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  1. Unfortunately, no. It's slated for TBA 2007. Hopefully it's atleast first half, though. I don't think I can wait til September '07. WHAT!!! 07 i am going to have responsibalties................. which means no time to spend days of SSBB... it must be s joke..... its realy a launch game. yeha thats it a launch title.... just keep saing it Launch title. sounds nice dont it.
  2. Its gonna be awsome to be able to play all of you guys online when it finially arives, Will it be a launch title?
  3. Cloud got pwnt by Link you forgot Zelda 2 whatever that was subtitled
  4. I call him. Cid. and chocobos and moogles. SSBB with a moogle.
  5. ok when we were saying who we wanted to see in SSB3. some one had to of said. " it problay wont happen but. Solid snake" well you were right....this is sweet, and pit, and meta knight.... AHHHHH OMG. MAR-IO-KEN
  6. Last boss in FFX......... LOL yeha right i belive you cant lose.
  7. Dark Link was simple, Just aquire Dins Fire. And a ton of MP. its that simple. he gets close you cast Dins Fire.
  8. LOL why? this voice is soo creepy. the track is nice minuse the vocals.
  9. you are a game nerd, you are posting on OCR...
  10. sephroth..... from KINGDOM HEARTS ><
  11. good luck. stay true to the roots, but be creative.
  12. the bass in the intro is prety sweet. over all good mix.
  13. every boss needs a good rock remix like this, major props to ya snappleman 9/10 my only complaint is it is to short.
  14. w00t this was awsome. if i could play the gitatur i would help out.
  15. its ok i think id perfer one w/o vocals, but there still good. a solid trax
  16. ahhh this is so Marvelous. so calming. wnderful piano,.
  17. i made a macro in ff11 that i use every time i get on a chocobo. which contains the lyrics to this song. i get a few laughs now and then
  18. Priates are cool(ninjas are better) and FFV was sweet, its a good mix and brings happiness to my head.
  19. this is sweet with a plus 5 to coolness factor, I created an account just to say how cool this is
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