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  1. I say again, can anyone tell me where on this internet I am to find a usable freeware GIF editing program? Because as it turns out, if the word "free" is in your search text then google assumes that you actually want the ridiculously irrelevant download pages it throws at you. Even the name of a shareware program would be nice.
  2. Mines 270, should I remove it while I edit it down? and does anyone have a good suggestion for a free animated gif editor?
  3. Oh it was just a joke guys, i appreciate skill in brawl just like the rest of you If only I could find a way around the line of sight of atma, arek, and stunna. does gt have vids? EDIT: Scratch that, I found some. Ganonforf eh
  4. haha you're like a pretentious gym leader from a pokemon game.
  5. Nohbody

    Fable 2

    Fable was an amazing game, limited only by ridiculous loading times and a plot that sort of sucked a cock. Guys, do you remember the spells? There was that one knockback spell that cost like a two hundredth of your magic at its highest level. You could use it at any time you wanted, even during attacks. Also you could walk into a house, use it, and trash everything. XBox360 will only make it better. But that Peter molixinox guy creeps me out.
  6. As far as a major I would suggest Software Engineering, Computer Science, or some art degree if you want to get right to the chase. Im pretty sure youd want to get into the industry first, and CS or SE would help you the most there.
  7. Dont play this on wii if you dont enjoy retarded graphics, sloppy controls, and supporting characers being better designed than the main charachter, and yes Im talking about the chick with the tits.
  8. Pools are cool and so are water temples. nobody hangs out at the mid-atlantic ridge anyway.
  9. Gahh cant remember... tell me its killing me please. There was a spiky one in Mario Bros for snes, but it was just annoying. Too many happy dolphins for fear to exist in that level
  10. Drowning I can understand, but anyone with sense can realize that regardless of currents, if you swim straight up there will be air. And water allows for more freedom of movement-- try doing a triple backflip on ground. You know I met somebody who swore that he would get a fungal infection if he submerged his head in water? I wanted to smack him. In space theres just this awful abyss, total lack of control, no safetey anywhere, though if I died in space it would be pretty awesome, I mean talk about a fitting view for your own death. If I could die calmly in space while staring into NGC6357 with a great understanding of it all then it would be the perfect ending to my life no emo. For emphasis, here:
  11. how is it physically possible for humans to hate water? I have always loved water, its like my natural habitat. My favorite parts of videogames are the water temples, that one level of pokemon snap where you went down the rapids, stuff like that. water + vertigo = bliss for me, space is just unnatural. playing space levels has always made me uncomforable, and here I speak specifically of the crazy gadget level in sonic adventure 2.
  12. so does your mmm..../nnevermind what i hate is when im playing as ike and I miss a smash, because the recovery time is like 4 of robs forward smashes. what a fatty
  13. Ive yet to see a good ROB but i see the potential. metaknight, omg, i feel like an asshole just using him. actually i hate light characters in general. I love all heavys and some mediums
  14. what kind of competition?
  15. my best sonic is me spamming dash attacks until they do 2 percent and then missing 9 in 10 air attacks does marth piss anyone else off?
  16. three more posts and the count will be 1337 tf2 is fun!!!
  17. pretty sick. Beginning wasnt noteworthy or anything though
  18. bipolar disorder is more like transitions from manic depression to megalomania, not just from happy to sad. Its a common miconception perpetuated by non wikipedia readers. so here =D for the record I would not have pointed that out anywhere but the internet
  19. noob question, i know im full of these, but what is a compo?
  20. you made me lmao thank you. just the internet guys. seriously.
  21. you just need to be more creative
  22. it was in good jest, and stereotypes never hurt anyone. If that offended anyone then it was their problem, not yours.
  23. Also believe it or not on the internet I care what other people think, as if reputation here matters. In the real world (and I hate saying real world for some reason), Im a lot more blunt, but sort of more sensitive. aah ffrikin whatever