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  1. With Bionic Commando hittin the ps3/xbox in May...and now this track? '09 is shaping up to be a nice year. This track is damn catchy, the feel is pretty chilling at the same time. My only thing is you took so long at 2:50 to finally get past the intro in the original theme to the rest of the theme. Thanks for bringing back an 8Bit classic, Plz post more!
  2. it's a tricky thing writing for a show like this, it set up a really high standard to follow with Season 1... This show focuses on so many different characters that anyone of them must be somebody's favourite, so when they kill'em off, they eventually need to bring 'em back to keep peeps happy a la: Marvel comics. but hell, i'm still watchin' and readin', still makes for a fun ride.
  3. Great stuff, extremely addicting and catchy beat. Although i've only played Phantasy Star 2,3,4. I can't really say i know the source material...but does it really matter when this mix kicks ass? Only thing i gotta say is, and in no way whatsoever is it a knock on da mix, but the tune doesn't resemble your sterotypical underground/dungeon music... all in all, worth a listen and more!
  4. Just wanted to say this is one trippy, happenin' lil mix, i like how the sound just seems to have this "don't worry be happy, cheer up" kind of feel to it. And seeing it's one of the earlier mixes on the site, probably overlooked by the newer members. Stands the test of time in my books, good stuff DJP.
  5. i don't usually post a reply on mixes that alredy have 4 pages of critique, but just had to say, GREAT MIX. The sound was something that i can see even the classiest and royal listeners of symphonies would buy a ticket to check it out in concert!
  6. Way to go retro Mario! haha, i got such good laugh outta this mix, a wave of 80's-ness just rushed into my head, and ya know what? it felt damn good. Every aspect of the mix just kept bringin back 80s cheese, right down to that common synthesized sound that when u hear while watchin a movie...u don't even need to guess when it was made... Great mix, does what it sets out to do, and the title/track can't get anymore appropriate then that!
  7. Definitely sad seeing VGmix in it's current state. I haven't visited VG or OCR after a sabatical, but recently came back to see what's new, and as usual OCR is running full speed and lookin' good as ever. Yet VGmix, i thought wasn't even a game remix site at all anymore, site had no uniformity (such a word?), couldn't find mixes by game title, just looks like it's still work in progress... and not that mixers shouldn't get their props and promos, but listing tracks by song name and mixer only was confusing for the casual fan.
  8. Dude, u gotta get on that:) i've been looking for a mix of any track from Bad Dudes for years now! Still no one accepts the challenge!? Such a great soundtrack with a crazy beat, but i don't know why no one gives it a go.
  9. nice trippy lil' mix on the Bombman Stage, yes, it does get reptitive at certain parts as well. There is some effort in trying to mix things up as most old NES games could only have so long a music track. Still, it's the only Bombman mix on the site, so check it out.
  10. This track makes it on my playlist, honestly its probably my favourite mix of the FF4 main theme on this site. I thought there's would've been more people who'd wanna try this theme considering it's importance in the history of the SNES age, quite surprising...
  11. Awesome stuff, thanks for the great memories from hearing this classic track. Just like DJP, I was one of those affected big time by this game back then. Hangin out at the laundry mat/corner store afterschool playing DD was da norm! Yer interpretation using guitars is perfect, u feel the edge of the mean streets that Jimmy and Billy fight on, and the pianos are a great touch too. I especially luv the jump into the 3rd verse of the track at 1:42! Crazy stuff... Anyways, there's enough interest to keep u pumped thru the whole mix, minimal when it comes to overly-repetitiveness. Please feel free to mix more tracks from DD, perhaps a medley of Stage 2+3, or the infamous Title track aka: The red carpet song, or Machine-Gun Joe's theme as we used to call it back in the days
  12. If u guys are wondering why i've been reviewing all these older titles lately...well, i find that there's alot of jems hidden in here that don't get enough attention, partly due to newer OCR members checking out the newer releases + the fact that only the old school gamers would remember the older titles. Speaking of, this jam is pretty damn funky, got the feeling of a ninja just strollin down the streets of chinatown and boppin to this tune. Anyways, great job DJP A few of the mixes here, sound dated due to newer tools and styles, but 8 years later, this piece still holds up in my mind.
