interesting a character in my opinion
  21. The Trainer's profile also says switching out too much isn't good for your Pokemon. Remember, they have stamina as well. The order of the pokemon appearance is also in that profile. I think it always starts with Squirtle.
  22. Ray Falling

    Halo 3

    Exactly. There is much more to the Covenant's motives than the humans. And their internal strife is what makes it interesting. It's kind of typical in sci-fi that humans are always right and aliens are always evil. I guess that's as far as feeling connected goes: we're human, so therefor we'll probably root for them. I for one still don't understand why the humans were attacked in the first place and why the Covenent cares so much... In fact, had they not attacked the humans they would have just found their precious Halo, fire it and uhm, well just about kill all life, everywhere. Mmm irony. Still, other than that it's still a pretty enjoyable series.
  23. Ray Falling

    Halo 3

    The biggest issue I had with the series (though still relatively unimportant) is the motivation of certain characters and the lack of connection I had with some. Master Chief himself is I guess one of the most empty main characters ever. Since he only has typical movie style one-liners and he doesn't really seem to think things over much. In Halo 1, for some reason he figured "everything" out before I, the player did. Which made me think like "whoa, wtf, I was there the whole time. When did you come up with THAT?" And thus there is not much connection between player and character. Since he is a cyborg, and one of many at that, he doesn't feel too unique and it's imposible to feel connected. Even if this series was a planned trilogy though, you have to look at it as a creative proces for Bungie. Halo 1 had very solid controls and gameplay, while Halo 2 was trying to add new things to make the experience better overall (which didn't work on all fronts, but again, it's a proces). Halo 3 makes a lot more possible and they really wanted to get the best of the first 2 games in it. Since I'll never own Halo 3, I won't be able to tell if they succeeded though. Overall I think I enjoy Halo 1 best, especially multi-player. Single player in Halo 2 was better in my opinion though. Can someone tell me more about the story in Halo 3 perhaps? Don't worry about spoiling it for me, but best mark spoilers anyway for people who are still playing it and don't want it spoiled. I'm curious how it all comes together, since some of you say it was confusing. Also, has the dual wielding improved at all? Because that was one of the weakest aspects of Halo 2 in my opinion.
  24. "Super effective" should be the new "pwned" or whatever you internet kids say these days >_> I too had a good chuckle when I read it I'm loving the updates lately; nothing too spoilerific and nothing too un-interesting. When is Smash coming out again?
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