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    Nintendo Wii

    Has there been any talk for a new Ogre Battle for the Wii?
  2. I don't think it would be like Mario Party, because in Mario party the characters move, jump, and spring off each other very slowly. I think to pull this off the guy you are jumping on would have to stand there and take the meteor smash after being jumped on, but I bet that there is time to move away before getting smashed.
  3. Factions offers nothing and was a waste of 50 bucks in hindsight. I'd just wait til the new expansion comes out in a couple months and see what that offers.
  4. Azul v2

    Nintendo Wii

    I can understand that this is the problem for serious gamers, but out of the 260,000 Wii's sold in the US, how many of them do you think went to "serious gamers"? The Wii brought in a whole new crowd of people for its minigames and wii sports and wii play and wario ware, and I imagine thats how Nintendo wanted to startoff their next gen console. Not to mention great games like the ones we will be seeing in 4 months take a while to develop with the new Wii control system and dev kit. Goldeneye came over a year after the N64 was released, and Perfect Dark 4 years later.
  5. Azul v2

    Nintendo Wii

    I think they are using Strikers and Pokemon whatever for testing their online multiplayer features before they release the big hitters like Smash Bros. and Mario Kart, and they figured that if Metroid Prime 3 is already ready, why wait and go ahead and release it now. I'm sure there will be plenty of shooting type games in the future for online play, and you can't rule out that they might just make it online in a future update or something.
  6. Azul v2

    Nintendo Wii

    Doesn't seem that the Wii is slowing down at all, I have been searching all week for one since I finally have the money and don't want to spend an extra $100 to buy it online. Every store I have been to (Best Buy, Toys R Us, Circuit City, EB Games, Gamestop, Walmart, and Target) say that Nintendo ships them randomly and they don't know when more will come in. So I come back home and put my name on the waiting list for a local (non corporate) game store that gets them (and this is a small town mind you) and there are like 8 people ahead of me on the list. I'm glad that they are outselling the PS3 and XBox six to one, but comeon dammit, I want my Wii! Oh and every store I went into had at least 12-15 PS3's in stock on display and it looks like they haven't been touched in a long time. Sony must be really hurting right now.
  7. Equinox is so mean. Anyway, Azul Panther the best.
  8. Yes actually. I hated the people who always played Roy/Marth. Sorry that you are so offended by someone who dislikes anime. Fine, JRPG, if thats what you want. No Roy or Marth. No generic RPG fighters (that probably means no beloved Crono as well).
  9. Um, pretty much any Final Fantasy character mentioned within the last 40 pages. Those = anime. Also characters from other similar RPG games. No thanks. I second the Magikoopa. That would be awesome.
  10. As little anime as possible, please. Some of us don't like anime and don't want to see a plethora of anime characters in the game.
  11. I'm a fan of the show - this season will be divided by wealth - 10 rich people with ivy-league school degrees and 10 poor people including two homeless people (well actually one of the rich people quit right before the show so it will be 19 people). Check out his guy. http://www.cbs.com/primetime/survivor14/survivors/yau_man.shtml He will be a favorite this season for sure.
  12. Anyone ever listen to the Civilization IV Warlords soundtrack?
  13. Really? I thought you won before I did. Also, that doesn't count because I did it in the much harder 8v8 with no heroes HoH.
  14. I tried helping you, but noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
  15. uh...ahem. 14th reincarnation of thread? Overclocked Remix, my necro. Yes, this was in the OCR guild and yes, this was 12 months ago. I like to play with him the most, as I unlocked nearly every necro skill in both Proph and Factions, and all the Necro elites are fun to use. My main is Azul Panther, hes a monk. And the coolest looking monk you will ever meet. Created 18 months ago, back when presearing was the shit and getting to kryta was awesome. The best moments of Guild Wars ever. Expansions ruined everything! I don't play much anymore, as I don't have time. If you need a monk for a mission (as I am sure you all do, don't lie) you can hit me up on xfire (below) and I'll see if I can accomidate. Don't pm Prosperous Vanity, all she does is heal party spam! Azul Panther the best.
  16. Ain't that the fucking truth! Silly wingless, Guild Wars is for kids. Also, doritos.
  17. Simon Belmont would be awesome. Good old fashioned whipping.
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