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  1. The remote is a little over the top, but otherwise this looks pretty cool.
  2. Very cool. Love this kind of fourth wall stuff. Game looks pretty good too. Interesting animation.
  3. The Commander Keen games kept me sane as an english-speaking first grader in a school that taught classes in hebrew exclusively. They were the first games I ever played. So, yeah. I chose the avatar out of sentiment mostly.
  4. Are we talking about being able to do the move permanently, or just a one-time display?
  5. Actually that setting has a lot of potential. Here's a quick example: The following might be a little inconsistant with previous games, this is just a brainstorm. --- Evil comes to Hyrule once again. One brave lad answers the call. Travelling throughout the land, he fights evil, overcomes incredible odds, and navigates impossible traps. Along the way, he enlists the help of the princess on his quest to reach the master sword. Finally, after many trials, the blade is reached, and the lad tries to extract the master sword. But try as he might, he can't extract the blade. He apparantly, isn't the hero of legend. In addition to this, the efforts of the false hero initiates the endless rainfall that will ultimately submerge Hyrule. Needless to say, Zelda is pissed. Desperate to undo the damage he has done, the false hero and the princess search Hyrule for answers. Where is the real hero? Does there truly have to be only one destined hero per Hyrulian crisis? Should Zelda be concerned that she is growing interested in a boy who is not a hero of legend? To make matters worse, the only way to end the rain prematurely is for Gannon or Zelda to kill the false hero. Will Zelda cave in and kill (or let Gannon kill) the lad for the good of Hyrule? --- That game could potentially be the darkest game in the series. The fact that we know Hyrule is doomed from the beginning only serves to make the plot more interesting.
  6. What happened to the Ender's Game link? The digg entry links to this thread, not directly to your Ender's Game compositions. Is there any chance you could put the link back up in the first post? Great stuff by the way.
  7. I don't recognize the intro music, but the lemmings track at the end can be found here: http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR00105/ Maybe that's what he was referring to? Those are the three that I know of. Although Zero Punctuation is the only one of the three I actually feel like watching on a regular basis.
  8. As I understand it... The game has to be commercial or relatively well-known. The arrangement has to be of music created specifically for a game. In the case of Taz-Mania, a ReMix of music that was also used on the TV show probably wouldn't be accepted. Go here for the official standards: Submission Standards and Instructions
  9. I consider the animation style different enough to not warrant direct comparison. In fact I wouldn't really qualify most of the ZP visuals as animation, more like a rapid fire slide show. And yes, the concept has been done before, but he's doing the old shtick fairly well and it may not be revolutionary but it's worth watching.
  10. You're joking, right? Besides the presence of a foreign accent, there is no similarity between that and Zero Punctuation. The thing I like about this guy, is that while his reviews do tend to have a dark slant to them, virtually all of his comments actually have some merit to them, and unlike some other "angry reviewers" the reviews don't use outbursts of rage as filler for actual content.
  11. This guy's also made some pretty decent adventure games. The 5 Days a Stranger series is particularly good.
  12. Haven't heard the entire album yet, but 'Chasing the Storm' is one my favorites so far, despite it's brevity. The rest of what I have heard of the album is also quite excellent. Keep up the great work folks!
  13. Oops, heh heh. It's such a new mix, that I forgot to mention it. Another mix that falls into that category would be: OCR01582/ Cantata for Dancing: I. Mors ego sum mortis. My apologies.
  14. 1:50, 2:16, and 3:44 were the highlights for me. My favorite track from the Bad Dudes EP. Glad to see this here.
  15. Notes: -Remixes with lyrics from in-game samples not included in list. (Ex. Jet Set Radio: Late Night Sneakin') -I've only listed the name of the vocalists in the list below ReMixes with lyrics: OCR00936/"Komet Non-Stop" -Makke (lyrics not listed on page) OCR01125/"Niggaz 4 Life" -zyko OCR01134/"'Knuckles' Unknown from M.C.'" -Jose the Bronx Rican OCR01215/"In the Air Mix" -Makke OCR01236/"I Got the Spacebeam" -Star Salzman OCR01317/"Cursed Bloodline" -Dennis Mott OCR01346/"Live at the Springyard" -Harmony OCR01350/"Memories Frozen in Time" -Just Us (lyrics not listed on page) OCR01367/"Mix Dizz" -Makke OCR01388/"Summertime" -Hale-Bopp OCR01419/"Smooth Delivery" -Mythril Nazgul OCR01536/"It's Binary Baby! Album Mix" -Makke ReMixes with non-lyrical vocals: OCR00177/"Shanecappella VoxBeat" -Shanecappella OCR01145/"Dragon's Prayer" -Destiny OCR01521/"Via" -Pixietricks OCR01563/"Tragedy of a Bullet" -Neil Benjamin
  16. You know, when I first heard the ending, I thought it was really bizarre. But after hearing it a few times over the last week or so, I think I actually kind of like it. It's as if the song refuses to go down quietly. The rest of the track was undeniably excellent even during the initial listening.
  17. Maybe for a brief period... But as big as this incident is, I wouldn't necessarily expect a significant increase in racial tension because of it. Remember the DC snipers? When the killers were discovered to be black, people were shocked, having expected the killer(s) to be white. Despite this initial shock, people didn't seem to really adopt a new stereotype of blacks being potential serial-killers.
  18. NZman

    Nintendo DS

    Just as I thought I was close to finishing EBA (I had B and A ranks in all songs in each difficulty), I get an S rank on a song. Seeing as how it took this long to get just one S, this'll take awhile... I am actually having trouble re-adjusting to the lower difficulties after spending so much time playing as the divas. Amazing that I used to think those difficulties were so hard.
  19. The Jak series has already been mentioned, but all three of Sony's major PS2 platformers really hit their stride by the second game. -Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando -Sly 2: Band of Thieves -Jak II
  20. In many ways Donkey Kong Country 2 surpassed the original DKC.
  21. NZman

    Nintendo DS

    A trick also employed in: Symphony of the Night Harmony of Dissonance Aria of Sorrow. The presence of secret endgames in CV games is starting to become fairly predictable. Although to their credit, each game pulled off the idea in fairly interesting ways.
  22. Hmmm, that's odd. Colossus No. 6 isn't shown with its beard. That was what really made it stand out...
  23. NZman

    Nintendo DS

    I recall reading that when Miyamoto created the original Zelda, one of his goals was to make a game where a player's ability was not dictated by EXP systems. I'm not saying that a Zelda game will never use such a system (times change), but if one is made like that, it will be an interesting turn of events.
  24. You know, even before this mix, the Dark World music sounded a lot like Imperial March to me. Maybe a little too similar in fact... But I actually like this ReMix. Oddly, I think one of the reasons I like it is because it further confirms in my mind the similarity between the two tracks. The samples seemed ok to me. I like dynamic orchestral tracks, and this fits the bill nicely.
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