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  1. started the multiplayer today and it was fuuuuuuuuuuun. weird, glitchy shit happens when i play as vanguard though. at the end of one match i was at least 10 miles under the actual map with my left arm inside of my body
  2. jesus yes, so damn annoying. constantly having to hit 4 to fit everything gets tiresome
  3. this actually looks fun. hope it's released on vita but i doubt it
  4. i did the same thing. sooooo good but soooo sad. being renegade is so not like me
  5. Sixto

    Dark Souls

    whoooooa i wished for this so hard. definitely getting it if it does come out
  6. Secret ending is real, but it's not much. Same ending but one extra surprise scene and I'm sure everyone can guess what that surprise is. Anyway, jsust finished it last night and while the ending wasn't exactly what I expected, the game was pretty cool. Just had a lot of weird stuff in it. Spoiler: So does Sheppard pretty much fuck everyone over in the end? Everyone who came to fight and didn't die is now stuck on or above Earth since the mass relays are busted, aren't they?
  7. I'm in. Ken (SFII) Vega (SFII) Eagle (SFI) Evil Ryu (Alpha 3) Sagat (SFII)
  8. i need a title for reincarnation! haaaaalp! edit: nevermind, it's aaaaaall good
  9. I have to disagree with this. I have several guitars with different woods and they all sound ridiculously different through distortion. My Les Paul, SG, and Strat (mahogany body) sound a lot thicker and have this huge bump in the mids and sustain really well, especially the two with set necks. I usually have to cut the lows and mids and boost the highs on my amp/eq and sometimes even cut the lows before the amp. My other two Strats and my Luke (alder bodies) have a tighter sound, but not exactly brighter. They just have less mids and lows so it's easier to get chimey clean tones and still get warm, thick distorted tones. My Ibanez RGs (basswood bodies) are snappy as hell and have a very tight bottom with a bump in the higher mids. These do great in music where the guitar needs to cut through a heavy mix. This makes chugging easier because there is less low end to muddy up the distorted tone. I usually crank the bass and mids on the amp and sometimes I'll have to back off the highs or place the microphones at an angle to tame some of the brightness. Plus, basswood bodies are super light! Of course, you can rely on the electronics that have the opposite affect of the body woods to get you where you want tonally (bright EMGs on a Les Paul), or you can use electronics to further push you in the same direction (hot and bright DiMarzio Evolutions on an Ibanez RG). If you're playing a lot of different styles, clean and dirty, and you want to use just one guitar, I'd recommend either a solid alder body or basswood body with a maple cap, a bolt on maple neck, fretboard of your choice (I like rosewood, birdseye maple, and ebony), stainless steel frets (trust me on this!), and a non-locking tremolo (or a locking tremolo without a recessed cavity). I also recommend a H/S/S configuration. You'll want pickups that aren't specific for one style or another so I'd go with something PAF-like in the bridge (DiMarzio AT-1, Fred, PAF Pro) and some fat single coil-sized humbuckers (to keep things quiet) in the the the other two positions. Maybe a couple of DiMarzio Cruisers (fat Strat sound), or a Chopper (higher output, more mids) in the neck, Cruiser in the middle.
  10. When I quad track I usually do something like 95/80/80/95 and I try to keeo the gain pretty low (usually about 50% gain on most amps). Gives a nice wall of crunch. Yeah, because reverb on rhythm guitars
  11. A great birthday for dat CHiz
  12. mmmmmhappybirthday deieieieieia
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