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  1. @Jorito thanks man. Im sorry if i came off as angry or vitriolic but my mind is not in a good place atm and im kinda releasing my pain in places it doesnt belong. I appreciate your candor and helping me be a part of this awesome project. Larry has my wav and comments so all should be well and good whenever the changes go live. Being ex-staff and director i understand the struggle and effort these projects take and im sorry if i personally offended or downgraded the effort you put in, my mind is very clouded at the moment. Thanks again for working with me and im glad i can still be a part of th
  2. Would have been cool if the song I made for this like 7-8 years ago was actually on the album... yet instead one of the best sources in the game imo was omitted. :/
  3. Lol, oh? I didn't realize this project failed. And after all that pressure DusK was putting on me to get a wip together during the week of my wedding or to lose our claim. Aight then. ;D Well, our track has been pretty much finished for about a year and a half now. I think we do still need to get Sir J to record one bit of vox, but yeah, we're good to go here (will hook you up with a current copy if you need it). I'm down with sticking around for this project, I trust you'll take care of business, Gar. But if another year from now this thing still hasn't gone anywhere, we will be taking our
  4. I typically just ignore stuff like this, but if you're gonna try and make some in-depth analysis of my music and creative choices with a list of vague, unhelpful comments thinly veiled as criticisms on a public review thread, then be prepared to elaborate because I'm going to defend myself. Why were they a bad choice? Because they weren't a piano? Obviously the original was a piano, but I didn't want to use a piano, I wanted my song to be different. That's what we do around here. Which ones? What was un-smooth about them? Obviously nothing is ever perfect - by that measure all song trans
  5. Oh yeah. I guess we forgot to mention Sir J. ;D omg I did it I kept a secret
  6. Haha, yah, nah. TO is the man, but I am someone else. :3 Final teaser video now up: 5 days!
  7. http://zonerunners.net GET RUNNING, OCTOBER 13th on OverClocked Records, Loudr and iTunes! Hey everyone! After two long years, DiGi Valentine and I have finally completed our debut album as the vocal hip-hop duo Zone Runners. It contains 11 remixes spanning 9 different Sonic games, chronicling the (often mischievous) capers of halc the hedgehog and Valentine the Rabbit as they run through your favorite Zones. Check the links below for teasers; more to come over the next two weeks as we get near the release. ZR emblem designed by Lynne Triplett aka TRiPPY. Character illustrations by David
  8. Hey, sorry, I missed this post originally! Did you ever get this to work? http://www.loudr.fm/release/club-kong/w7TTP - clicking the Buy button should drop down an email address box and a payment method selection on the same page. Is it still re-directing you when you try to click the Buy button? If so let me know, I can hook you up with the album and let the Loudr guys know that you're experiencing a possible bug..
  9. the way you mixed the two tracks together there at the end was masterful. good stuff as usual man.
  10. aye, I forgot I'm supposed to be producing this track for Tuberz. I'ma get to that soon.
  11. There we go. Just tried it in a different browser, and it worked. Thanks! Will buy and download tonight.

  12. Hey dude, I clicked on the link to buy and download Club Kong but I can't find it on that Loudr page...am I missing something?

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