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  1. I can't say that I've ever heard a bad bLiNd track before...and yes, this tradition still stands. This track continues to show bLiNd's digital mastery with another catchy dancing tune that you'll be lucky to get out of your skull with a pick-axe. Keep up the good work, your stuff only gets better and better! Sidenote: I had no idea that the video existed of that portion of your DJ set. I've been wanting to see some videos of it, but guess I missed them mentioned somewhere else. I danced my ass off at that thing, and both loved-hated seeing myself doing it again. Was truly a highlight of last year's MAG for me.
  2. I would like to give some small details to those curious as to the mentions of some naked-icity at the live listening party. Here is a short summary of the events that occured: 8 PM: Eagerly awating the awesome people at my house. I was antsy with anticipation. Food was ready, house was clean, refreshments were cold, recent OCR music was playing, and the living room computer was tuned into IRC. 8:45 PM: First to arrive - Kiyzur. He won....nothing, for being the first person. Got a call from Wes that peoples was running late, and that DJP had to go home because the OCR-signal was lighting up the night sky and his superpowers were needed. Godspeed, good sir! 9 PM: DA and co. show up, followed later by Bahamut and co. Listening party started in between those two, and I discovered how hard it is to talk to real people AND on IRC at the same time. 10 PM: Things are going great, everyone's enjoying the queso, we're reaching the end of disc 1 in about half an hour, and DA is trying to stick her tail in my mouth. 11 PM: LT is wearing a woman's wig and shaking his booty. Some people are on the mame-box playing gigawing, others are just laughing at some of the IRC comments. I start getting drunk calls/txts from my roomie and his friends because one of them turned 21 earlier last week. I am hoping to put them on my computer and work with someone to "Autotune the drunk-dials" at some point, because I have 10 voicemails from it. 12 PM: Party is winding down a little bit, some people have left because of previous engagements, and everyone's a little tired from Otakon (except me, I didn't make it this year). Everyone's enjoyed all the tracks thus far. IRC is getting ignored a little because of lateness. 1 AM: Party's wrapping up, people are saying goodbyes. With about six or seven people left, my roommate and friends come back and two of them have the brilliant idea to get naked and come in the house. The reason? They were completely plastered and thought it would be funny. They come in. DA looks away, Moguta keeps staring, Kulaman just says "I don't know why he's smiling, it's pretty small". One sits down in a chair, I grab a pretzel bag to cover him up, he moves it and just starts eating it. The other starts walking around fighting a losing battle with gravity, and eventually trips and falls onto where LT is sleeping in my living room on an air mattress. His battle with gravity having been lost, he is unable to get back up. Took me a little while to get him to his feet and off of the tamer of lion's bed. It's at this point that everyone's leaving who's not staying. After everyone is gone, they get their clothes on. Other drama happened afterwards, but it was much more personal between me and them, but having the naked people clothed and away from my violated guest, I'd say that's the end of pertaining events. I'd give the party an A- rating. Next listening party I have will have to top this one.
  3. This makes me smile so much. The amount of exposure this site has received lately, and the album inparticular this weekend, is astounding. How badly the site was getting hit last night, and the BT tracker...that much interest, just speaks volumes of the quality all of us strive to bring out of our musical and video game passions. I'm gonna stop talking now.
  4. Still plenty left over from today, I'd definitely be down for that. The cooking was masterful, and that pork surprise was awesome. YES
  5. We broke the interwebs with our release? Sounds like a win to me. Completely blown away by how many people are trying to connect to torrent right now.
  6. He didnt stay, he just didnt get up. I'll post the full story tomorrow-ish. Too tired right now.
  7. Hey Jose, I wanted to thank you for doing that awesome FF4 video. It was kickass, bro. Glad you came for the listening party too.

