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  1. You all make me feel like level 100 inside, all leveled-up and whatnot. On a side note, I'm going to do 24 barrel-rolls tonight and hopefully kill that meme in the process. Also bought a cupcake AND a candle to put in it, but I'm waiting until after work because it's one of those awesome sparkly-candles that never goes out and I wouldn't want to ruin my desk!
  2. If you wouldn't mind, could you post your list? I'd be interested not only in your selection, but am always looking for good dance playlists.
  3. Level 99

    MAGFest 8

    Considering how close I live, I'd more-than-likely be down to go to a Brush BBQ/Party. If there is an album release NEAR MAGfest time (not AT MAGfest time, because if it is during MAGfest we'll all be partying and listening there) I may have another listening party, this time sans the naked drunkards busting in at the end. We'll see as things get closer, I guess.
  4. Thanks everyone! I will do my best to enjoy all today, and every day, has to offer. First, I need some coffee. I will most definitely eat a cupcake, make sure my experience points are at maximum, but I can assure you I'm staying away from the alky tonight!
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BUDDY! Enjoy this day, and I hope it's epic.

  6. The vocal work sends shivers up my spine, the production is top-notch, and above all else, it completely sets the scene up for genesis of destruction. A dark, overwhelmingly-ominous arragnement. Fantastic.
  7. Yup, already ahead of you, FlashX. There are still open tracks and we'll need some artwork and whatnot, so feel free to contribute if you can!
  8. ProtoDome and I made the first WIP of PokeCenter and posted on 'dem missingno forums: http://poke.prxbx.com/forums/index.php?topic=328.0 Now get me some poke-pie!
  9. you scare me in IRC sometimes, just saying. It's a good scare though, keeps me expecting the unexpected.

  10. My pleasure, it was really fun.

  11. You'll have claimed status on Paternal Horn until a WIP is in. Oh, and a side-note: paternal horn is one of my favorite tracks from the OST so your version will have some high standards to beat in my book Looking forward to what you'll do with it. Also yes, you can do an alt of Dreams Dreams with your karaoke peoples. I'm quite excited to hear how that will sound as well! Between you and me, I used to sing Dreams Dreams in middle school at the back of the bus, and it is totally responsible for me not having any friends for two years I deserved every drink I had last night. I had been entertaining this possibility at first and decided against it for now, at least until all the other NiGHTs tracks are taken. I'd much rather have the entire first OST included than miss a few tracks and include more from Christmas NiGHTs. If we have time after all the other tracks have been claimed and have some work done on them, we'll talk, but I'll keep any pre-dibs on tracks in mind just incase it comes to that.
  12. fixed and fixed. It's now ugly orange. Bahamut sent me a link, and i really enjoyed it. Head over to our NiGHTs forums and sign up and we'll get your WIP status in then
  13. I was waiting for you to say this. I'm saying it was "I want milk" from now on because it's just that much more delightfully unrelated to the song, style, or anything else. Oh, and thanks A-RoN for the review, and glad you enjoyed my take on calcobrena. I do enjoy zyko's work, but I don't think that was my influence this time around. Actually, thanks again to everyone for all the reviews.
  14. There are a lot of reasons why this has such seemingly-extended deadlines. 1) There are way more than just a handful of projects going on at the same time, and more are getting started all the time, so in order to keep the pressure down and allow some of the busier-but-also-mega-talented-people to contribute. 2) Including the reason mentioned previously, I'd like to not sacrifice quality for and earlier release time. 3) Projects normally go through many phases of existence. Many start with ambitious deadlines and, many project coordinators will tell you, that deadlines almost always change at some point. This kind of semi-lax schedule will also go through that almost-definite change later on, but this allows sufficient time for things to be done properly. 4) The timeline allows the release date itself to be significant. FF4 project was released in-between when the remake came out on the DS and Wii-ware continuation came out. Whether or not that was completely intentional, it was definitely beneficial as interest in it was higher, etc. The NiGHTs projected timeline shoots for a release on or around the 15th aniversary of the original game's release. So...there ya go. Don't let that stop you from getting progress done on yours now. Quite the opposite, the sooner your progress and WIP submission the better so that we can evaluate and give recommendations if it passes the preliminary quality bar. Yeah, what he said. Sure thing. Yeah, everyone's got a ton on their plate but definitely get a WIP in so we can see what you have in mind!
  15. Here's the changes from my end: The title theme track (which is STILL MISSING A GOOD TITLE) is ending up being a collab between ProtoDome and I. The new version will be, like, a gajillion times better than the one you have now. We're also going to take care of the PokeCenter theme.
  16. Happy birthday and enjoy your weekend!
  17. Fixed it for you, Rozovian. December 1st, 2009. No excuses! Looking forward to what you got a-brewin'
  18. I've had my Les Paul for about ten years now. It's hard to believe that he's gone, as well as how quickly time has passed. He's playing with all the greats-now-gone as well. Shreddin' in heaven...
  19. Wow, lots of people covered a ton I was going to put up here. Is there any time you'd want to have your full list by? I got sidetracked but still have a partial list at home.
  20. Nah, if everyone else can come to the 22nd, I'll just wipe my tears knowing that everyone will be having a blast and we'll all meet up sometime later. Don't sweat it, dude, I'll be there in spirit. In fact, I may just ship you some Natty-Boh.
  21. Now I definitely can't make it! Wedding that weekend (no, I'm not getting married, but it's an open bar). Why can't we all just buy an island in the topic, call it "Remixer Island" and do this every night? And we can catch pokemon too!
  22. Thanks to the Steam Indie games package, I had the impulse all-day Monday and part of the day Tuesday to play World of Goo. It was so bad that, in order to qwell part of it, I downloaded and listened to the soundtrack in the car.
  23. Hey hey hey! Calm it down. My fingers and brain can only move so fast, and my computer can barely keep up as is. You're killing my computer, does that make you feel good? Huh? You're a sick man. I'll have something WIP-wise by the end of the month for sure.
  24. I'm going through some of the songs now, and there's quite a bit but in varied styles. Was there any games you wanted to stick around, or specific dancing styles (eg. for swing, is it west coast, east coast, triple step etc.?) I'll trim down my findings based on any elaborations for specifics. Now I'm going to have to add all this to my dance practicing playlist again!
  25. I remember hearing quite a few that I've practiced those kinds of dances to actually, but I'll have to go through the songs again to find the names and remixers. That dance you're helping to organize sounds awesome based on the style alone.