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    Nintendo Wii

    Motorcycle mode in Mario Kart = very yes. Also, if I'm reading it right, the game demo channel is for the Wii, correct?
  2. You know, whats even better, what will Sonic's stage(s) be? Can't wait.
  3. I expected Sonic, to be honest. I'm just wondering what they will do with Tails.
  4. Brawl playable for the next E for All event http://gonintendo.com/?p=26847#more-26847
  5. I've used it for 6 months now with no hicups, viruses, crashes, or anything not working like I want it to do. Its also (Ultimate) much more asthetically pleasing than xp, I make use of the sidebar, I removed all of the built-in security that slowed the system down, and I can boot from my computer being totally off in around 20 seconds. I don't get why all the people are still hating on it, but then again I have 2 gigs of ram, core 2 duo 6600, and an 8800 GTS.
  6. Its Thanksgiving? Damn! Columbus must have had something up his sleeve this year. Why do I still have to go to classes tomorrow...
  7. Of course I love it, I just wish there were more Twilight Princess mixes, because it was an awesome soundtrack (particuarlly the music after you kill a boss. hint hint).
  8. Wii: see sig Steam ID: amcoolio Xfire: amcoolio
  9. Was coming here to post that. lol
  10. Azul v2

    Nintendo Wii

    Wow, has anyone seen the Mario Galaxy opening yet? http://www.gametrailers.com/player/25847.html The ships from SMB3! and the music! Are the koopa kids back too? That would be ultra-awesome.
  11. Azul v2

    Nintendo Wii

    http://www.nintendo.com/consumer/jacket/jacketrequest.jsp If you bought a Wii before this week, and want free remote jacket covers that are shipping with new Wii's, then go here and order.
  12. If only TRIBES was a mod for Half-life back in the day...people would be raving about that more than any other mod besides CS..... Tribes is better than TFC, but since they took down the Tribes servers, I guess I'll have to resort to this and Battlefield.
  13. Azul v2

    Nintendo Wii

    So..yeah...any word on that "september surprise" promised by Reggie a few months ago?
  14. I'm thinking they will eventually reveal the tourney mode as Wi-fi as well, with a set of rankings or leaderboard. I think all the people bitching about Brawl's online haven't got a gist of what the dojo does or even read the update.
  15. Azul v2

    Nintendo Wii

    That inspires me to mod and design a Wii myself. If only I had thousands of dollars of disposible income . I really want to win the powerball lottery. Why do old people win it then sit on their money? I don't know about you, but I could do a lot of things with 250 million dollars.
  16. Eric Johnson - Cliffs of Dover The Almond Brothers Band - Jessica (5:00-6:30)
  17. My favorite part is this: "We’re planning a number of services that make use of Wi-Fi, but we’ll reveal them gradually with the other modes. Enjoy." and "There will also be no battle records kept for this mode, so whether you win or lose, it doesn’t matter. Just sit back and play." Which people somehow skew into OMFG NO LEADRBOREDS!!! When in actuality they don't mention that at all and even hint there will be a mode that stores records to be introduced later on. Ah, the ignorance of some people. E: BTW this was directed towards the IGN people.
  18. Patience, padawan. I'm sure there are plenty of items left, and more status changing items if the trend means anything.
  19. The quality of said mp3's are terrible anyway. I think VGL is a bit better, mainly because I don't like Play!'s selection of music, although they make a better effort to cover popular games. The best way to listen to these symphonies is on youtube of course. Or go to them. I would if I didn't have to drive 6 hours to the nearest one.
  20. Not really, I've been here since 2004, but was banned during the sidebar shenanigans. I have plenty of posts, but don't care about count.
  21. Yes, Oliver, I read the site and looked at the screenshots, but it was a little unclear because the platforms will still there when the ship was up close, and didn't know if it was like the F-Zero stage. Like do the platforms disappear for good, or do you have to get back on them again. Thats what I was trying to say.
  22. Obscure...but I bet you could make a lot of money off of the idea. If only I had the copyrights and the computer science skills.
  23. I'm wondering....will it eventually let you play on the ship? Or just stay on the platforms and the ship is in the background the whole time?
  24. Maybe they should have had this girl as the playable and Ike as the assist trophy. But they made the correct decision, what, we have 3 sword chars confirmed already?
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