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  1. I did not achieve any resolutions last year, not even close! XD this year: 1. don't die.
  2. I am also planning on working out at mag as well in some capacity, pretty sure Deia will be too. This is a good plan, I think
  3. There is some really good stuff here, though like was mentioned, the interpretation in the second half should be more personalized, and I feel that the leads gets buried in a few spots, and the rhythm guitars need a bit more bite. That fadeout is also not working for me. You clearly have some very strong chops, so where is the shredding solo? There's a lot of good stuff here, but need further work. No, please resubmit
  4. I'm going to side with the resubber camp here, and also agree that this is really nice and enjoyable, but just needs a final sheen of polish. That main early synth could be made more interesting, and I think widening the leads a bit with some stereo delay will keep them in the same spot but give them a little more zazz. I do think adding some vibrato to the leads held tones would make the song overall feel even better, and mixing up the drums a bit more to not feel as repetitive would be good. Semi-nitpicky at this point, but this is close. No, please resubmit
  5. I agree with Wes that this is a bit too coverish on the arrangement front and needs a good deal more interpretation for me to feel comfortable. Production has the rhythms too low, with the leads feeling pasted on top. Guitarwise, your lead playing needs a bit more expression and some vibrato on the long notes; as it is really dead sounding on the whole and half notes. It's a good start, but needs a lot more polish and additional material to get on OCR. No, please resubmit
  6. I actually would like to play as a Japanese boyband, but im not sure i will have a system this runs on.
  7. 5/3/1 is awesome for building straight up strength, i'd also recommend it if that is your goal
  8. I agree that the mixing is pretty problematic, where certain parts that just aren't as important to the overall mix are way too dominant, and arrangement-wise, the first 2:30 is basically a midi rip plus drums. There is a decent breakdown afterward, but the samples throughout arent doing it. I suggest more interpretation and some definite mixing improvements. Get ye to the workshop! No
  9. I'm definitely in agreement that a lot of the samples are sounding weak, and the sequencing is such that the attacks sound pretty off in spots. The synths are fine, and the chip stuff is good, But anything that is supposed to sound like a 'real' instrument is leaving me pretty cold. The arrangement is good overall, but between a lot of mis-chosen samples that are in need of an upgrade, and some beats that are feeling phoned in and lacking punch, I am going to side on the NO camp. There is a very good arrangement in here, but the sound quality is not clearing the bar. No, please resubmit
  10. seems reasonable enough to me, good that you have a specific plan and goals for yourself!
  11. scrape your shins, or as close as you can get to them is key,
  12. Great work Will, I love the attention to rhythmic detail you put into the first few tracks, and that you keep things very melodic and tuneful while retaining atmosphere, which is something I typically find missing from modern scores. Sequencing is top notch, I am having trouble telling what is recorded and what is sampled, as everything is very expressive and smooth. I've got this page bookmarked and I am pretty excited to hear some more next monday. Great work, you should be proud.
  13. Great work from all involved; I think compressing joe a bit more and bringing him up would help him in the mix, as hearing him a bit better is all i'm really looking for in this mix. Great mood, nice performances, and a good mix of obscure tracks make this a winner in my book. Nice work! Yes
  14. it was that obvious? ;_; I was super close to 8 plates too on it. Time for super-small-by-comparison incline dumbbell press...
  15. If anything, I feel especially well positioned for this DoD-specific theme and would feel really bad if I didn't make something extra special. Planning is already underway for my entry!
  16. niiice, I am doing a month-long cut so i don't look like garbage at magfest myself. My gym just got an amazingly beautiful remodel, but in all the chaos, my favorite piece of equipment was taken out or good. :'-( All the stuff I really need is still there, but no more ego-lifting for me.
  17. Overclocked University was 50 min, I think the main headliners get more, like an hour and a half.
  18. sorry dude, I have a VERRA SPECIAL OverClocked University performance I need to be at!
  19. Im going to agree that this has a lot of good stuff going for it, but mixing is in need of a lot of polish. The sequencing is mechanical, but isn't breaking any deals for me. The transitions were a bit weak as well, especially at :43, where there's an off beat drum hit and a tempo increase. It felt really sloppy to me, and can easily be cleaned up. it felt to me that the low mids were missing throughout most of the track, and that the stero field wasn't used as effectively as it could have been. This is preventing the harder sections from feeling like they have enough gravity to them. THere'
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