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  1. The first time I played TF2 was in the dayroom of the 373rd Support Squadron at Misawa Air Base in Japan. It was April 1st, 2008, and I had been to the BX with some friends and we all bought a box copy of the Orange Box. Those were the Halcyon Days when I was a younger man, and had time and expendable income and an imaginary wife.
  2. So no Modship anymore, huh?
  3. Id imagine since you arent getting sub money, it'd be fine. I dunno though. VGDJ and OCAD were like 20 years ago, and times change.
  4. Who could forget you? You are the sexy percussionist from the future!
  5. @Level 99 started up a ranch community in Black Rock Cave, Texas. Ole @Vilecat moved out there too. People say on soft, breezy night, you can still hear his beard rustling on the wind, saying sweet words and slurping poutine. @Epicenter stopped visiting as soon as they made robot wives effective and affordable.
  6. Hey you guys should make me a TF2 Mod again.
  7. It isn't easy balancing school, work, fanfiction podcasting, and a lovelife, but I somehow manage to fit in eight hours of gaming in a day.
  8. 2 to 6 hours of battery. That is not great.
  9. Currently playing it for the Nerdyshow Network twitch stream. It is a lot of really cool moments, cheesy writing, great level design, and fun firefights. I am 50% in love.
  10. How long is it's battery life too. Also how hot does it run? ALSO:
  11. Daddy DS said no. They wouldve been clothed.
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