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  1. Ah. So Soc = overcoat, eh? Thanks for clearing that up. Wonder why some of you are surprised I didn't know, though? It's not that everyone has listened to all 1500 remixes of OCR. I currently have about 300 of them.
  2. Soc? Who? I found this to be pretty catchy, though. So I did this short vocal take. Sending you an e-mail now, Skrypnyk. Read my notes for more details. Hope you enjoy.
  3. Congrats, Beatrdrop man!!! It seems that more and more OC Remixers are getting recognized these days. I've a huge fan of "House Hornet" it's really nice to see you step up to to featuring a track in a game.
  4. Man...I really hope Nintendo releases Tetrisphere for the Wii Virtual Console. I would download it in a flash!
  5. Love the show. Hiro's such an AWESOME character. He really acts like one of those anime dudes; jittery and hilarious. I especially loved the part where he parodied Dr. Brown from Back to the Future, "Great Scott-o!". LOL. Man...his future image kicks ass too. Peter Petrelli kind of reminds me of a young Sylvester Stallone (the way his mouth is crooked to the side when he talks or screams).
  6. Glad Tetrisphere got the vote. This under-rated game has such an awesome soundtrack. Best of luck on this one-man project. It's going to be challenging to top or compliment the original tracks.
  7. The Saga series have some pretty good soundtracks. I remember Saga Frontier 2 (PS1) to be quite catchy. Also, there's Unlimited Saga (PS2)...such a disgusting game, yet what an excellent soundtrack. I also suggest Blast Corps for n64.
  8. Nice. Catchy stuff there. I'm impressed you were able to compose this while challenging yourself. As for your singing voice, no it does not suck. You have a nice voice with a lot of potential. I kind of expected a deeper tone when I first heard "I love you, God". Nonetheless, it's still good. You seem a bit hesitant to "let it all out", however. I feel that you're holding back, especially at mid-point of the song where you voice gets a bit lower.
  9. I had a blog post awhile ago which I wrote out of the blue. I then thought that the words would make great lyrics. Thus, this remixing attempt is born. http://www.esnips.com/doc/957480d1-8367-4f9e-975d-5aef5ee2566d/Depressed-and-Inspired--Shattered-Reflections-(Alpha) The song is actually a "remix" of a track from the videogame "Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga"...Sahasrara by Shoji Meguro. Please note that it's in very early stages right now. I'm thinking of going aceppella with it, but I'm completely open to collaborating with other game music remixers to change direction. It would be cool if I someone more experienced guided me through where I need to go with this mix. The reason I'm posting this is because I want feedback on my singing and how clean the production is, before I go any further. I'm currently experimenting with the program "Sound Forge" on production; all I added onto the recording is compression, some EQ changes, medium room reverb, and heavy echo in the intro. Thanks to LuIzA for giving me tips on all of those. I'm still not sure if I got the compression 100%. So any tips on making the recording even clearer is welcome. I used a Shure SM57 Microphone to record my voice, and I did it all in one take. Think of it as a "session/jam" thing, hence why the track is a bit on the long side. You'll notice that I occasionally change-up the tone of my voice, experimenting various sounds. Any comments to improve my singing is welcome. http://www.esnips.com/doc/a2066d82-36b3-4bd9-aabd-8b9ed883ac8d/Timeless-Hero-(Demo-Cover) I also did something for fun yesterday; a shortened cover version of LuIzA's "Timeless Hero", from Dwelling of Duels May 2005. This of course won't be completed in order to be posted anywhere; I also want as much comments as possible on singing, production, and recording quality/clarity. Enjoy. http://excalibur-swordbreaker.spaces.live.com/ Wrote a blog about this thread.
  10. Man, the world needs love for cult RPG soundtracks. I'm with whoever mentioned Valkyrie Profile. Hopefully, some of you guys are fans of Radiata Stories and Digital Devil Saga so you can hype Prophet up. lol.
  11. Love that heat-reactive idea. Pretty innovative. I'm digging "Capital G".
  12. Hell yes. Completely forgot about how AWESOME the soundtrack of the game is. In fact, it's one of the reasons I love this game. Quality-wise, it's unlike anything I've ever heard on a n64 game.
  13. PS2. Awesome RPGs with awesome soundtracks. They're cult hits and hugely underrated in my book. I'm sure you're familiar with the composer of Radiata Stories; he's the same dude who composed for the Lunar and Grandia series. You can find the Radiata Stories OST in Bluelaguna.net. The Digital Devil Saga one, however, comes packed with the game itself.
  14. Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 1 Radiata Stories I would love to see what you can do with those tracks, Prophet. There's some Jazz influence in them so I'm sure your cool sax-playing abilities will work with them.
