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  1. Thanks Yoozer. I actually already have ASIO4ALL. I'm not gonna use REAPER because its demo is 30-day. I'm using MULAB. I just can't get a good sounding rhythm guitar out of the free electric guitar VST's I've found
  2. how do I do these two things? and which audio driver should i install?
  3. you've got a great voice! "Somewhere to Hide" is def one of the best tracks on the new OCR album. I hope to hear more of your work XD

  4. "Somewhere to Hide" is def one of the best tracks on the new album. Nice work

  5. a_d

    Thanks for suggesting MU.LAB. I'm figuring it out now. Do you know how to change the key signature (say, from 4/4 to 3/4)?

  6. Hey Nase, I've installed MU.LAB and it seems great, but does it support plugin soundfonts (SF2 files)? what kinds of soundfonts can I import?
  7. Thanks for the suggestions audio fidelity. I'll try those (REAPER and other programs say that they can't even detect a sound card at all!). Nase, I'll try that program out! thanks
  8. For some reason I can't hear any sound on Reaper
  9. Thanks you two. I'll look into that
  10. I'm new to using sequencers. My music software experience is limited to Finale Notepad and a bit of tinkering with Fruity Loops. I was wondering, is there a legally free version of decent sounding music software out there? Finale only puts out MIDI files (not the best sounding stuff). I know that the Fruity Loops demo doesn't let you save your work.
  11. This is a nice piano arrangement of a great theme
  12. DrumUltimA is def one of my favs. About using Jesus' name (I'm a Christian), this isn't a Christian site, don't expect it to act like it. You're gonna have to risk running into stuff like this if you're gonna hang around here
  13. Man, it would be nice if this was re-recorded in better quality since this song works nicely for the piano. I don't think that the low recording quality adds to the effect, personally
  14. This is an old remix. I've had it in my collection for a while. It's really good, though I first found this on VGmix.com under the title "Trigger Chrono" by Shnabubula
  15. solos just don't get as much attention i suppose (since there aren't that many reviews). As far as I'm concerned, this is the best piano solo remix of a video game theme that I've heard. ever.
  16. there aren't more reviews of this. I suppose that it's too old of a game. well, this is an awesome source tune, and Star Salzman made it even better with this great orchestration. Amazing
  17. i this piece didn't particularly stand out to me. But when I started waking up to it on one of my OCR CDs, I started to love it. Very well done. Perhaps the OST should've used an orchestral version like this instead of the mainly piano solo it does use
  18. This does an excellent job of submersing the listener into an atmospheric soundscape. Definitely has a different spirit than the source tune (the guy cranking his music box in the windmill with a carnival feel)
  19. I suppose it helps to know the context of this song in the game (e.g. the review preceding this one), but this song perfectly accomodates the scene in Chrono Trigger. this piece is so sad and it incorporates No Hope into it fairly well. I definitely like this better than Children of the Monkey Machine's similar mix for Silent Hill (maybe that's because i've never played it, though). Although hardly a song, this piece is epic
  20. All of your mixes of DKC2 stay true to the spirit of the source tune while upping them a few notches. This one has amazing rhythm
  21. instrumental/jazz version of this song. I'm surprised that one Vigilante pulled it off one-handedly. The instruments all sound real. Good job
  22. this song brought back memories. Sounds like Protricity used the source tune and re-sampled it and added a little flare and percussion. The result is amazing
  23. I suppose one reason is that so many people contributed. Everything from pixietricks' soaring vocal, the choral track, the electric guitar solo, amazing orchestra, and even the 8-bit intro. Truly amazing
  24. Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw created some games using AGS and has provided them free as some may know. One of the games is called "1213" and has three episodes. In Episode 1 (download here <http://www.fullyramblomatic.com/1213/>) when you first are roaming around because someone left your door wide open, there is a cool tune playing in the background. Now, Ben himself points out that all of his music for this game is taken from RPG Maker 2003. I have provided the link for this specific song (download here <http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=abc96d4e7f56e8a5d2db6fb9a8902bda>). I was hoping
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