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  1. how fast you guys grow up *proud tear* happy birthdays!
  2. yeah, according to a few online calculators, i am 25-30lb under my genetic max, which seems insane to me. I guess I started way late compared to most, because getting that much LBM is like a 4 year process from where i am right now. O_o
  3. Happy Birthdayyyyyyy!!!!
  4. I bring my bands around when i travel, and they work pretty well IMO
  5. lol, water and a spoon, just eat the whey chunks like a true bro! (>^-^)7
  6. I will protein shake all the time, I think they are great.
  7. "halc birthday!" get it? it's a pun!
  8. Hey Wes, I hope your day is super awesome and that you do something extra special and cool! Happy birthday!
  9. keep at it, bros! i'm just maintaining status quo right now, and trying to figure out my game plan for the fall. Shoulders and arms mostly for 2014-2015.
  10. 21! not that many, but i just like to play 3-4 of them anyways
  11. Seconding on goblet squats; even holding a backpack filled with books will get results pretty well. Actually, a backpack filled with books would be good to add weight to pushups and such as well.
  12. stretches after; before won't give you the help you need when you need it. It does seem a little weird, though a smith machine may force your body to move in a somewhat unnatural way than if you were doing free barbell. which may be part of the issue. Maybe try doing some lighter goblet squats (100lb if you have a dumbbell that heavy at your gym)in addition to help get that motion worked.
  13. Anyone getting super uptight over this show is missing the point; I think it'll be great to watch with my son, who really likes Sonic and is 5.
  14. 5-10 min cardio to warm up, do all your lifting to deplete the glycogen, then long-term cardio. Your routine won't burn that much gycogen though, so you can probably do whatver you want, whenever you want to.
  15. Absolutely love this one; solid performances, confident deliveries, and great flow. Soundscapes are fresh and cool, and it's a shame that it took forever to post. A++ would listen to again.
  16. for machine, always go actual. The weights on machines is generally a bit misleading, because they are on a track. For example, doing a barbell bench press, I can typically push 235-240 pounds, but on a machine, I can basically add 100 to it and do around 350. The same for flies, where I will do a dumbbell fly for 40 pounds, but on a pec deck machine, i will top it out at 300 and it still feels light.
  17. ok, i was totally wondering how you could be several percentage points of bodyfat lower than me, and still be the same weight. I'm 5'9, so that's a ridiculously huge difference!
  18. At rank 12 right now, kindof just hanging out here until I get a win streak or start getting some legendaries of my own, I think. I have been playing a combo hunter build, and it's really good with the right matchup. I don't think I can beat a control warrior deck ever, but a lot of stuff like aggro warlock or paladin/priest/mage is pretty easy.
  19. Can you elaborate? I get a little mad when they drop legendary after legendary on me, but that just means that my main plan didn't work, which is kill them before they can do so. Otherwise it seems fine.
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