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    Madden 09

    i hate sporst games
  2. how does the keyboardist have time to take his hands off the keyboard and reach to the sky dramatically
  3. theres that high jump of his, but i cant think of anything else
  4. Thanks for advice atmuh looks like you dont want me banned after all. As far as b sticking, aside from wave bouncing its kind of a waste of a stick, unless there is some useful use of wave bouncing that I hadnt known of before. What would be really efficient would be a c stick that did a strong attack in the direction you pushed without messing up and jumping/ doing a nuetral a attack. but definitely switching grab to L, looks like it would make shield grabbing easier
  5. its not okay. better yourself and learn more smash. thish shield grabbing thing looks fun
  6. got it. no dumb stuff then. How hard is chain grabbing? does it require a certain window of %damage on the opponent?
  7. youre right, his back throw is pretty good. I always throw up or down, just a stupid reflex. I dont chaingrab because of this crazy sense of honor I have while playing, the same thing that drives me to commit ingame suicide if I get a bullshit kill in a one on one match. Problem with tilts for me is I cant train my thumb to not mash the control stick, so theres a waiting period for me to do tilts if i want to avoid smashing. ftilts are slow and do only 8 damage, and utilt is great if your opponent is above/ on top of you, and doesnt have a sword/common sense. Dtilt is useless by my judgement. That spendid bair is useful only if ddd doesnt change direction midair after his first jump Im not sure what you meant about armor, although Id like for you to maybe tell me more about that.. Im still learning here so plz chill atmuh. I admit to being pretentious before, and Ill stop. So far almost everytime ive posted youve nailed me on something and thats kind of annoying.
  8. Why the balls would you pay real life money for a sig. Dont doubt your own ability to make a good one. If your going to pay money, buy photoshop software and learn it. Its pretty fun and youd be suprised at what you can do. Im sure you could get help from people on this site as advice. And dont judge what I just said by my own sig it was made in paint with standard fonts.
  9. Ah his first forum, how sweet. You dont need any fancy photoshop crap like these other guys, ms paint will do fine. Mine was made in paint. Actually ms paint is one of the best programs ever produced by microsoft. Just find something you like, add text with your name or something, and then save it as a jpeg several times so that the loss of quality will make the text look blended in. Or learn photoshop like the cool cats, or just request one from the coop i guess. Youll need to upload your image, I reccomend, and use that link to post the picture in your sig. And for gods sake dont put the face in your sig, youre above that, man.
  10. I dont grab much, except with olimar because of its incredible efficiency, but deedeedee doesnt seem like he has much of a grab radius. actually for any attack that doesnt involve his hammer, people need to be practically right on top of him for the attack to connect. that goes for the rocket hammer as well. And none of the grabs in smash do much damage, i mean his down throw he sits on the opponent for 7 damage. atma why would I play you with sonic? Hes the easiest character to get the hang of, just remember that anytime you push a button he turns into a ball and does pathetic damage and youve pretty much got it. Id play you on internet, man, id love to, but no wii/ wireless. Id have to buy a wii and wireless router to play online and I dont have that kind of money right now.
  11. All of the characters are easy to use. you press a and they attack, up is jump, b is special.
  12. so king deedeedee is third from the top, hilarious. Hes hard to use though, especially with marth or shiek who attack ten times for his every one. Im getting the hang of him though. Throwing those silly waddledees has proven to be very useful. I used to think it was an absolutely retarded move, doing five damage and all, but its really there to get in the way of projectiles and piss opponent off
  13. Nohbody


    I juyst got done with the ninja scroll series and liked it. However the original movie was 90 minutes and totally whooped the shit out of the series. If youre a nerd then case closed will provide intelligent material as long as you can put up with a pretentious 5 year old for 512 episodes. Ah too long I guess. My best reccomendation would be AFRO SAMURAI because SAMUEL L JACKSON. pm if you have trouble finding...things
  14. ok. im going to lurk for a while and come back a better poster, promise
  15. sweetness, though. A friend of mine is a strong member of a non-denominational christian church next to my school, it has pretty sweet recording studio. Now i just have to deal with wishy washy christians all day
  16. This is hilarious but I just changed my secondary to dedede. So far my only opponents I have trouble with are yoshi and toon link
  17. hey, read the thread silly. I will make an entire remix using the squaresoft logo sound pitch bended. It will pass. THe title: a capella wolves
  18. Nohbody

    Mercenaries 2

    Woo terds: nactical tuke. Yell heah! im sorry but thats the first thing that came to mind when I saw that.
  19. Was your program free? Its impossible to find any freeware gif creators.
  20. eh... Oh, Florida tech's piano room is located adjacent to its anime club lounge, which means I have to be there before 8 am unless I want squawking otakus playing uno or whatever card game is popular these day in the background.
  21. Noobs still dont have tenure or cohorts like atmuh.