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  1. just started this. sooooo good, and also really difficult, but i am playing on 'hard'
  2. sometimes that's all you need. but no, you need more stuff. lots more
  3. definitely not if kinect is still gonna be a thing
  4. i actually love ffxiii and ffxii-2 and am also a huge fan of the whole AAA thing. i love that games are finally starting to look the way i always wished they would. ffxv looks to be a step in the right direction
  5. ps4 has a 1.84 teraflop radeon-based gpu. what in god's name is a teraflop
  6. gears of war redux haha. ffxiv sequels sound just fine to me
  7. xv looks great. my only complaint is that it isnt out yet
  8. i never agree with pig. ever. ever. except right now. gmg es bueno. that's where i get all my preorders for cheap
  9. i would def buy a legit remake of ff7, but not if it's just an "HD" port
  10. i dont hate the older ff games but it is harder for me to like them. been playing ff1 on my vita (from ff origins) and its pretty hard but i am enjoying it. didnt enjoy the nes rom, though. felt like the same difficulty but the origins version has way better graphics and music. ff2 i havent gotten to yet. i played ff3 for a bit on ds, which i assume is the same version i now have in my vita, and it was pretty fun but obviously not the original version. i prefer updated remakes anyway. i played ff4 on vita for about 30 minutes and it was okay, i guess. i will give it another go eventually, but i dont enjoy it (or any older ff game) as much as i enjoy dragon quest games. ff5, i think i remember playing a rom of it when i was in high school. i had a member in my party that had some kind of sea dragon? i got as far as the dragon dying or somewhere around there. it was ok. ff6 i actually JUST started on my vita and it seems promising, but we'll see. ff7 i never played but i remember watching my friend playing it when it came out way back when. even then i remember asking him why the sound effects sounded so dated. anyway, i know everyone loves ff7 but i'll never touch it unless there's some kind of awesome remake. i know nothing about ff8 or ff9. ff10 i did own on ps2 and remember enjoying it for the most part except for some really strange voice acting moments. i got as far as uhhh...well, i had to climb this snow mountain or something and fight a boss at the top. lost the boss fight and was kicked all the way down to the bottom of the mountain. f that. never played it again. but i probably will get the hd remake for vita. ff10-2 i didnt play but i watched a friend play it and it looked pretty enjoyable. will be getting that hd remake as well. ff11 i loooooved playing. so much. and i really miss it. i started playing when it was released and played for maybe 5 or 6 years then decided to quit. obviously i kept going back after new expansions and whatnot, but it was never really the same. it got too easy, especially now, and most of the great people i met early on were gone by now. ff12 i never tried and dont know much about it. ff13 i really loved. battle system was pretty cool and i really liked the music. big giant bosses, incredible cutscenes, a guy with a fro that houses a chocobo chick...so good. ff13-2, same thing. loved it. especially going through time and changing things. definitely going to get the new lightning game. ff14, well...let's hope the new version is good.
  11. probably with some friends from work
  12. no way man! it's either immediately or never
  13. tried to like it. wanted to LOVE it so bad. just too repetitive
  14. worst game is probably link's awakening which i got from the eshop. worst movie is spiderman 3 i guess
  15. everything toontrack for me. from old dfh superior to superior 2 and its expansion libraries, to even the ezdrummer expansion libraries, i find all the sounds i need for whatever style (even lo-fi chippy stuff)
  16. wow. my krk10s was way more than $275. really good deal you got there
  17. yeah look around online. lots of people use simple tricks with stuff lying around the house and there are also a lot of easy DIY projects
  18. i think a treated environment is more important for mixing (unless youre using headphones obviously) but for vocals, i would look into something like this. cheaper and very effective
  19. Sixto


    ohno... i mean congrats mostly!
  20. mix quietly. if you can make your mix sound good when it's quiet, it will sound better when it's loud. i can hear the fizz in a can of soda while i mix. of course, this is different for everyone, but give it a try at least. see if your results arent any better
  21. make the music. maybe you put it on the youtube
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