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  1. holy moses today's friday the 13th! and i also love this mix AND the movie clips
  2. goooooh this is gonna be great. i loved ffxi. such good music
  3. here's some of the gear i use (or try to use) podhd500 for amp tones and effects, and also used as a midi controller for the eleven rack which is pretty much my main tool for guitar tones right now. top-notch amp modelling and some great effects, but doesn't quite have as many cool effects as the hd500, so they make a good pairing some of my favorite drive pedals. from left to right; vox satchurator, custom-built bk butler tube driver with bias knob, vintage tubeworks tube driver, keeley-modified boss ds-1 distortion with fat switch, vintage (and super rare!) ibanez ts808 (i actually found t
  4. mordin's scene in me3 and the end of crisis core brought me close to tears
  5. yeah, pretty much. sometimes one take, sometimes two or three. once, it took me around 50 takes to get a solo down because i didnt want to punch in or edit the take
  6. also not free, but i use the trumpet and now the trombone from samplemodeling. they sound reeeeeeally good
  7. if anybody is interested i'd be willing to help with track mixing and stuff like guitar reamping and drum replacement
  8. that's pretty much how i voted, except i gave no 5s. only a couple 4s and 3s, mostly 1s and 2s
  9. she is the best avenger and also the best dragon, as well as being the best avenger of dragons
  10. looks very awesome and i am very excite about how games are starting to look
  11. Sixto

    Diablo III

    battletag is sixto#1601, but i dont play much. still on act 1 (i think) on normal
  12. holy cow that's a sweet setup. since i don't know anything about synths and you have plenty of preamps (though maybe a couple of api-based pres or channel strips might be cool), i can only recommend more guitar amps! a few must-haves, imo, are the fender twin (though that super-sonic gets pretty close), vox ac30, some form of marshall plexi (59 slp, jmp, jtm45) marshall jcm800(!!!), and a whooole bunch of pedals, especially boutiquey stufff like fulltone pedals (they have a reeeeally nice tube-tape echo) i also think a super invaluable tool would be something like the new line6 james tyler var
  13. Sixto

    Comic books!

    definitely getting that captain america book. need to get into some marvel
  14. oops. hope there's a way to respec because i put a bunch of points into hunter
  15. sounds very synthetic to me, because of the initial attack (which is somewhat taken care of in the mix) and that slide
  16. it wouldnt be that smooth. you'd hear the sudden change going up a half step, then a half step again
  17. sounds okay but that chord bend sounds too unnatural. a real electric guitar can't really do that unless you use a whammy bar, and even if you do, each string's pitch will be different so the chord will be out of tune
  18. did a couple of golds last night as drell adept. made it to wave 10 both times but got raped at the end. i also managed to unlock a geth engineer but i'm not really sure how to play it. i was constantly getting killed in bronze matches
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