  8. I should plan on hosting a live party at my place for every album release. That'll show the neighbors who's boss!
  9. I absolutely hate it, it's garbage. But seriously, I'm constantly reminded of the incalculable dedication, creativity, and musical mastery of every track's contribution in this project. Kudos to everyone involved, it was a real pleasure working on it with you all, and I hope to do so again soon. I would like to point out specifically that the flow of the album, which ranges from slow emotional transition to sudden shift, really reflects how each song is used in context of the game. The story itself can practically be told by the music this way, and no matter what genre you're a fan of, you're sure to find something you like on this one. GO SCUBA DIVING!
  10. I'll post my logs later when I can turn on the computer downstairs. I wanted to thank everyone who made this listening party a success, despite any hiccups with the site, the links, or the IRC, it was fantastic. Thanks to everyone who did come over as well, and a big, fat apology to anyone who witnessed the drunk antics of my friends who showed up at the end. I can't apologize enough for that, but up til that point the party was amazing. Everyone's tracks and comments were awesome. It was really good to put names-to-faces for quite a few of you, and for those I was seeing again, it's always a pleasure.
  11. Coming down to the wire...will it be a photo-finish?! It's be real cool if the site went live the moment DJP said "with this, I release OCR's 14th album."
  12. ITS COMING GUYS, ITS COMING! It's being worked on, rest assured.
  13. Wouldn't it suck if you just SHUT YOUR FACE?! Don't you be jinxing anything, Mr. Kyle, if that IS your real name.
  14. here, torrent torrent torrent *whistles* come 'ere, boy!
  15. How is it leaking it if it's the day it's supposed to be out? I mean, it's technically a release DAY, not a release TIME. Besides, that should save a bunch of people I know from hogging site-server or torrent bandwidth.
  16. Well, I consider it to be Saturday at 12:01 AM, which means I'll be handing out mp3 discs to my buddies tomorrow saying "HERE! The fools haven't put it online yet. You can literally be 'first posters' listening to the new album. MUAHAHAH!". And peoples will be all like "OH DAAAAAAMN!" Pass me that potion!
  17. ZOMGZ!!1 I know that gai! You handled LT's verbal assaults with great brevity. Kyle, you pretty much just laughed and laughed. Good podcast...from the first 11 minutes, at least.
  18. I don't love you anymore now, Prophet. You slipped up, you dropped the ball, you totally fumbled it: you double-posted. I'm leaving you and taking the kids. You can keep the fine china. Oh, and loved the paragraph rant on how Calcobrena wasn't what HE would have wanted in the track. "Level 99 is effective at bringing these emotions to the surface, and I’m giving full credit for that. But that’s not what I’d want from this piece! It’s supposed to be creepy circus music, right? What happened?" Oh well, I still respect that he took the time to listen and write his reactions. If it wasn't his style, then I hope other songs were. To that end, I'm making "Rhymes with Elixer" my ringtone.
  19. Well, I can tell you for one thing that my co-workers are sick of hearing me jump up and down because I can't contain myself much longer. So, Nah.
  20. I couldn't hold back any longer: this was one of the mixes that got me started coming to this site and trying to make my own in the first place. Back in my college days, this sonce was posted just as I was getting into the video-game-mixing-thing and, while playing it one day, a dorm-mate of mine stumbled in and went on one of the randomest deep-sounding nonsensical reflective monologues I've ever heard. He did this every time I played the song, even once incorporating the McDonalds "badabababa" into it. Despite the comic relief my friend added, this is one of the most down-to-earth acoustic arrangements I've heard and still love it today.
  21. I can haz rocking mimett greens and chill sipping on potion?

  22. Everything's prepped for the "live" listening party at my place. I ordered a 6ft by 9ft banner at kinkos of OA's "hair" picture. This will be how people will know what house it is, plus they will bask in the glory of OA's boyband hair. ..... Crap, Kinkos just called and said the banner caught on fire and, while most of the picture was salvaged, the glorious hair portion was warped to a mirror shine. It's garbage now. GARBAGE! Is anyone that's coming planning on crashing at my place that evening?