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  1. Im with the other guys, were probably a minority I mean this is a forum whose core audience is 20 something ish dudes who grew up on the 8 and 16 bit games. But I really miss turning on the system maybe seeing a quick one second nintendo logo, Only because it was apart of the game, then start to play. If I want to play anything now it takes a few minutes, thats if I can even play without an up date. SSF2 is a tight finished game and it ain't need no updates, cept maybe the music, it could use a remix or two. This is probaly going to be the first generation where I dont get a system for a long time.
  2. Skull Kid (Zelda) Protoman ( Megaman) Vyse ( Skies of Arcadia) also next time we should have some prominent individuals of the industry able to run, like Miyamoto, dressed as Link. Or something like that.
  3. For me I did this with PS1 games, Id save it on two memory cards after I had an FF7 and FF9 save file get wiped. I can still hear the error noise. Truly awful.
  4. 2nd Portland and Seattle. Portland is very unique and Seattle is such a pretty place.
  5. Yeah me too, If I can with an unbalance in their favor, if it gets fixed it will make me better. Ive lost so much stuff to those drops, esp with the boosted Medivacs. And widow mines make my APM go through the roof.. Im always sending lings out one at a time..
  6. Reapers arent too big of an issue, yeah you can get hit by them fast, but a spine behind the mineral line or an extra queen takes care of them.. they do like 4 Damage per shot... I havent really ran in to many people doing an early reaper harass tho.
  7. I am enjoying the campaign, It is kinda easy, I played WOL on normal and it felt just about right for me. (Silver) But now Im playing on hard and havent had much of a problem. The writing can be kinda cheesey but I dont think It takes it self to seriously, and Im not a huge fan of the Dinosaur type Zergs. But the biggest draw for me is the mutations, and the RPG like elements you get with Kerrigan.
  8. ME Tomorrow sometime. Im pretty excited for the single player. As well as more replays, from Husky and LAGtv.
  9. Ive been watching NintendoCapriSun (NCS) for a while, and I like him because hes older and plays games like I do, aka I suck at the newer stuff, but he can destroy 8 bit games. Also He talks alot about his personal life and really just seams like a decent guy all around. Hes even lost a ton of weight, I guess hes encouraged a bunch of people to do it as well I also watch a ton of HuskyStarcraft, both his 1st and 2nd channel. Hes pretty entertaining and he grew up in Oregon, which is where Im from.
  10. So the games good? Is it as good as the MGS games?
  11. So Watch Dogs for PS4 looks pretty cool.
  12. Star Fox is one of the first SNES games I remember playing. All I can remember is when I was a kid it was hard, and the faux voice overs, and the polygons, mmmmm Polygons..
  13. That was kinda cool. I really liked the score keeping aspect of it, as well as the high-scores at the end. SUBSCRIBED
  14. Sweet thanks, only problem, is now I want to read (buy) a bunch of the comics in this book..
  15. .... So I got a package in the mail today, and Im rather confused, cause I know I didnot order it, so my guess is its from OCRSS? maybe? 1000 Comic books you must read? does this ring a bell for anyone? if it does did you send it to me?
  16. Yeah next year do it! The OCR SS is one of my favorite things on the internet. Its a lot of fun seeing what people get, and what people give.
  17. Sorry for the massive low quality photo.. But here it is. Looks good. PS who was my SS?
  18. The thing I am disappointed in is how Nintendo chose to launch its newest system with these aforesaid half-assed ports.
  19. If i didn't have big wii already id pick it up for a few games.
  20. Sweet glad ya like `em. Getting stuff early is awesome. I was kinda nervous about the sizing but it looks good.
  21. Ordered, and mailed.. I I could not get it wrapped or anything special for the holidays. But It should be there within 10 days or so.. So open it early and get some pics up here I hope you like them/ I hope they fit...
  22. The Nicework guy is way better (and older) than any of those other memes. .
  23. So does OCR still have an Amazon store? this would be a great way to support the site.
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