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  1. Hey, I'm working on this track too at the moment, great source. Just a few quick thoughts... Not bad for a first track, though the sounds and synths are a bit lacking. Arrangement is pretty mediocre too; it follows the original pretty closely. That synth at 1:28 should really be reconsidered, and it clips a few times alongside that dry cymbal crash. Just compare your track to something recently posted and try to match the production quality as best as you can.
  2. Thanks guys. Just ran across this random Galaxy AMV (pretty well done) which reminded me of this track. http://video.aol.com/video-detail/amv-super-mario-galaxy/3165824851 Eh, aside from the opening pad I don't think it's that noticeable.
  3. Thanks guys. I dunno how that slipped by me. Happy Thanksgiving.
  4. Carol of the Bells/We Three Kings/God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen orchestral trance/rock remix. http://www.soundclick.com/util/getplayer.m3u?id=5827123&q=hi When I finally get around to finishing my album, this'll be going on as a bonus track most likely, so no d/l for now.
  5. Sounds great, man. Yeah, that 3/4 to 4/4 part is fun; took me a while to work that out in my mix.
  6. That intro break is sweet. Great track man; can't wait to hear more.
  7. Pretty awesome, man. Never seen a few of those before.
  8. Just curious...are there any open spots left? EDIT: Er, guess it helps to read the first post. I suppose there aren't any openings, then?
  9. I'm also somewhat interested. Can't guarantee anything at the moment, but we can talk details later if you wish. (g_michalec@yahoo.com)
  10. Depends. I can usually force myself to finish something up. Once I get an inspiring intro going, it helps a lot in keeping me going on that specific track. The total time I spent on Devastation's Doorway was maybe 15-20 hours over a few weeks, with the majority of the time being spent doing mixing and doing sound design (tweaking drums, percussion, EQing, etc). I've become a lot more efficient since then, though, and learned some new production tricks. Talking specifically about remixes, I can usually get a decent one and a half minute start in about an hour and a half or so. Actually, last night I found an old Mario Kart track I started of the ending theme and added another minute and a half in about an hour (I'll probably post the WIP here soon). I do most of the mixing as I'm going along and then do a final revisit once I finish the track. So yes, if I had time I could easily finish a mix every two days or so.
  11. I like this version much more. What guitar samples are those btw?
  12. The intro through :37 sounds great/amazing, but :38 sounds almost anti-climatic after the epic intro. Maybe consider going directly into the dnb beat drop there and save the big beat stuff for a breakdown? I dunno, what you've got now definitely sounds good; maybe I'm just nitpicking.
  13. Is there a large difference between EWQL silver and gold? I'm wondering not so much about the added articulations as the sample quality.
  14. Um, this "music" is pretty lame. Sounds like a ten year old put it together. Oh, and I refuse to download an OCR mix of this track.
  15. Thanks for the comments guys. Yeah, I guess I should have mentioned that I'm doing this for a soundtrack and the devs don't want too much liberty to be taken with the remixes. I'll probably split this into two versions: one that is more of a standalone track with a greater emphasis on dnb and the other one for the soundtrack with the bigger emphasis on melody and the original track.
  16. New update: www.audixmusic.com/audix_CradleWIPnew.mp3
  17. Well, yeah, it's a lot easier to have the drums stand out when it's just the drums and bass all by themselves (like the track you pointed me to). I do agree, though, that the snare especially in my track is quite flat. Does anyone have any techniques that they've found in processing snares? I've always had trouble getting them to sound good. Is it a matter of layering samples on top of each other, linking them to the same FX channel and processing them all together? Or separately? Then what, add compression, EQ, distortion? I dunno, it's definitely the one thing I really could improve on. My snares always seem to have problems in cutting through the mix.
  18. EDIT: Finished version can be found at my vgmix page, titled "Rocking the Cradle." http://www.vgmix.com/members/271/ I'll enable the download once I get the okay from the developers at HL2 Goldeneye:Source (it's a track I put together for that soundtrack.)
  19. Haha I was also inspired to try something in Pendulum style after hearing that Granite single, like it seems that you were here. As for the mix; great start, definitely will be keeping an eye on this one.
  20. Man, you're not kidding. That's some HOT stuff.
  21. This is tight stuff. Did you ever submit that Halo mix?
  22. I agree that someone should do the final boss theme from the first game. Not me though.
  23. ok fine 6.07 is too much good music for you to handle, apparently.
  24. Um, might want to check that inbox again.
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