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  1. Yes, Yes, No, Yes, Yes
  2. The Hiroki Kikuta did a couple hentai game soundtracks recently.
  3. So is the ending of the series. Except not in a good way. : <
  4. I doubt most people would be able to tell the difference anyway, if they didn't already know.
  5. Insane composer roster...
  6. Yes, it could simply be that the characters that were previously clones are getting their own individual move sets and play styles. I can't see them cutting something as easy to implement as clones when it would do little but irritate fans of those characters.
  7. Ciel

    Starcraft 2

    So that clears that up!
  8. Ciel

    Starcraft 2

    The game actually looks fairly finished. Seems like a lot of the graphics, design, and engine are complete.
  9. It's for a bloody cell phone? I guess we have Nomura to thank for making her breasts larger in each successive installment. Hopefully he's not writing it too.
  10. Agreed. sretcarahc net
  11. This has been one of my favorites since I first started visiting OCR years ago.
  12. I remember back in the days when this problem was remedied by the simple addition of a "Normal / Hard" option on the main title screen. Now it's serious RPG fans suffer because the games are tailored to the intelligence of a 10 year old, or the 10 year olds "suffer" because they actually have to learn how to think and overcome the enemies. I'm pretty sure I played FF6 when I was 10, and enjoyed the difficulty thoroughly.
  13. Ciel

    Windows Vista

    The lack of support for ASIO drivers in Vista will make it impossible to use for most musicians. I don't think there will be much of a choice in switching to another system for many. Unless you don't mind it shutting down your sound card every time you try to record something. Of course, this may be remedied, or I may have misinterpreted the information in that lengthy article detailing Vista's problems.
  14. Anyone who has played Total Annihilation knows Starcraft's engine could do with some serious upgrading. With World of Warcraft filling the online RPG role for the time being, I'd love to see that same excellent story and setting from Starcraft put to use in a new RTS. Diablo II was a very rich experience as well, I wouldn't complain at all about seeing a sequel to that instead.
  15. Japanese guys have been rocking pretty hard for quite a while now.
  16. I enjoyed most of his earlier works, particularly on the SNES and PSX. With the sound capabilities of the PS2, he's been free to utilize the full breadth of various other styles which often happen to not quite be my preference. I did like many tracks from Baten Kaitos though. The battle theme is very novel and well written.
  17. Yeah, Larry's show was great. I'm hoping we see him host a show again some time in the future. As for the podcast, I'm sure there are other knowledgeable people in the community sufficiently skilled in public speaking and editing to host. If you consider the marketing aspect, I imagine it'd be generally unwise to let the brand name "VGDJ" and the associated internet domain go to waste.
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