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  1. This album was amazing. I suppose I shouldn't expect less when the source tunes are by Yasunori Mitsuda. But there are probably more tracks on this project that I think are really great than on almost any other OCR album yet. However, I expect Serious Monkey Business to beat it *crosses fingers*
  2. Could you please, please, please provide a tab of this for the listeners who are guitar players?
  3. a_d

    You can download the Castlevania album without using a torrent. Just go to the homepage for the project @ http://sotd.ocremix.org/

  4. ................................................... "Ocean Palace" is listed as a source tune, but I can't find a track by any name like that for the Xenogears OST. Is this track from Chrono Trigger?
  5. You're a musical genius! Pillar of Salt, Advance With Caution, and Black Wind Rising are masterpieces!

  6. Hey, didn't you have a Mega Man vocal remix WIP in the VGmix forums? If so, it sounded pretty good to me

  7. So has this album not been officially released on OCR yet because they want to let a little time pass from the Castlevania album?
  8. I don't know if anyone has pointed this out already, but this sounds almost exactly like "Under the Moonlight" from the Radical Dreamers soundtrack. Not a bad thing, though
  9. no way. that's weird. Maybe he's too busy with other stuff. Btw, so sweet that Dave Wise is contributing, and to the ending theme, no less! He single-handedly made the best Donkey Kong game soundtrack ever
  10. Where is Protricity in all of this? His DKC2 remixes have been some of the best!
  11. my mistake. i meant the music that plays while all the characters in the game scroll out
  12. hey, your sig looks interesting. what does it mean?

  13. This is one of my favorite and most nostalgic games. Glad to see it getting a project. The acronym for the title (Serious Monkey Business) is SMB, kinda funny. Btw, hows come the ending theme (Ending Ambience) isn't on the project? It's one of the game's best tracks!
  14. From 0:22 to 1:12 sends shivers down my spine
  15. you've got some cool remixes. i esp. like The Monsaic

  16. listening to the "Title Theme" for Oracle of Ages on YouTube sounds nothing like the melody in this remix. But this piano solo is one of my favorites on OCR EDIT: @LinkFX Thanks
  17. I really like the sound of your music, including the stuff on your site. You a Christian?

  18. From Protricity's review, I was expecting much less, but this is very interesting, the kind of thing that would fit nicely as a Metroid game background track, I would imagine. My only complaint is that the piano part for the last several seconds with its short melody line, sounded out of place
  19. Definitely take a lot of creative liberty with this as you don't really hear the Kraid tune too strongly, but it's atmospheric and well done
  20. a_d

    you said Black Wing Metamorphosis is in the top 2 of one-winged angel remixes in your opinion. what's the other one?

  21. actually, what do VSTi files look like? Are they dll extensions? Because I've been using those fine. I installed the Soundfont Player but is it supposed to act like a patch for the sequencing program I'm using or do I run it while running the sequencer? I can't seem to listen to any soundfonts that I load on the soundfont player, or do anything with the soundfont.
  22. Thanks. I actually already have the GSuite (that bundle). What do I do with the Soundfont Player once I've installed it? Thanks for your help
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