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  1. That is pretty great progress, nice work staying focused on the long term, patience is the worst part about all this stuff, but it is pretty much the only thing that pays off, so seeing you reach some goals helps motivate me for mine too. Thanks for the update.
  2. please wear your 'BIG Z' shirt so I can recognize you also, we will have to get an OCR workout in at the pretty legit Gaylord workout room, I think that'd be pretty fun.
  3. good to hear, your progress is super legit, nice work for sure; how was your mood as you got closer to D day? What was the bulk/cut split for the program? I gotta know! I'll definitely be reading and re-reading this, and I am going to be working with a coach for a physique show next May. After a quick look at what he is working with, he said I have a good chance of placing very well, so that is pretty cool. I'll keep you guys up-to-date on things if you are interested. Currently it is time to keep on lifting and trying to gain a bit backwise and armwise. I am definitely motivated to keep it m
  4. You aren't alone, I honestly don't even really know what i look like right now, as ridiculous as that sounds.
  5. That is awesome progress, being aware and consistent is super powerful, and having a sort of 'trophy' for your efforts in CRUSHING THE COMPETITION at badmitten is a good reward.
  6. oh interesting, i'd love to hear your opinions on the different aspects of it, and what worked/failed for you, etc.
  7. so it's time for YE OLDE WINTER BULKE! I have increased my calories to a 400 cal daily surplus and already have seen huge increases in gym performance. I am hoping for some exciting PR's in the net few months, and am feeling pumped to give it a strong shot. Shoulders, back, and arms are my main focus, as I am hoping to compete in May, and my chest and legs are in a pretty good spot for that. I have never actually trained arms isolated, which is why they are somewhat lagging compared to other stuff, but I think I will get there!
  8. DJPretzel will be there as well! This just got 33% more awesome!
  9. congrats guys, you have big shoes to fill, but I know you are up to the task!
  10. The arrangement is pretty well constructed, and all the sources blend nicely. Keep on doing what you are doing there, because it's working. I think the bass could stand to be a lot fatter and richer, and the opening monkey effects, while cool, are a bit too prominent to the point of being distracting. I'd recommend bring the volume down on them slightly. I do also feel things are a bit sparse throughout, so maybe for some of the areas that you want to be more prominent, like a chorus, you add some gated synth with a nice pattern. I get the feeling it is supposed to be sounding airy and expan
  11. Just added our room to the block! Get hyyyyyppe! Also, I'll be bringing my M:TG cube, so hopefully there will be enough people interested in drafting it
  12. Andy is totally on that controlling your food intake is the key to success. +1
  13. Dat fakey guitar! v______v There is a lot of good stuff in these, but the repetition and non-expansive treatment of the second half of the song left me a bit cold. There is a ton that can be done to make the arrangement more exciting! Overall it's good, but not quite over the bar for me. No, please resubmit
  14. I'm not blown away but feel it's above the bar. There is a good attention to detail, and I think overall the elements all work together well. Yes
  15. The mixing could definitely be improved, but the arrangement is very good, and I feel it's above the OCR bar for production. Can it be improved? Definitely. Does it need to for OCR standards? I think it's fine. Yes
  16. Check out this pretty sweet podcast where me, Dragonavenger, and level99 get interviewed by some cool dudes and do some musical breakdown of an awesome NiGHTS track, and find out Stevo's secret and sultry alternate persona! Also mentioned about 100 times in the podcast is how good Virt is at teh musicz. http://www.whalesarewhales.com/trainstationat8archive/2014/8/22/episode-22-nights-and-reala-with-overclocked-university
  17. that is so so bad, yet hilarious to me, did he try to clean it up at all? I have a new gym bro-ette by the name of DragonAvenger who is getting all kinds of gainz with me and my gym posse. Very proud to have her on board!
  18. that is somewhat where I am at now too. I need to keep on the cutting train, and my diet is in check, but i need to do more cardio and finding time to do a second workout per day is proving difficult for me.
  19. will be there of course, looks like there isn't a way currently to stay Sunday, so i'll register when that is working.
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