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  1. Maybe they/we are overestimating the possibilities of the Wii-mote. When it comes down to it, the technology just doesn't really translate movement well enough. One of the better games that uses motion based puzzles is Metroid Prime 3 but even that game had frustrating moments when the game would not pick up on my input. It takes the momentum out of the experience which is a shame (in any game that is). The Wii-motion Plus thing or whatever it is called may open some doors leading to awesomeness though. Another thing is that developers are still in-experienced with this technology, and considering MOST good games take more than a couple of years to make, it's not so strange that no one has really delivered yet. Controls can break a game much easier on Wii which is a shame. The best hope lies with Nintendo's better development teams, altough they seem to be MIA lately...
  2. That would have been my second worry I just need to know who to point my finger too when the time comes
  3. People bore me... u_u; Anyway, I have a question for you guys: what kind of influence does a publisher have on what a game might end up like? I'm asking because IGN reported a little while back that The Conduit is going to be published by SEGA. Now I'm curious what that really means. Does that simply mean that the game will eventually have a SEGA stamp on it and that it's just about financing, or will they actually have people messing with the game itself as well? I'm slightly worried because the developers are promissing 16 player online multiplayer mode, and I can't help but think someone is going to mess that up. I have high hopes for The Conduit, and I don't want those hopes to be shattered just because some bastard publisher is going to mess with things.
  4. As for the first part: I think maybe I had certain expectations that wern't met. The games I left unfinished happened to be PS2 RPG's which I got against better judgment, altough I was hoping that they'd prove my original view on popular titles wrong. Perhaps I really want that amazing experience I had with other games back too bad, but there's not a lot of games that can fulfill that need. When I try to just enjoy a game for what it is, I just...dunno, can't. As for the second part, I can totally relate to that as well. I'm wasting precious writing time EVERY day, and not just because of games. Darn distractions! It's like I have to force myself to do something I really, leally like to do This got me thinking though...If we always have this problem between games...what would the end-all of all games look like? Like, what would be the game that after finishing it makes you say: "okay, I got everything I could possibly ever get out of a game. I never have to play a game again...ever! and then inspires you to go out and find a cure for all the world's problems? Whaha
  5. For the first time ever, I actually have games lying about that I stopped playing before finishing them. I don't know why this has happened. Maybe the challenge is gone or games just ended up disappointing me. The only games I consistently play these days are 'The red star' and 'Halo PC'. The first because with that game there is no point of 'okay I played it to death...now what?'. The latter because online play is still great, altough I am trying to play less because of some personal issues that resulted from too much computer time. For me, the answer is simply to keep playing those good ol' classics to get my gaming fix. It's just not as great as it used to be to get a new game and spend days on it (lately, every game I touch is over within hours). I blame the new trends of quick fixes and short lived games being mass-produced. I do love occasionally taking a week "off" to just go through Baten Kaitos or Tales of Symphonia again
  6. After having barely survived the most crushing event of my life thus far, I found myself reinvigorated by a couple of good ol' Trance tracks My current playlist has a lot of mis-tagged tracks but one of the songs I do have a correct name of, that makes me feel powerful right now is: 'till tears do us part' 'by heaven's tears'. Then there's a particular mix of Andain's 'Beautiful things' that feels like an anthem to my life right now and reminds me that I've been through hell but am still standing strong anyway, facing forward and trying to better myself This, and a handful of other songs will get me through the coming period untill I played them to death and need something new to help me through the next period http://nz.youtube.com/watch?v=hRKvHOLuXl4 http://nz.youtube.com/watch?v=_6KFq8s2fgg
  7. Metroid Prime did with its Chozo Spirits. I HATE anything supernatural and entering rooms with said ghosts always freaked me out. The icey screams, the music...*gasp* I have to call my support group everytime I play that game
  8. It's good to have those dreams and you should by all means pursue them . One piece of advice I'd give is have something to fall back on. Something solid that you can still enjoy and something that keeps bringing 'teh dollarz' in. Start off broad and see where your strengths lie. Sure everyone wants to be something, but not everyone is meant to be that certain something. I gave up on videogame design because it was simply not a realistic, attainable future for me (for various reasons). By doing a somewhat broad creative college, I eventually learned that I've got tons of potential as a graphicsdesigner/webdesigner so now I'm sticking with that. My dreams of having a videogame based on a novel I'm writing are still with me, only I'll find other ways to get it done So in short: it's important to keep pursueing dreams without losing touch of reality: know what you CAN and CAN'T do. Good lucks
  9. It's really cool that ocremix is getting more and more attention and recognition. I didn't really think that this little place I go to on an almost daily basis would be so big Incidentily: was there a preview to this thing a little while back on the site? Because I got a major case of deja vu there and I'm starting to wonder if I took my pills or not 0_0; Anyway, good job
  10. 2 questions: is this "contest" still on? and: any guidelines as to what the design should be like?
