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  1. Not familiar with the source (i.e. please STOP REMIXING GAMES I'VE NEVER PLAYED BEFORE). But yeah, great mix and atmosphere. Enjoyed it much.
  2. Okay, finally got a break from school and had some time to do some more looking. I came across these 8600GT's (why so many different ones?!) : http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814150229 as compared to this one: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814133204 Is the 256mb vs 512mb a big difference performance-wise? (I realize that the 512mb card offers HDCP support, though I'm not really concerned about that, maybe I should be?) Thanks for all the help, guys.
  3. Okay, I'll look into this for sure. Am I going to have to worry about overheating, or do these cards usually come with their own cooling fan?
  4. I had downloaded the first two tracks a while ago, and just came across them again tonight while cleaning up my desktop. "Something Wicked" is awesome, and I love the guitar work in "Patience in Love." I'm downloading the rest right now, really liking this album a lot, man. Also, have a bump.
  5. Thanks guys, that X1950 looks like a possibility. I've never really gone about upgrading a video card like this; is it pretty much plug and play?
  6. I just picked up the Orange Box and am realizing that my stock card isn't going to cut it. Here are my specs now: Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4200+ 2 gig RAM GeForce 6100 an available PCI express slot The only way I can run Portal or HL2 fairly smoothly now is with the worst quality video settings. I want to stay around the $100 price range, so if I upgraded to say, the GeForce 8400 would I notice a marked increase in performance? (i.e. run Portal or HL2 at nearly the highest video settings?) Or am I just kidding myself? I looked through this comparison chart and it doesn't seem like the 8400 would give me that much of a performance increase: http://www.hwbot.org/quickSearch.do?hardwareId=GPU_471 So really, bottom line is, what is the best card I can get for about $100-140? Thanks!
  7. Dang, may have to make some time for this. Not enough time in the day for everything I need to do...
  8. Ah man, dunno how I missed this. Sick.
  9. Thanks for the comments everyone (both site and music wise). I didn't actually "code" anything for this site; I use an HTML editor (EZGenerator). And yes, I'm planning on dropping the whole website design thing because I just don't have enough time to learn that stuff. I will certainly consider all the suggestions so far; thanks! I think the article is running on Friday, so I've got a couple days to tidy things up. Shameless plug: new original breaks WIP I just put together this afternoon: here
  10. Tony Hawk 2 I think? Dang...I forgot about that. I may have to go play that now.
  11. So I just got interviewed for a local paper because of and am soon expecting a lot of traffic on my site. I'd appreciate it if anyone here could visit my site, browse around and see if anything is confusing or cluttered looking. For example, after clicking on the "Audix music" tab, is it quickly noticable that there are links that then pop up on the left for navigation?Another example: on my "Remixes" page, I've got the all-in-one media player on the left, with descriptions of the tracks on the right. The design of the page probably chops 25-30% of useful space off, though; it looks okay on my 19 in. screen, but perhaps it's a little too busy looking on a small monitor? I was really needing to get around to updating my site with new music clips and everything, and looks like this is going to be the thing forcing me to finally do it. LINK: www.audixmusic.com Thanks!
  12. CamelCrusher +1 Great track too, can't wait for it.
  13. Finished this; it can be found at my vgmix page, titled "Rocking the Cradle." I'll enable the download once I get the okay from the developers at HL2 Goldeneye:Source (it's a track I put together for that soundtrack.) (yes I know I have an older mix with the same title but w/e) http://www.vgmix.com/members/271/
  14. Thanks guys, it's just about done now. Just trying to get the string sustains in the full-blown orchestral section to sound as good as they possibly can. Not a bad idea.
  15. Thanks for the comments, Kautzman. Worked on it some more last night; it's up over 4 and a half minutes long now. Probably will be submitting it within the week.
  16. EDIT 5-11-08 Posted here at OCR: http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR01706/
  17. I always enjoy your mixes, and this is no exception. Seems a little bright, though; I think it's because you've got very little filling up the mid-range. Musically though, sounds great.
  18. Great track, superbly produced as always. Love the guitar interlude especially. Make more.
  19. This one is actually on my to-do list...but I can't find a midi anywhere for it. ...kidding of course
  20. Thanks man. The place gets rockin' with a full house, def was satisfying hearing it for the first time. Oh, and mods, is there any way to move this to the Community forum?
  21. Alright, finally got a video put together. Track name was retitled "Rising Impact." For those who didn't read the first thread I posted about this, I was contracted to do the Valparaiso University men's basketball starting lineups track.
  22. Choir is from EWQL silver, the intro bells are from the "S J Orchestral GM" soundfont, and other bells throughout are also from EWQL. Not really sure what you're asking about the snare rolls...I apply reverb to each instrument individually (choir, piano, strings, etc), so I just leave reverb off of the snare. I think that's what you're asking...? In other news, I'll have my VU basketball video w/ my introduction music up this weekend.
  23. Dang, I really need to find some time to do this. Probably will put something together over break.
  24. My brother did a drum cover of this song...apparently he was trying to decide between this one, zircon's Monstrous Turtles, and my Devastation's Doorway. Ah well, I'll work on him a bit to do the other two also. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnzaOlU108M
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