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  1. How could they possibly have DLC for Brawl without a hard drive? I... I'm no tech expert...
  2. This question may broach some sensitive behind-the-scenes material so I'm not expecting you guys to answer, but I was wondering why certain judges like Shnabubula, Harmony, and Israfel left or were removed from the panel. Being a hardcore theory geek, I always enjoyed reading Shnabubula's write-ups. I always wondered if perhaps he was deemed unsuitable as a judge because his feedback was too technical for most remixers? Harmony and Israfel seemed to provide a good balance between technical and more accessible comments, so they were two of my favorites as well.
  3. Man, I'm glad someone did an arrange album. RO has one of my favorite soundtracks of all time. Good job to everyone involved.
  4. Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance
  5. I don't really get their big fuss over anonymity, do they really think it's security issue for some stalker/pedophile to know a kid's online handle? Even if they insist on keeping voice chat out, would it really hurt to display player names in replays and wi-fi matches?
  6. Yes. Writers are really not that rich, and not just the middle-class ones.
  7. Actually, the dialogue and voice acting is now worse. It's very impressive. I thought Dracula's lines were pretty rad in the PS1 version.
  8. Woah. Protricity. Didn't see that coming at all. I still blast Neighburgers all the time. This is rockin' stuff.
  9. Yeah, even if the voice chat is restricted to people on each other's friends list, it needs to be in. Stacking can completely ruin on online game. I've seen several where it's impossible to get a good game because all the good players stick together and kick anyone who looks like they could challenge 'em. Still, playing against totally random people doesn't sound a lot better.
  10. if those are the only online modes that will be supremely lame I want to go onto a server and choose a game to play in like on Gunbound none of this "can't see their names" crap I require online rivals it'll be like playing against AI this way and without a ranking system... ugh what's the point if you can't be a show off for fun and egoboosting nameless, faceless opponents won't do I want to accidentally meet some dude named Striker786 in rooms and he'll say "fuk u fagot" and I'll be like "heh" and beat him up and I'll occasionally see this dude in game rooms and have a good laugh as I slaughter him and he speaks his unintelligible american teen dialect this stuff is part of the essential online experience don't steal it away Sakurai use the delay to add this
  11. Sam, you are #1 remixer, and in my heart - #1 Judge.
  12. This thread represents a paradigm shift.
  13. Alundra's tilesets are gorgeous. *16-bit graphic fetish*
  14. It is a matter of public record that tournaments are more likely to function to expectation given actual participants.
  15. Ciel

    Nintendo DS

    Tundaria Tower, Aqua Rock, Sol Sanctum, Vale & Vault, and Garoh were the standout tracks for me.
  16. My policy is basically to purchase my favorite albums and download the rest. I listen to new releases through torrents, and then the next time I go out and see the album in a store, I buy it. Or order the CD online if it's more obscure.
  17. Ciel

    Nintendo DS

    goilden suns II contain nlongest fetych queste in histories of vvideo game
  18. Ever since I was a young man and discovered the female characters in fighting games were always fastest, I've had the habit of choosing to play any game as a girl. Plus this:
  19. There's always a cheaper way to do things. These guys are wasting a lot of money.
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