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  1. the creative part is what sucks for me. i have almost no creativity which is why most of my remixes are pretty much just covers and also why i will probably never release any original material. i can not create a melody to save my life
  2. so cool, man. typically i'm not into rts games, but this seems like it'll be fun. congrats on the gig. there are times when i'll be playing me2 and i'll kind of stop moving in game for a while and just listen to the music. so good
  3. i'm right there with you, man. had something similar happen with a track i was doing with willrock and yeah, i'm not gonna bother trying to make my tracks super loud anymore. theres just no reason and they dont sound as good
  4. no wife, no kids. dont really want either
  5. i LOVE listening to music, and i also love speakers and headphones and other gadgets. i am constantly trying new things for different situations. when i'm in my studio/man cave, i listen through a pair of event 20/20s and a krk 10s subwoofer which is my recording/mixing setup, or through a 5.1 setup using a yamaha receiver and klipsch floor speakers, surround and center speakers, and subwoofer for gaming and movies when i'm in my bedroom and just want to chill with some music, i'll use a pair of sennheiser headphones into a fiio dac and headphone amp. when i am running, i'll use a pair of sennheiser bluetooth headphones and my galaxy s2 when i'm on the road and outside noise is an issue, i'll take my new earsonics in-ears and a portable fiio headphone amp
  6. interesting. i dont really get it but numbers and math always confuse me
  7. tyBEEEEErius happy birthday. es muy bueno!
  8. my one resolution is to actually use this studio that i've built and get back to working on music. my main goal is to finally get a solo album done. even if it's crap, just need to get the first one out of the way, then things might start to flow better. second goal is to make one totally new remix every month. we'll see what happen
  9. this was supposed to be a mixing/listening room but i got a little carried away and it became a sort of man cave. it's about 95% finished. need a little more treatment to get rid of some flutter and a couple rugs that are still on the way, plus i'm putting a quiet a/c unit in the wall where the cut is (which is also going to work as a great diffusor). other than that and the floor getting dirty so easily, i'm all set here and it sounds fantastic
  10. lots more amp models, really cool cabinet mixing room, reflektor reverb (use your own speaker impulses!) lots of cool new stuff
  11. wow you're using gr2? gr5 is a huuuuge leap from gr2. you definitely need to upgrade
  12. well, as it turns out this isn't a standalone product, but an expansion for ezmix 2, which is $179
  13. ez metal tones! i'm usually pretty skeptical about all-in-one mixing plugins, especially when it comes to guitar and bass sounds, but the stuff i'm hearing in these demos sounds reeeeeeally good. and at $49, i think it's a pretty great deal for getting great metal guitar tones quickly.
  14. Sixto

    It's Shael Day!

    haaaaaaaappy shaelday
  15. i know macs get better drivers for rme, digidesign/avid, and uad hardware (lower latencies) but beyond that i dont think there is much difference in regards to performance
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