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  1. how do i join the tournament? monday nights works for me
  2. yeah, it sortof resolves, it just doesn't have any harmonic support so it just sounds to me like a few wrong notes. No big, there are plenty of other songs to listen to on the site for me, and I am sure there are plenty of people who enjoy this song.
  3. I was jammin until 1:55 - definitely not digging the dissonance there. Gross. Otherwise nice simple piece, not bad.
  4. I got it and played through it this weekend, it was very fun, I hope there are more games of this quality around for the wii U.
  5. I checked my stats after starting, and I am at Fat Free Mass: 161.16lb Fat Mass: 16.09lb Body Fat %: 9.1% overall seeing good visible progress, and I am hyped! Seeing a plan executed gets me really excited, and I am pretty sure i will be able to maintain this easily enough until I reach my goal.
  6. unlikely that there will be a talkback unless they run it from CTcon; i'll check with the posse there and see if there are plans. Assume that it won't happen though!
  7. This inspired me to lock down my nutrition and really focus on getting after my goals. I want to be able to have a huge ramp for bulking this fall/winter, so I am headed down to 7% BF. I've never actually been to 7% before, so we'll see how that goes. Currently my fat mass is at 17.64lb, or 10.5% BF, so I need to lose 6lb of fat. here is a pic at about 11% BF, so it's pretty close to what I am working with. MY BALLER SPREADSHEET the above link is my daily basic plan, and it is very easy for me to maintain that. Veggies are basically free, so don't think I am skipping out on them, if some broc
  8. no such thing as exercise withdrawl besides what poor modus is feeling. I'd get yourself checked if you are concerned.
  9. i'd also watch a t-rated god of war movie with my son, but that is mainly because i am a bad parent. ps. im joking, guys
  10. yeah did not know i could play on the gamepad, that's sweet I will definitely do that, it seems like a lot of you guys are playing online, so once i learn the tracks a bit i'll join up
  11. ok, i have this now, I just need to get a TV so I can play it.
  12. It has been by a true master of his craft. Not sure when the project release is, but this track is mindblowing.
  13. yeah, gotta agree, very good retro-styled production, awesome mix title, and nice source, but not enough of it! I do think things start sounding a bit copy-pasta'd a bit in sections, and adding more overt source references in the second iteration of sections will solve 2 issues at once! I think modulating a few synths to have a bit more life would be good. There are a lot of cool filters and things going on, but a few synths feel neglected a bit and stick out because of it. Overall strong material, just needs more source. No, please resubmit
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