  11. Uhm, I have 'Deimos Rising' on my Mac, altough it's not exactly like the other games mentioned up here. It has more physical enemies, rather than bullets. It's decent fun, but not sure if its what you're looking for.
  12. I remember seeing the game in stores for the GC back in the days and I looked on the back of the box to see what it was all about. It gave me the impression that it was a very bad game about collecting pirates, that looked pretty awful to boot. So I never bought it. Little did I know that this game was to become one of the rarest GC titles out there u_u; Eventually a friend over at some other forum pestered me into getting it anyway and I did Overall it was a very enjoyable experience with many memorable moments. The battle system was a bit confusing at first, what with the whole element swap thing, and some regular enemies were plain evil at the beginning of the game. My import copy of the game owould occasionally crash ;_; ,one time right after I beat what's-her-name and her magic ship, after fighting off the Red Gigas u_u; Needles to say, I was annoyed. Like others have mentioned; the rate of random battles was way too high at times. There is a really annoying "maze" near the end of the game and going in the wrong direction was often punnished by random battles u_u; Took ages to get through. The things I like about the game are the ship battles though, especially against the fleet generals. Exploring different parts of the world and meeting all these "races" felt pretty good too I wouldn't call it the best RPG ever though. Most people I hear about this game are either raving fans or haters...there's not often a middle ground (which is where I'm at). Good game though
  13. I liked MM2 for the original Gameboy better to be honest. 0_0; They're quite different too. I got MM2 for VC a while back, but I couldn't get past a certain point, simply because I lost patience. I think it had something to do with timed jumps on fading blocks. I had no problems getting through the GB version back in the day.
  14. For me that would be Donkey Kong Country (SNES) and Lylatwars (N64). Both games are immense fun to play, even today. I finish DKC in the exact same amount of time each time I play it (1 hour 21 minutes I think). Still know where to find every little secret Lylatwars I must have played at least 5 times a day at some point, just to keep beating my score. I could never reach "pro" level at any game I have, but with Lylatwars I got pretty close to feeling pretty damn good at it. There are no games after the GameCube era that have that kind of staying power for me.
  15. Whahaha, yeah. I think what I did was take the 2 rooms with the battles, and then the 2 with the maze-like puzzles. You only had to do 4 out of 6 right? or was it 6 out of 8? 0_0; It really is a miracle I got through the game not even knowing what the heck people were saying. I did the same with Secret of Mana (also in French). In any case, playing a US version not too long ago, I didn't have much trouble with Culex, but I did try to rush through the Axem Rangers. I ended up with 2 dead guys and 1 lazy shell Mallow, effectively dealing only 1 to 5 damamage each turn u_u; it took ages to get through whahaha. Of course I never got more than 1 damage myself either. So much for that Optimus Prime and his silly ray!
  16. When it comes down to it there's always the option to invest in other systems that DO offer what you want. I figured I might as well get a PS2 for my RPG fix, but I have to say I was pretty much let down by even the most highly rated games 0_0; I guess I'll just keep enjoying those rare games that actually do/did deliver.
