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  1. It is treachery of the highest order that Lyndis is not playable. Here's hoping for Eirika. --Jack Kieser.
  2. Ciel

    I got a flute

    Whattttttt Nice work on choosing a Flute. Oboe would have been cool too. Those Clarinetists are heathens, all of them.
  3. I think it was a pretty cool video. --Jack Kieser
  4. I've found the notation in programs like Cubase to be really lacking and awkward for someone used to composing in a dedicated "staff paper" application. I would recommend Sibelius 5, which now has full VST support. If you just want a program to throw down some notes in without any fancy digital audio options, the other programs mentioned here should do just fine.
  5. Woah. Didn't see that coming. Welcome back, man!
  6. Okay, now please add Lyndis and Eirika.
  7. Ciel

    Sony PS3

    I actually think the PS1 could handle it. However, it is nice to know that those who pay 800$ or whatever for a PS3 can enjoy cutting edge graphics circa 1997.
  8. When I saw that picture, I immediately set out to make this post, only to scroll down and see that I'd been beaten to it.
  9. Happy Birthday, man. Still one of the coolest dudes on the ol' internet.
  10. Always remember to bring a good supply of Potions and Antidotes with you to a school shooting, and check to see that you have equipped the latest magical pendants and rings for maximum stats.
  11. That dialogue applies to everything.
  12. I haven't laughed this much at an OCR thread since pre-2nd exodus times.
  13. Nobody even showed up.
  14. Sheik could be a stand-alone character, maybe?
  15. Huh? Only several hours of gaming? That's not addiction. Playing World of Warcraft non-stop for weeks at a time is, however.
  16. I haven't had much experience with those alternate modes in Smash, so I was kind of wondering if anyone really cares about Adventure mode or anything.
  17. Because Fox is retarded, everyone knows that. SG1 Season 1 - 4 was best. Season 10 is a joke.
  18. Cubase works with Trilogy but is horrible with Battery 3.
  19. Were the writers just slacking off for three seasons or did they bring in new people?
  20. Let's bring back Firefly while we're at it.
  21. Agreed! Plus, making it sound something like a town theme from Suikoden I is always favorable in my book.
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