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  1. Then Ratchet and Clank stole from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island because one of the bosses in that game you had to fight on the moon. Its all a spherical cycle.
  2. Sadly there are douches in the world who have been heavily spoiled during childhood. They could all use some manual labor.
  3. From what I have played of it, the game play is better than Mario 64. Its whether you think the nostalgia of Mario 64 being the first 3D Mario outweighs this one. And I haven't picked it up yet, hopefully Walmart, Kmart (unlikely), or the game stores around here have it. How likely is it to be sold out?
  4. Unless you program Halo 3, or maybe World of Warcraft, then you would have no where near the impact that these writers will have. How many Americans watch televsion. 200 million? How many use your software? 1, maybe 2? Not trying to be an ass, but you get the point.
  5. Played today at Gamespot for an hour (no one else was in the store, so don't call me a hog). It is definitely fun. I couldn't put it down but I had to go to see Robert Morgan read excepts from his new book. Its confusing at first. You have to stop to talk to all the little creatures so you can figure out whats going on.
  6. Did they feel the need to accentuate Snake's ass so much?
  7. YES to these two: Fallout 1 and Fallout 2 - probably the best PC RPGs the PC has ever known, although japanophiles and mmorpg players will whine differently. The storyline is excellent (best of any post-nuclear earth stories), the gameplay is great, the humor is great, sound and graphics ahead of its time, cutscene and movie CG is excellent, and the games had substance. Unlike every other RPG you can win the game without ever wielding a weapon by talking with or sleeping with everyone, or you can make your character mentally retarded and go around shooting everything you see, including children. The "matureness" of these games far surpasses grand theft auto. What you do in one town can affect the others. You can get both for under $15, and its well worth it. Think Diablo but with guns and turn-based combat and a whole lot of dialouge. Also, two of the best intro movies to any game ever in the history of games. Fallout 1 - Fallout 2 - Fallout 3 is under development by Bethesda and is scheduled to release in Fall 2008.
  8. Give up the whimsical remarks! Its about time, that site needed a good design overhaul. This isn't 1999!
  9. One of the things I've wanted to do once I become a multi-millionaire was start up a cable tv network with these sorts of cartoons showing in the morning every day during the week and after midnight on Fri/Sat/Sun. Nothing like a midnight showing of Tiny Toon Adventures. So yeah, I'm taking donations if anyone agrees with me. Or maybe if you know Bill Gates or something and he could fork over a couple hundred million or so.
  10. Some Sonic 2 remix, I think it was Robotnik's theme, and I think it got removed from the site in the purge or whatever.
  11. Surprised no one has mentioned building a giant penis stage. I'm sure there will be a tournament on here on that stage alone.
  12. I would recommend the ipod touch, but you said 37 megabites, and alas, the touch is flash-memory based. I've had the touch for 3 weeks now and I would recommend it to anybody. Best handheld media player by far.
  13. I was pretty 'meh' til I got to the bottom and read that everyone with wifi will have a level picked by Nintendo and sent your Wii every day. Now that is a pretty awesome idea.
  14. What is everyone's problem with the Wii version of TP? I thought the controls were excellent.
  15. Simple, people fail to read, like with the last online update. You'd think that America's schools today would teach reading comprehension, but I guess as time passes those skills are left out of the curriculum.
  16. I don't think they mean for you to record an entire match, just a bit to showcase moves or a cool KO or a comeback or something.
  17. I'm sure all the characters will get spoiled to you anyway. How many of you are going to quit looking at the thread and any smash related news a month before release, go to the store, pick up your copy, turn off your computer, put in the game, and play all the way though to unlock every character and then be surprised about it.
  18. So, recording gameplay videos and sending them to your friends. Bet you would have never thought of that, eh?
  19. Azul v2

    Nintendo Wii

    So Mario Galaxy got a 38/40 from Famitsu. In comparison, Mario 64 got 39/40, Sunshine 37/40, New Super Mario Bros. 36/40. Famitsu only gives one 40/40 per console. There are only 6 perfect scores, which includes any console game ever made. The six: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64), Soulcalibur 1 (Dreamcast), Vagrant Story (Playstation), The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (Gamecube), Nintendogs (DS), Final Fantasy XII (Playstation 2). There are 19 39/40 scores, most recently being Phantom Hourglass, Okami, Kingdom Hearts 2, and including A Link to the Past, Mario 64, Tekken 3, Virtua Fighter 2, Resident Evil 1, and Metal Gear Solid 3. This leads me to believe that Wii Fit will get the 40, since it seems to be a huge fascination in japan.
  20. Being a raving rabid monkey island fan, it was ok. Whoever was playing the keyboard butchered some of the parts. We really need more Lechuck remixes on here. Lechuck's theme is probably one of the greatest in any video game ever.
  21. Azul v2

    Xbox 360

    What, no talk on the X-box 3, estimated to release in 2009? i guess 4 years is enough for a console nowadays. http://www.smarthouse.com.au/Gaming/Console/P4G5C3U2?page=1
  22. The reason you don't see them anymore is because you can't make any money off of them. Not only that but with the rise of 3D graphics in consoles and computers most kids would rather stay at home and play their halo's and whatnot. $15,000 gets you what, 11 arcade games? Plus you figure in rent and electricity, and, well, you are doomed, unless you are a millionaire opening up arcades for fun. Pretty much the only way to balance it out so you aren't taking losses every month is to add in about 10 pool tables and offer alcoholic beverages or a bar.
  23. People pay for Windows? Yeah, I have Ultimate but am not seeing a difference. They have yet to release any other Windows Ultimate features that I keep seeing they will do in my Windows Ultimate update box since I installed it 6 months ago. I don't use the dreamscenes mainly because all the ones out there suck.
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