  17. I do agree with the thread starter. The way I see it, Nintendo is cashing in on their succes with the new casual and non-gaming market. And why shouldn't they? They saw a problem in the existing market and they did something about it. In the GameCube days, there were almost no games to pick from, if GameCube had what Wii has today, we'd probably still ask for more "hardcore" games. When I look at my GC library, I can honestly say I have nothing but awesome games. What I'd want for the Wii is those games; games like Metroid, F-zero, Starfox etc. Most of us who play Nintendo, play it for Nintendo games right? But the entire point of Nintendo going in the direction they went in was to get out of the whole "sequel after sequel" thing. They wanted change, not just same old same old, in a new coat. While I don't care for all the casual games myself either, I don't think they are being made at the expense of the "hardcore" games that we want. The GameCube didn't see a lot of those truely good games on a regular basis either. I will be honest though, I own very little Wii games, simply because I am not getting what I want anymore. The casual games don't appeal to me all that much, and most games that started off showing a lot of potential failed to deliver in the end. The "hardcore" games are still coming I guess, but there's a whole new market now and people are cashing in on that. It's either that or hardly any games at all ( a la GameCube) 0_0; I have a lot of consoles; they're pretty much all dead to me right now, but I'm still looking forward to those few games that will really do it for me. Tales of Symphonia 2 is on the top of my list at the moment. It's hard for any game developer to live up to our standards these days
  18. Since the game never made it to Europe, I don't have them childhood memories of it that some of you have ;_; I do remember uhm >_> downloading it one day to play it on my PC and I did love the game a lot. Even though it was in French and I didn't get a single word whahahaha (how I managed to finish it in the first place is beyond me). Anyway, I wanted to get it for the VC but for some reason my Wii can't connect to the net anymore. So I figured I'd just play the rom version on my old PC. Overall it is a very entertaining game with a great battle system and well-balanced gameplay. One problem I had with it was length though. I finished it pretty quickly, and I think they could have made it tons bigger as it comes nowhere near say...Final Fantasy 6. Then again, I tend to play a game non-stop when I get it so it'd probably last for more days if I'd spend only a few hours a day playing. Like in Paper Mario 64, your level will actually max out at 30 which I thought was kind of a shame. Then again, you're pretty much at the end of the game by that time so there's no real need for levelling up beyond that. That's why I'd have loved to see more content...like say, more or longer dungeons between getting stars. I don't exactly get the hype around this game, but overall it is a pretty good game with tons of memorable moments.
  19. What's up with all them supermodels joining the army? u_u; Anyway, I can't play it (Red Alert 1) on my Vista, or my XP so there's no need for me to get the download ;_; My original discs are already not working. Too bad, I really liked the game, but I can't be bothered to find all these hacks and things to play the game anyway... I'll just go play Dune 2000 instead
  20. I kinda like the collection aspect of games, altough it loses value when: A: you absolutely cannot advance in the game unless you collect certain things, but they are way hard to get (example: the DK arcade coin in Donkey Kong 64. I actually had to lend the game to someone else and got them to get the coin for me. Otherwise I would have never finished it, ever.). B: it becomes a super drag to get that handfull of things you need (like in Brawl.). C: when you can already finish a game, relatively easy, but there are still many things to collect, which ultimately doesn't add much, because there is nothing left to try your new found stuff on (example: Final Fantasy 12.).
  21. The thing with Lucario is though, that everything he does from the start feels really fierce, but regular attacks and smash attacks don't do THAT much damage. Even if I get an opponent to over 130%...well...usually we KO people even before they get to 130% right? I really, realy love playing that character though, there has to be some way to actually be good with him. Or was the game really made so that theres only a handfull of characters that actually stand a chance? n_n; Okay that's it! I'm going to start practicing again and see if I can get my internet going for my Wii.
  22. While I did enjoy SSE, that too felt way too floaty, making even the basic enemies a real pain to beat. It doesn't feel all that balanced. I do like blasting through it as Peach though. Perhaps I would have been better at it had I some friends to actually play against. Online was no good for me at all thanks to the lag x_x; Watching those "pro" videos and listening to the elitezor talk is just discouraging really.
  23. I wouldn't mind setting up a site for that as a temporal fix, but it'd have to be very clear to me which song fits in which genre. Not to mention it'd take a while to go through alllll the remixes. Still, I'm a webdesigner...I need practice..I'd do it for free
  24. I really stopped caring for Brawl now. I tried picking it up again yesterday but I can't say I enjoyed it much. First of all: all my favourite characters seem to be really weak, so in order to actually properly win I'd have to use a character I don't really like. Then again, maybe I'm just not that good at all. I was trying to get some new CDs so I did a stock match against a level 3 computer, and it just really took me ages to finish it. So then I asked myself "which character do I really kick ass with?". Of all the characters I use (Pikachu, Ike, Lucario, Diddy, Kirby) it seemed that Diddy was my "best". u_u; I dunno, maybe I just need to play every day to actually get good, but I just don't enjoy the game that much. It's floaty and I can hardly properly land a hit. I'm playing Melee with some old friends tomorrow. Hopefully I can still enjoy that at least.
  25. As long as it displays my webdesigns the way they were intended and look in IE and Firefox, I'm okay with this new browser thing
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