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  1. Umm... No need to use harsh language... The explanation was posted a couple pages back.
  2. Dear... God... This is a great mix. Kudos to the author of this work, you did a great job worthy of making my top 10 list! To anyone considering downloading this mix, all I can say is, what are you waiting for?
  3. Oh... My... God... This is the reason I come to OCRemix.org Not only is this from my favorite game, but as the song continues to grow on me, it slowly rises to the top of my list. I have never really enjoyed the Dungeon music all that much, but I'm loving it now. Good Show! 11/10 (Ain't I crafty? *snicker*)
  4. Mario's Silver Hammer? I seriously love this mix, and it makes me instantly think of the Beatles. Nice.
  5. Rekklis

    Nintendo Wii

    I understand what you mean about Super Paper Mario. I play it a lot, but only in 1-2 hour intervals. It's something about it, I swear.
  6. I love this mix. It's nice to see some of the parts that we're (in my opinion) not as great as they could be, being orchestrated. I love this not only because it is something finally not Gerudo, but it really is altogether a great piece that made my day.
  7. I'm not part of the project, but I just wanted to wish you the best of luck on your project. I can't wait to see it.
  8. This is like, a perfect mix of Zelda and Sonic. I keep thinking, either, the best new track for the PSO Lobbies or like a Robotnik Palace. This is truly a mix to behold. Kind of like, my favorite mix.
  9. This is like sonic and zelda mixed together. A feat thought impossible, surely you have shown that the 2 are mixable. Great work.
  10. I love this one, it makes me fall in love with Kirby again. I like how it starts off all good, and then the action picks up, stays up, then you get to a part where it calms down a bit, and then the rest is all actiony, and then, finally a sweet ending. Truly an awesome remix. And cumshot FTW.
  11. I am very thankful this was created. I put it up high in my list of favorites, alongside Insomnic(SMB2), and Temple Trance(LoZ2:LA). Nice job, I was waiting for a big hit for Kirby's Dream Land 2.
  12. This was totally unexpected. Great Work. I love this.
  13. Very great remix. If I had to pick only one remix to have, it'd be this one. I really like how it starts in with a nice jingle to a techno-ish theme, and then brings in some low notes to keep me listening. 6/5. Yeah, I'm bold...
  14. Though I am kinda bummed I didn't get a button, I'm certainly not going to stop listening.
  15. One of my favorite Zelda games is the Minish Cap because of all the references to other Zelda games. Like the MM Mail guy that always goes "YAAH" The mask place, the Ocarina of Wind, and countless others. It truly was a game of epic and dazzling proportions(even on the small GBA screen).
  16. I listen to this a lot, especially when I am playing SSBM. This is by far the best Remix I've EVER heard.
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