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  1. Season 3 starts tomorrow, Kinda looking forward to it, and hopefully not gettin placed in Bronze/.
  2. Dang, that was sweet.. Most impressive.
  3. Well you could start with lynrd Skynrd, Its a bit more southern rock, but they got some great stuff thats a bit more country/ blues Lynrd Skynrd Ballad of Curtis lowe But a bit more traditional County here are some newer guys Such as Zac Brown Band Chicken Fried Justin Moore Jake Owen Josh Thompson Jason Aldean This I Gotta See Braid Paisley these next few kinda have an outlaw feel Blake Shelton Ol` Red Braid Paisley Eastwood Toby Keith I got more.
  4. I dont get it.. SO more facebook, twitter??
  5. hmm this might be my first steam purchase in a while. Looks fun.
  6. Storm Eagle Zero`s theme Guile`s Theme (which also happens to go with everything)
  7. Sounds like you had a good Birthday. Thanks for all the sweet music you make (and keep making)
  8. Part of me is sad that it actually came out, I mean almost half of my life, I have been hearing news about this game... Maybe there is some hope for other Vaporware titles. Ill pick it up when it drops in price, I think the biggest sellin point is the nostalgia factor, which I dont have much of. StarCraft Ghost, im lookn at you.
  9. Bought, listened, enjoyed, Hope things go well
  10. I got a few friends who tried to get me to play, but for some reason I cant get past the start up screen the "Play" button is grayed out.
  11. they should just make an SNES2. A paddle with a D-pad, 2 trigger buttons Start/select and ABXY... also If WiiU gets as much hype as the Wii Im totally going to get extras to sell
  12. I wonder how many people are here reading this thread in response to that shout out.. Lurkers, reveal thy self!
  13. Yeah it would be terrible to see who did what. .
  14. Thanks for this, this is helpin me study for a test tomorrow Im really diggin the cover art. Liked, and ill prob donate when Im done reading. EDIT: not done reading but still listinin.. Man I really liked the ambiance (if thats the right word) of the last track) and donated as well thanks again
  15. I miss arcades. .. And not to turn this in to a PPR thing, but the arcade is kinda like a church for video games.
  16. regardless of if it helps or not its still illegal:| (not to say that I dont or haven't)
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