  13. Just like DJP, i own this game as well, and although this mix isn't a far stretch from the original 32x soundchip music, it's enough of a separation to listen out of gameplay. I've been diggin' this tune for awhile now, on the drive home from a rough day at work, this tune helps my mind unwind!
  14. cool mix from classic 16bit shooter that was hard as hell! Unlike other reviews here, i kinda enjoyed this mix, especially how the start gradually gained momentum. Thanks for mixin' an old school game
  15. Thanks for the mix, i won't say much in terms of the technical aspects, but i did enjoy it quite abit. I always get a kick when a great sounding mix is done from source material that was from an old basic 8bit soundchip.
  16. How much more heroic can u get? Just like DJP says, Bionic Commando really didn't get it's chance in the spotlight, although the old Gameboy sequel was an awesome addition. Anyways, I loved this mix, it totally conveys the adventure and military style that the game was all about. Great great stuff! Thanks for bringing back some great memories!
  17. Awesome, another Dodgeball mix, great stuff! Quite a different take then on "All Star Doskpop," not quite as memorable but to hear this live would be incredible! Nice little jazz bar, order up a drink...
  18. Haha, sweeet, thnx for the mix dude, totally brings back some crazy memories of having SuperDodgeball tourneys in my basement! Very upbeat and refreshing, wouldn't seem out of place at all on a new version of this classic game. Still gotta say my favourite players was the little guy who threw the 3way spreadshot, haha.
  19. Great article on Vince! Good to hear he's still kickin with new music. His scores for Transformers and Rocky4 are still 2 of my favourites in my collection, awe-inspiring stuff!
  20. good stuff man! Just listening to this, it clearly screams out "final battle with the big boss!" or "Shadow Warrior" in this case. It's about time Double Dragon 2 got a little more attention around here. Way to go Next, how about a nice medley with the earlier stages in DD2? hehe
  21. yeaaaaaaah! this mix rocks! Can't believe somebody actually chose this game, total props to YOU Braincells. Shadow of the Ninja was/is an awesome game for the ol'NES, a game that got overshadowed by the Ninja Gaiden series. Seems appropriate that Natsume and Tecmo combined to make NinjaGaiden for gameboy which combined the best of the 2 games inluding the music. Will a S.C.A.T. remix be far behind???
  22. so far nobody has mentioned that this is actually a DD2 medley consisting of (i think) 1st stage + Forest/Jungle stage + and Enemy base stage. i really like the jumpy beat of the 1st stage, and unlike what others posted, it's far from a direct rip of the Nes tune, it's definitely got it's own spin on it. The jungle stage part is also catchy, brings back some good memories. My only complaint is that you didn't throw in the final ShawowBoss music which is THE strongest piece in the whole game! The part where yer fighting that crazy dude who teleports and does that crazy spinning punch move. Anyways, good job and props for taking on one of the overlooked classic games! overall 8/10
  23. yah baby! this is a really really fun mix, non stop funkn' beats. I even love the little voice goin "Stage 1" to let the nonSOR players know where this tune originated from. this is one of those great mixes where u let someone listen to and u say, ya this is a track from an old Genesis game! and of course the foolish simpleton says "whoooa, no way dude". Just shows HOW MUCH can be done with the right remixin skills, and the right source material (thanx to Tefnek and Yuzo for this music )
  24. cool, it's nice to hear more remixes of jetshoot-em ups. Although i never played the original Darius, i did get to play SuperDarius (2?) when it came out and i own the PCengine version of it. This track is fun to listen to, it starts off kinda quiet but when everything starts goin and falling into place, it's a great combination of sounds ps: can anyone try remixing other classic shooters like TwinCobra or Slapfight? man, those bring back memories!
  25. i liked this track, ya, it was kinda repetitive......but it's nostalgic at the same time. Just so people don't get confused, this music is a remix of the Gameboy robocop, NOT the NES version. The NES version's music mimics the movie's theme by Paul Verhoven(?). But the Gameboys one is uh....it's own. "Drop IT! Dead of Alive , you're coming with me!" go Robo.
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