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    Nintendo Wii

    Sonic owns Sonic for Brawl
  2. I logged in to say how awesome this update is. I agree (and I have been saying) that these songs are probably not final and are just showcases of the arrangements that will be recorded later. I'm sure the musicians are worried about getting all the songs rearranged at this point rather than recording the final copy. Also, the Castle Music/Fortress Boss theme from SMW is one of my favorite tracks in any video game, ever. What awesomeness now that it appears to be in the game. Can't wait to hear the arrangement.
  3. Not to take anything away from whats going on here, but if it isn't institutionalized radio, and they have commercial/advert breaks, is that technically allowed? Wouldn't you have to pay royalties to all the game companies who actually own the song? I have no idea, just wondering. Like could you make an instrumental remix of a Pink Floyd song and play it on regular radio?
  4. Really now, as soon as the game comes out, or maybe a couple days later, everyone will know everything about the game anyway. I guarantee you that you will get all the secret characters spoiled before you unlock them, so is it that big of a deal about these updates? How many of you were completely surprised about what you found out in Melee when it first came out?
  5. That looks good. I would get at least 2GB of ram though, or even 4GB if possible. Of course, you probably won't be doing video editing, so you won't need that much. So scrap that.
  6. Azul v2

    Free Music

    Possibly the best Zelda "Remix" I have ever heard. I say "Remix" because its a real remix and something that wouldn't get accepted on OCR, but still an excellent song (its a shame, but I understand why the policy is the way it is).
  7. Wordpress is very yes. I use it for all my sites, even if they aren't for blogs but for news.
  8. You better improve the UI of SWB3 or else I'm going after you like I did in Guild Wars.
  9. How can you like DKC2 and hate DKC. Thats like saying you like Super Mario Bros. 3 but dislike Super Mario Bros. Maybe because you have a thing for Dixie?
  10. Whether you liked Unmod or not, GenDisc is way way not the same since Unmod left. There used to be two or so full pages of threads per day with recent posts, now you will be lucky to see more than 7-8 new threads/threads with recent posts a day. I posted in Unmod, but I spent a lot of time in GenDisc/Remix Reviews too. And I think quite a bit of Unmod did as well. Maybe not the blatant trolls/spammers, but a good portion of the userbase, that got ticked off about the way it was handled and left the site altogether. I came to OCR for all my video game news/updates, and I still do now, although discussion is severely cutback from when it used to be. You can say the site is thriving and all that jazz, which I believe, but the forums took a big hit and haven't grown back yet. I agree with The Coop in that if there were a notice to when new rules were going to take effect, or that UnMod would lose its "Un" status and would become moderated to get rid of the fad threads, troll threads, and trolls (which I would have welcomed, because I went to Unmod for the interesting discussion, not the fad threads), then the backlash would be far less severe. For the record I was banned during the Sidebar Shenanigans (another story), not the Unmod deletion. I wasn't here and missed the whole backlash
  11. Star Fox and Fire Emblem.
  12. I laughed for like 5 minutes straight during AVGN's Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde video, simply because I had the game for the original NES and I immediately knew what he was going to talk about. Incidentally I also had CV: Simon's Quest (and I only have about 8 games for the NES, so that was a pretty good ratio) but I liked Simon's Quest, play it all the time. Never have missed another AVGN though. I watch them all the time. How can you not like them?
  13. Azul v2

    Nintendo Wii

    Has anyone tried Madden 08 yet? Or more importantly, the online system?
  14. I don't have any inside information, but the characters that should be chopped in my opinion are: Jigglypuff, Marth, Roy, Young Link, Dr. Mario, Pichu, Mewtwo, Game and Watch, and Ice Climbers. If you wanted to include Young Link, give Link an option to switch ala Sheik by spiking the master sword or something. The reason to get rid of the Pokemon (besides Pikachu who is obviously too popular) is that now you got three new ones in the Pokemon trainer, plus you got all the ones in the Pokeball items, and 6 or 7 playable Pokemon is way too much. People will hate the Mewtwo chop, but make him a rare chance to come out of the ball with the Pokemon Trainer. That would be the most logical solution. I say keep a Dr. Mario level but he is just too redundant to keep him around. Make him an alternate costume for Mario if you want to. Roy/Marth replaced by Ike, I really don't see a need to keep a lot of sword-oriented rpg characters in a fighting game like Smash Bros. Game and Watch and Ice Climbers are simply victims of the newcomers from more reconizable games like Snake, Pit, Wario, etc. I know it won't happen and people will get into hissyfits because they can't live without their Marth/Roy/Mewtwo but thats just the way I would like to see it happen.
  15. Azul v2

    Nintendo Wii

    Can anyone else connect to the Wii Shop channel? E: nevermind, I have been trying for two hours and now it suddenly shows up.
  16. Azul v2

    Nintendo Wii

    Do you have to have gamecube controllers to play gamecube games, or can you use the classic controller?
  17. A post nuclear- mmorpg world with cool guns and weapons and bombs, different sects to belong to, able to build your own completely customizable base as a sect which could be visited or attacked at any time like in the real world, with custom cars and aircraft.... Ah yes, a mmorpg of Fallout 3.
  18. The game is not going to be done for another 4 months. I'm sure they haven't finished every song in final form. This is probably the first phase, I'm sure some of you remixers should know that. I'm not going to "fret" about it like half of you here.---
  19. There are midi's in TP? Huh? News to me.
  20. My local game store (no chain) has Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island new in box for 39.99, Chronotrigger new in box for 59.99, and lots of NES games for around the same price.
  21. Azul v2

    Nintendo Wii

    So hey, I spend 2.5 hours on the twilight palace dungeon in Zelda, including an hour looking for the Big Key since its in the most random, out of the way place ever, get to the end, kill the boss after a long fight, collect the heart piece, then go to the warp portal. I wasn't paying attention and hit "No" when the "would you like to warp" dialouge comes up, and instead of just leaving me there like it should be, it has Link walk out in a cutscene, only that there are stairs there and he can't get past them in the cutscene, so the cutscene is forever looped, you can't skip it, and the only thing to do is reset and guess what, do the entire dungeon again. Man F that, this game will sit on the shelf for a few weeks because of that. Gay.
  22. Well fine. He still would be fun to play though. There should totally be a cheat code or something you can play as him.
  23. I think this soundtrack is just as good as OoT's. Maybe I am just stupid. However, wonder why there are so few? Or are there a lot of them waiting to be judged? I don't know, but this http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/nintendo/wii/wiiTPBossDefeatedGM.mid has been stuck in my head for a while. I'm thinking about attempting it, even though I suck at using programs on the computer. I can play it out on piano though.
  24. You know, I was hoping in the back of my mind that they would put a Hammer Bros. or two as a main character, becuase hes an awesome character in Mario Party and one of my favorite baddies of all time, however I knew he didn't pull enough weight to be a main character. I am almost positive he will be an assist trophy, though. Glad he is in the game one way or another judging from that screen shot.
  25. Meh. Enough sword users already. I'm sure fire emblem is great but I never gave much notice to Roy or Marth nor did I like players who always played with them. I'm sure they are a hit in Japan though which is why they are in the game. I'd prefer more classic characters though. And yes, Earthworm Jim would be awesome. So would Sonic.
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