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    PlayStation Vita

    p4g is the greatest. justified my purchase of the vita 100%
  2. Sixto

    PlayStation Vita

    yes, and then yes. also, yes.
  3. shipped! hope you likeit. had to be a little bit cheap because i just bought a bunch of neat things FOR MYSELF
  4. toontrack's ezdrummer going for $150 off the normal price! http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/EZdrummer/
  5. hmm, things i might like this christmas? let's see... comics action, mystery, comedy (especially funny manga). favorites are batman, superman, spiderman, wolverine, and anything starwars (have all of kotor and loooove it) video games while i do have most of the consoles, including a ps4, lately i've been gaming mostly on my phone and tablet. (rymdkapsel is so friggin' addicting) i've been keeping up with the humble bundles but if there's some underrated android or ios gem you think i'd enjoy... books i love anything fantasy and sci-fi (been wanting to read a good star wars book) but i just enj
  6. that means it's integrated into the motherboard. you can just install your own (dedicated) and ignore the integrated one
  7. i reeeeally recommend this card if it's within your budget. you'll easily be getting performance that is greater than an xbox one or a ps4. plus, graphics cards these days are so friggin HUGE that you have to get bigger cases to fit them in, but this one is so tiny and powerful. it's more powerful than my current card and costs about $200 less than i paid for mine. gonna get a couple of these myself to run in sli. check out these benchmarks. it was able to run assassin's creed 3 at 1080p with the highest settings at an average 60fps, and crysis 3 at highest settings (which looks friggin amazin
  8. double dragon and afterburner on the sms, and punch-out on the nes are the earliest vgm memories i have, but it wasnt until street fighter 2 and turtles in time on the snes that i really started paying attention. in my head i would imagine the music being played by real instruments and would often learn the songs myself on piano and violin. it's kind of how i started to train my ears, i guess
  9. happybirthdayyoshhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  10. i have this app on my phone that counts your step using the gyroscope and gps. it starts over every day and keeps track so you can check your progress. you can set a goal like 5,000 steps a day, reach it, then just keep increasing. i think the recommended goal is 10,000 steps which is, depending on lots of things, around 5 miles. you'd be surprised how easy it is to reach this goal just by parking further away from stores and things like that.
  11. we just did a little thing with the capcom. it's coooooooooooool, man. still plenty of free music
  12. mass effect. it's everything i want life to be. well, except for that one thing
  13. joecam! i'm on ultros as professor sixto. so far i've only run into maridia from as far as ocr people go
  14. oh my mistake. apparently, paladin will inherit my gladiator levels, so i will be a level 30 paladin, not level 1. eggsellent
  15. i am reeeeally enjoying it so far, but i'm at the point where i'm going from gladiator to paladin, and i feel like i'm going to have to redo 30 levels doing the same thing. 30 levels of sword and shield all over again, with no story quest...kind of painful when i think about it
  16. happy birthday halt and also luiza
  17. i played this right after playing dragon quest 8. sooooooo good, kind of want to find a ps2 to play both again. now everyone go play ni no kuni
  18. looks kind of weird. like hard to play. the 3d platforming, i mean
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