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  1. Hey Eulogic, do you have the song that plays during the intro? or is it already uploaded and I'm just missing it >_> I have no idea what it would be called.
  2. Jarvi

    Nintendo Wii

    unannounced AT probably, almost looks like someone from a Mother game, but I can't tell
  3. Games have definatly lost some of their allure to me now that I'm getting ready for college and money matters a lot more to me now, but I still enjoy the good game for here. I'm starting to dislike console games because I never have enough time to sit down and beat them, but I love my DS, I can stay up for hours playing whatever random game, and it's easy to pick up for like an hour each night and play for a bit before I go to sleep.
  4. Good stuff. I don't have a ton of money to throw around, but the tracks on your myspace are awesome.
  5. Aww, no Juno Theme, everything else sounds great though, I love the Out of Curiosity and Higher than the Sun, both are great tracks.
  6. thanks lol, now I'm just stuck on three and googling isn't helping much God I suck at these things. EDIT: Eh, got to 6, but I can't tell notes by ear, so I have no idea what notes those are
  7. wow, I feel really stupid now, level 2 makes no sense to me, I can see that it's a mirror, but none of the numbers seem to be reversed, unless I'm just retarded...
  8. Great to finally see this posted, Trenthian sent me a link to this a long time ago so I've had it for a while already. Anyways, love the lyrics, especially the last line about doing the same thing again in the sequel. The guitar solo and recorder solo are awesome as well.
  9. I'm actually really enjoying FFXII: Revenant Wings right now on the DS, it's not a traditional FF game, and honestly, not even all that great, but it's reminding me why I love RTS games and that I really need to reinstall Warcraft 3
  10. Jarvi

    Web Based MMOs

    I think the OCA died off or they changed the name, at least I couldn't find it when I restarted my nation a few weeks ago. Never really been big on browser based games, but I'm actually having fun with Cybernations, following some of the politics are fun and the last big war just died down a while ago so now people are finding silly things to make big deals of.
  11. This might just be me being silly, but if the songs are available for free to download anyways, wouldn't including them just be free advertisement? I can see where you would want to get permission, but I guess I just don't see the actual point, oh wells.
  12. After playing some Metroid Fusion lately, trying to beat the SA-X at the end, and seeing the fusion color scheme on the site, anyone else think an X parasite would make a cool assist trophy? It could mimic a player and act like a computer controlled player for a bit or something, I dunno just a random thought I had.
  13. wow, new song is pretty cool, def does bring back memories from when I played that game like crazy with my best friend.
  14. The intro and solos have me pretty bad, I can get the intro on Slower, but when I move it up to Slow, my ring finger keeps missing the blue (I'm using one hand to hold green and my other to tap the other four keys, prob not the best method, but I'll work on it)
  15. Simply amazing, Ender's Game was one of the few books that made me read the entire series (all the books following Ender and the ones following Bean) as well as some other books by the same author.
  16. Dang, I stayed up till midnight thinking I could see the update before I went to bed. Stupid weekends.
  17. Amazing guy, I found his stuff when someone linked his Bioshock review, I was laughing so hard I cried.
  18. Agreed, I used to play Super Star for HOURS when I was younger
  19. every 250-500? I don't remember the exact number but it's something like that.
  20. Jarvi


    System Shock 2? I never actually played it but if Bioshock is its spiritual succesor or whatever, I assume it is somewhat similar but it's a bit older so it would prob work for you.
  21. My band director went to it, wish I coulda gone. I went to the competition at Stanford last weekend and the Cadets got first in that one, even though I thought BD was better, but whatever. I didn't like the Mandarins' show mainly because I've had to conduct to the one song that was part of their show, but other then that I loved all of the shows.
  22. When i read when ep 98 came out that it was going to end at 100 I almost cried in real life. I really need to go back and watch season 5 though, I tried to pick it up in the middle and I'm confused as all hell. I'll prob end up buying the season 4 and 5 DVDs since I already have the 1-3 DVDs, might as well get the whole collection.
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