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  1. Also. I like this, not just a bunch of wub wub but some substance.
  2. Nicework guy.. not brown guy. you have been warned.
  3. After a bit more playing Still not more than 5 hours or so in, It feels like its going to be a lot less linear, and The battle system is much, much improved. Also this game looks awesome. Story and game play aside I would not mind just exploring the world.
  4. Ive only played for maybe the first 1-2 hours. But I still want to be able to control each character directly in battle.
  5. I cant imagine to many people actually buying from that site.
  6. Skyrim's soundtrack is pretty good, I feel like its authentic and adds to the over all feel of the game.
  7. Like many others have said, the best way to get invloved, (aside from making ReMixes) is to post. Write reviews on stuff, and post. Also, grants pass = +1 for Oregon !
  8. They were real good, lasted bout an hour...
  9. ugh.. mine is a mess.. all just in my dl folder.. and in itunes., its just thrown in there as well.
  10. Glad you like it, I was not sure what you wanted. But you seem to like them .GLHF
  11. MMMMMMMMMMM COOKIES.,.. not even 15 minutes ago, I really wanted some cookies... .. And they are so good.. .. .. as in not undelicous oh and skyrim I dont have a camera right now so ill post another video.http://youtu.be/QcYm24meIIY
  12. Jamestown is pretty sweet too..
  13. Yep the people here are pretty awesome, and I feel like if someone did get burned, then their SS would be discouraged to enter the next year..
  14. As long as the Metal Gear franchise does not go the way of Final Fantasy, im cool with what ever Hideo sees fit.
  15. I shipped it today.. should be there in a week or so.
  16. Theres another zelda song which needs to have a music video made for it... and Probably with out anyone under the age of 18.
  17. Ya all should post things you like in case you haven't yet. even more so if you dont post much on on OCR at all.
  18. I really wanted to see an OCR shirt with the ten year logo on it. Kind of a limited run thing..
  19. I see your internet meme and raise you 2 internet memes
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