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  1. My join date is on the top right, as is yours, which probably lowers the validity of my argument here a bit. I must admit, I have been knocked down a peg. Curses.
  2. I'm not sure how exactly to explain this to someone who thinks differently. I personally see a difference between wanting to participate in OCRemix site projects, and a filmmaker going on the net asking a stranger to volunteer his time to write a movie score for his film. Take from that what you will, or disagree and rip it apart, it's all fair to me.
  3. Well, you can call me whatever names you want, but it appears that he is now offering $100 (rather quickly, considering he said he didn't have cash) so it certainly went somewhere. I've done free music for many friends and their games. But like I said, going on a forum and asking for free music is just taking advantage of the excess of musicians and giving less value to their service...
  4. Sure, getting a friend to do it is one thing, but going out on an internet forum and saying "Hi strangers, spend your time and skill for my project and get nothing in return, except the satisfaction of helping me". Doesn't that sound a bit wrong to you? Actually I see this all over the internet. It's like there are so many people wanting to be music composers but don't get the opportunity, so there's always someone trying to take advantage of that to get free service, and pay "credit".
  5. The sad part is that someone will probably end up taking up his offer to lend their time and skill to someone, for "credit" as compensation. I wonder if people would ask a cameraman to volunteer to come shoot their films for "credit", or if they ask film editors to come and edit their movie for "credit" as compensation.
  6. It looks like I've finally managed to travel back in time. What I don't understand is what the difference is between Unmod being here or on that new site, or on a free forumer account, or whatever. It didn't have anything to do with OCRemix (except posting deranged fanfics) so what was the point of it? If this site is going to be a "semi-serious" thing than it's better to get rid of it, which made it seem amateur, and like I said before, juvenile. I think the Off-topic section is good as it is now, not too serious, but not completely mental. P.S. I expect a funny image to be posted as a reply to this post, don't disappoint.
  7. I always thought Unmod was idiotic and I visited a couple of times and couldn't help but wonder why it was being hosted by Ocremix at all (problem solved, I guess). It also helps paint a general image that the site is juvenile and immature which is not attractive to many people. If there was anything that Ocremix did right, it was getting rid of Unmod.
  8. Uh yeah....a bit too obvious......He may be immature but he's not a complete idiot.
  9. Alex:fruity loops & guitar pro, i make them Alex:ive been doing music since i was 10 Xrt:You should submit to those vgremix sites, you know them? Alex:no, what are they? Alex:i should put some on there yeh? Alex:ive always wanted to make zelda ones
  10. Is there any MIDIs or sheet music? Because that would remove the main obstacle for me remixing - laziness....
  11. Well, I'm not the "meanie" type but to be honest it's pretty bad, and not very realistic at all. It reminds me of school projects I did in elementary school where I'd tape pillows and black stones together to make people. And I would never guess it was Pikachu. Again, the kind of stuff on annaj's deviantart is much better, and more realistic, than this, even thought those were drawings. If you can get someone with that kind of talent, both in drawing and in interpretation, to get in on this, that'd be impressive.
  12. Yep, very nice piece of music. I especially liked the acoustic guitar "pangs" in the second half, especially when combined with voice. Very enjoyable to listen to!
  13. Thanks for that link. There are some impressive drawings on that deviantart page, I particularly like this one: http://annaj.deviantart.com/art/Typhlosion-and-her-cubs-14905137 While the original poster's Pikachu isn't bad, I don't think it quite matches that level of quality...
  14. -edited out, was replying to post that no longer exists
  15. So you're going to try and push this term into wikipedia and apparently the dictionary, and I guess eventually common usage, just because 10 or so people at KVR Audio feel like it? (of which half of the votes are probably joke votes).
  16. Well, at least I've learned something today. All I've ever done is music for indy games made by friends, and I usually do it for free because I enjoy it. I didn't realize that people who are in the business charged $500 per minute, especially since considering a lot of the vg music out there consists of, that seems just a bit overpriced. But what do I know.
  17. Still, if they did make a Pokemon MMO, and somehow separated the kids from the older teens/adults.....that would be one heck of a game.....
  18. IckesTheSane is right about installing in DOS. I have an old game here, Lost Eden, that wouldn't work at all, I had to install it inside Dosbox, as well as run it under Dosbox.
  19. I'm not getting it....is Philip Glass suddenly not a composer because he works with synthesizers?
  20. I think when they say "monitors" they are referring to any sort of audio monitoring device ,which could be headphones or speakers. Monitors can also specifically refer to studio monitors, which would be these: http://www.zzounds.com/cat--Studio-Monitors--2862 Basically the recommendations to get this kind of stuff is so that you can hear an accurate representation of what you're producing, rather then having regular speakers which sometimes alter the sound, give it "bass boost", etc. Or they just are bad quality.
  21. All sample packs will have demos of their content, so just give them a listen. Keep in mind that it will take some work before you can get the same quality as the demos, but at least you know what is basically possible with the set. There are plenty of good orchestral sample libraries out there, and they're getting less expensive. Garritan Personal Orchestra is pretty cheap for what it offers, and it's meant for amateur use. It's a starting point, as Garritan himself will admit. A lot of people praise EWQLSO for the "epic" sound, though only the Silver version is affordable, and it isn't too great. Kirk Hunter's Emerald Symphony is around $200. And if that seems like a lot of money, those are basically the "bottom" end of these things. Orchestral libraries can get pretty expensive. What OA says about not expecting to be awesome right away is correct. Even if you have this great library in front of you, it doesn't mean much if you haven't dedicated enough time to learn how to compose correctly. Composing (good) orchestral music is hard and takes a lot of skill.
  22. I don't know if I'd call QL Colossus a "starting purchase"........ So are you mainly wanting to do epic-orchestral kind of stuff?
  23. Boy, that was really funny.
  24. My awesome setup: Computer M-Audio 88es Keystation East West Symphonic Orchestra Steinberg Cubase
  25. Hahaha...odd....usually I prefer orchestral pieces because they don't drag on compared to dance/rock/whatever. Good job with the piece!
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