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  1. I need my awesome 80's perm, leg warmers, a neon headband/suspenders and THIS track playing in my Walkman. Totally b*tch*n'! There. I've dated myself. I'm done.
  2. There is an incredible attention to detail in this piece that you can't help but admire. Through the whole thing everything interweaves so completely the two pieces seem as though they were meant to be one all along. Instant download - no question.
  3. This makes me happy! Like, bouncing around my living room with a big grin, happy!
  4. This screams dark and dirty club action. I have the overwhelming urge to slam a shot and hit the dance floor. Freakin' love this.
  5. This is sick! I had a bit of trouble getting into it at first but when it revved up at 00:36 and then dropped at 00:41 I was hooked. Done. My thanks for the addition to my library! It's about time some LoD made it on - I always felt that soundtrack had some decent potential. Glad to see you took this track somewhere completely different from its roots - I love that!
  6. Crank up this mix, stretch out your arms, tilt your head back and close your eyes. Feel that? That's what it is to fly! (And if you forgot how to fly then I pity you!) This is sooooooo much fun!!!!
  7. I like what you're trying to do with this. Given how short and repeatative the source is maybe you would consider layering in another song to break it up and give it some variety? (When I heard this mix I instantly pictured 'Shinra Company' fitting into it. Just a thought...) It's got the potential to be really sick! Keep at it!
  8. This is amazing - I've been waiting for a great FFXIII mix to hit the web. At last it is here! This track is addicting, the more I listen to it the more I like it, which then causes me to listen more. A vicious cycle that I don't mind at all. Very well done - if you decide to mix some more FFXIII you can bet I'll be all over it!
  9. I freakin' love this. How can you not want to bounce around to this tune??? It would be in direct defiance of the rule of rhythm! I love going back to find things I may have missed in previous years.
  10. How is it that I have not found this piece earlier? It's very good! I admit the first half had me bopping along, but when the second half busted out, I was hooked.
  11. Nicely done. Its slower than the mixes I usually like, but here I think the tempo totally befits the piece and gives it the push that gets you moving to the beat. Had to listen to the source material again - it's been a while since I played. Thanks for taking up this requested piece!
  12. I can't help but think that there is a ton of potential in that soundtrack, but I fully admit I don't have the skills to do anything worthwhile with it. Most of the music for the game revolves around the same base melody - Inon Zur wanted to keep everything connected and interchangable, so I heard. I think something with the main theme would be a good start, but at this point I'm just eager to see what someone with talent could do with this. ) Something in an up-tempo dance style; a dark and metal style; piano solo; whatever. I just want to hear something new and powerful from this! Thanks all!
  13. You know the more I listen to this piece the more I appreciate it. It has a depth to it that you don't find with a lot of piano arrangements. When I saw how long it was at first I was a little suspicious that it wouldn't have the 'stamina' to go the distance. I must say I was happily surprised - it maintains its high level of energy right through the last strain. Bravo!
  14. Oh my god, this kicked me in the guts when it picked up - it almost caused physical pain! This mix owns me for at least the next few months and will be on repeat forever. Tefnek, your genius is going to blow out my speakers and make my ears bleed - but who gives a s**t! You're insane and I think I'm in love! ;o)
  15. It's got the bones of being something that could really get the pulse pounding, but it's always seeed a bit thin to me. If someone can thicken it up (sorry my phrasing is funky - I'm not an experienced remixer myself) and give it some real kick I think it could be a great fighting song. Looking for something heavy, like Black Wing Metamorphosis from the VotL Project. (Yeah, I know - I'm not asking for something small - that track is SICK!! Love it!!!) Thanks to anyone who gives it a shot!! ) *I know... I spelled messenger wrong... it's late (or early) and I'm an idiot without coffee...*
  16. Okay, you guys are Mad Geniuses!! The chiptune cheasey-ness flowing into that pulse-building opening was something I never would have known could sound so good! And then you just didn't let up with the intensity! Usually I love a fast-paced beat with a ton of base, but this grabbed my attention quicker than I ever would have thought. Those hypnotic vocals around 1:18 were phenominal and the balance of each component was right on. Loving it!
  17. Very cool. You've done a great job taking a song that basically has nothing but its melody and giving it depth. I agree with DarkSolstice, though. The begining sounds kind of threw me off and it took me a second to get into the song when it actually started. I don't know how exactly you could redo this... maybe play one bar of the song as it is heard in-game before moving into the mix? Over all very well done and a nice breath of fresh air on the boards. I'll absolutly be keeping my eye on this mix!
  18. RossK did One Sky One Destiny. I yoinked that one from the WIP boards before it got turned down. I can understand that OCR's gotta keep its integrity and all, but I admit that there are plenty of rejected mixes I really miss. I've still got "One Sky..." and I listen to it frequently. Such a sad state that there are so few KH & KH2 mixes out. That and Suikoden. Where's the love, there?
  19. Wow, all of the angst in this forum. It's a remix, people. It is not going to appeal to everyone. That is the law of music, and the reason there are so many genres. But the least we can do is treat each other's opinions with a bit of respect. Love the mix, hate it, express your opinions, whatever, but please respect each other. Otherwise what's the point of sharing? I still love this mix, BTW. Very powerful!
  20. I like this version, personally. It takes a song that is supposed to have a set way of being (faster and electric, in this case) and turns it into something unexpected. And, unless I am mistaken, isn't that the point of a remix? To breath new life into a song? I love the mood changes, also. Maybe that's because I change moods just as fast. I know that at 2:31 where it gets a little funky is my favorite part of the song. Cudoes to you, Midee & Prozax, for your fine work!
  21. There seems to be a lot of debate about this song and it's integrity, if that's the word I'm looking for. Personally, I LOVE this mix! It is one of my favorites. It haunts you and stirs your blood all at once. Between this mix and Jeremy Robson's Philharmonic Suite Finale I have found myself with two favorites that I cannot stop playing over and over again. Bravo!
  22. Freaking awesome! Not in a technical, artistic, Move-Over-Nobuo kind of way. More like a What-can-I-do-to-throw-people-for-a-loop way. I listened to it and at first I laughed-quite a bit in fact. But before I knew it I was bopping along with the tune and actually looking forward to the Nokia's next feature. Long story short, this song is now on my Ipod. It's just so damn catch-y!
  23. Fantastic! I mean really magnificent! "Weapon Raid" was one of the most intense songs of the game, but it always lacked something, and now I know what. That real power you get from hearing it in a full orchestra and not a two demensional synthesiser. This is by far one of my favorite remixes on this site. My hat's off to you Jeremy. You gave this piece a soul. I would love you to continue your suite!
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