  15. Hmm...I just noticed that Impluse Prime is available in amazon.com...interesting...
  16. Nice work. I especially LOVE that last "rant-rap" part. Hilarious stuff.
  17. Man... I know I'm basically repeating what everyone's been saying here, but this remix is kick-ass stuff indeed. I've been asking myself, "who does Star sound like?" in terms of his vocals. I can NEVER put my finger on it. You could say that he has a unique singing voice. Overall, the vocals here are definitely Star's best work. Just when I thought he can never top what he did with "Pillar of Salt". I mean, sure, the lyrics aren't as unique as Pillar...but the delivery is simply awesome and his best yet. I was surprised by his range in this remix. I was like "wow" when he started singing "you, you're walking backwards..." very emotional and powerful delivery in that verse especially, along with other areas which are as powerful. I also like the few "tricks" he pulled off...like the "rewind" bit (never would've known that the word was rewind spelt backwards if it weren't for the lyrics) and the reverb at "I hope you don't mind temporal anomalies" since it really fits with the verse, almost made me feel like you're actually caught in some sort of temporal rift/abyss, floating endlessly as your voice echoes in the distance. My only gripe is in one verse, "Someone let me out of here"...sounds a bit muffled compared to the rest of the lyrics...in my opinion it should've been the loudest area, would've been cool if you screamed that part out and added an effect or two... As for the music itself, very catchy stuff. Synthy, melodic, and rockin' all in one. I can see why this remix reminds me of the 70s/80s-influenced rock, most notably bands like "Air Supply" and "Alter Bridge" (modern band yet influenced by 70s rock). The synth sounds are pretty cool, yet its the piano and electric guitar which I enjoyed a lot more. I was immediately reminded by "Coldplay" and "Five for Fighting" in some parts because of the piano. The guitar though...wow...man give your friend who helped you out a nice pat in the back...excellent work with that... Congraulations on getting this track finished and posted, Star. Looking forward to your future work.
  18. I'm VERY fond of Protricity's "Mechanical Swamp" remix, so downloading this one was definitely a YES for me. However, I'll have to compare between both... There's a huge difference in intepretation between Siamey and Protricity's versions. The former is more "heavy and fast-paced" while the latter sticks to slower electronica. Some parts in Siamey's track reminds me of Nine Inch Nails' work, which feature very heavy industrial and mechanical sounds. The Diddy sound synths are an interesting if not cheesy addition to the track. Quality wise, this sounds nice and catchy to my ears...yet it isn't as addicting to Protricity's track. Nice work overall, though. Love the intrepretation.
  19. lol come on, man. It's just a joke/parody site. Don't take it seriously. Its purpose is to piss off people who take it seriously. Plus, it's a bit on the educational side if you want to get technical with the series.
  20. Indeed. LOVED that Zelda II reference. 3-4's Boss was hilarious. I get the feeling his quotes will be damn popular. After all, we're all going gaga over "videogame soundtracks are so high-technical!" I'm still in world 4. Too lazy to play these days.
  21. Love this album. LOVE IT. You guys did a terrific job. The variety is awesome. My personal highlight was "The Doomsday" collab from Ashane, Snapple, and norg. Man, when that solo starts at around 2:06...you can't help but air-guitar to it!
  22. I know, man. The boards there aren't as great as they used to be. Three years ago, the boards were called "Hyrule Town Square" and was mainly dedicated to "The Wind Waker". Those were the golden days since the number of members weren't as much as now. However, you'll occassionally find very mature people in Nsider if you look in the right places. Also, the Sage-only board is REALLY cool.
  23. In the words of TSA, your friendly neighborhood Zelda guru: GANNON-BANNED! http://www.gannon-banned.com To anyone who thinks he's a Zelda fan, check out this hilarious site and get educated!
  24. Quick note before I reply; I've been checking out this thread constantly, yet I haven't critiqued because it's not my place to. On the contrary, I'm actually learning a thing or two from this thread since I'm also trying to make my singing work with ReMixes and whatnot. The thing which interests me in Snapple's comment is that I've gotten a similar comment back in my OCR Vocal Remix Competition Submission (Round 2). Anyway, DA's work with this remix reminds me of her "Summoner's Love" WIP, now submitted in OCR after much tweaking on the vocals. The singing in both WIPs has pretty much the same feeling of just being "placed over the music" and "not working as an instrument in the song" as you've put it, Snapple. But the full version of Summoner's Love, while not my favorite vocal song in OCR and does have a few weak spots, works quite well and feels somewhat catchy..sounds A LOT better than its WIP version... Bottom line, we know that DA has not placed any effects or major production values on her voice yet. I think that's the reason why her singing feels placed over the song instead of being "integral" to the song. Sure, the strength of her voice could play a role, yet in my view production values are a lot more important, and DA herself proved that good production values can compensate for any "vocal weaknesses" if present. Also, not everybody can be a Pixietricks or a Star Salzman in terms of singing talent. That OCR Vocal Compo actually made me feel that way, even though I placed last (due to being a n00b perhaps). I also think that the judges will think the same way. I remember being surprised when they rejected Darangen's incredibly cool "Rest Tonight" from Dwelling of Duels and accepting DA's "Summoner's Love". No offence to DA, though. It's just that the former song is SO awesome. Production values could've played a role in these desicions. Yet, that still doesn't make DA in the clear. As most of the comments have pointed out, DA still needs to need to find the best way for her singing to fit the track. I know that it would've been much easier to make up the singing as Efields was working on the track, yet you can't turn back time.
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