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  1. I always liked Star Wolf's "No way! I don't believe it!" as his best quote from SF64. It would have been hilarious if he said that every time he was star ko'd.
  2. Comeon, anytime I think of Donkey Kong Country 2, I immediately think of the music that Diddy raps when he beats a stage. Someone should totally do it.
  3. Europeans who don't want to wait for Brawl might be interested in this http://uk.codejunkies.com/Products/Wii-FreeLoader__EF000595.aspx
  4. I was gonna try Luigi first too (well, when I unlock him), simply because of his final smash. lol. On that note, has anyone ever "mained" Mario? Or is Mario just the oddball out despite getting the most cover time for all three games.
  5. Since there doesn't appear to be any tiers yet then there shouldn't be a problem. Sakurai really wanted to balance out the roster so there would be more diversity. E: Well I hear Yoshi is in the joke tier
  6. I never played in tournaments for Melee, but I was competitive and played a lot of people in school (actually, I played a tournament in SSB64, and played that longer than I did Melee). I plan on playing Brawl a LOT because ive been waiting for it for a while. So if I'm allowed to reserve a song I'll be the queerio that selects R04
  7. I wish they would bring back the block fort from MK64 for battle mode. That was always the best - flooding the bottom with tons of green shells then racing around the top trying to push the other people off.
  8. First day of spring break when it comes out for me. I haven't preordered either, but I'm hoping that I can pull what I did for Galaxy and walk in Wal-Mart on release day and just grab a copy, since apparently no one goes to Wal-Mart to buy games in this town, and they must go to Gamestop. My Wal-Mart has finally caught up with Wii demand, I see 1-2 now everytime I go in there. They still sell out; last time I was in there both were being bought.
  9. Do bullies pay their victims millions and billions of dollars to own them? If so, where the hell have these bullies been in my life? Nothing wrong with a company trying to secure other ventures. We'll see when Red Alert 3 comes out. If there is noticeable suckiness, then I will start to complain.
  10. Azul v2

    Nintendo Wii

    The screenshots for Galaxy looked bad at first, too. I'll wait til the game comes out.
  11. http://wii.ign.com/articles/853/853748p1.html Sakurai's final stand. -He tried to get voice communication into the game, but Nintendo wouldn't allow it. They heavily restricted communication. -No thought of using DLC or WiiConnect, as the Wii doesn't have a hard drive and can't burn disks. -His decision to throw away leaderboards and rankings. Wants the game to be centered around small groups of friends. -Wants a fourth iteration in the future, but no part of the DS.
  12. I play with items off occasionally too. I play final destination too. But I don't whine and complain and say smash with items is not competitive and it isn't any less "serious" than normal play. Thats just how the game goes. All items are avoidable, if someone picks up something you don't like just stay away until they drop it or you pick something up that you can throw at them.
  14. So, theres this rumor abound that Mewtoo and Roy will be included in the American release, which is why there is a delay, and will be downloadable content for Japanese owners. I sincerely doubt it, since we would have heard something by now, but if they finally put DLC to good use, I will be a happy man. The disk is dual layered, so I could see their point, but I don't think Nintnedo would have secretly added in a burn to disk function with no one finding out about it yet.
  15. Do all of the slowish characters have a way to make them fast like the trick that was discovered with Bowser?
  16. Thanks, Rama. I've been using the skin since you came out with it.
  17. There just seems to be a different quality about the Red Alert games than any of the other C&C games. I mean, tesla coils, dude. I hope they get rid of the prism technology on the allied side. It cheaply nullified use of tesla for the Soviets (in fact, it was better). Allied already has chronosphere. I also wish they made each country even more unique. Maybe different artwork for core buildings.
  18. My favorite series. I am a Red Alert nerd. I've played both games' campaigns a million times.
  19. I am enjoying the Fire Emblem, Pikman, and other songs on this soundtrack from games I would normally never play. J04- With Mila's Divine Protection is my favorite. I have it looping right now.
  20. So, to those that have played....is lack of l-cancelling really an issue? I never cared about it myself but the tourneyfolks are in a hissy that Brawl is forever ruined because of the lack of l-cancelling and the nerf to Fox's speed.
  21. Thats also the best rendition of the Tetris A song I have ever heard, sorry McGaffe, but you've been overtaken
  22. Well first of all, use uTorrent, that way you can see what songs you are downloading, and can pick which ones to download first. I think im gonna put the entire soundtrack on my ipod touch and just listen to it for a week. Edit: The Super Mario Water Music remix is incredible. And I didn't like the original as much as I liked the other Mario songs. This is probably awesome fighting music. Edit 2: WHY DO I HAVE TO WAIT ONE MORE MONTH!
  23. I never knew how much I loved the Star Wolf theme until I heard this again.
  24. Azul v2

    ~ Super Bowl ~

    You have to be born into Southern Rock to like bands like Tom Petty.
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