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  1. You promote the hunger site? You're AWESOME!
  2. oh man, it's gone? I thought it was supposed to replace the old system? (although I'm glad OCR didn't keep it that way ) Please don't explain that this was an April Fool's joke. It was too elaborate to be that (i'm kidding)
  3. I like your Full of Hope arrangement better, but this is still epic, as is the source tune
  4. The style of David Helpling & Jon Jenkins, very meditative ambient pieces. Listen:
  5. Thanks. Hopefully I can get a YouTube performance vid of it up soon (along with the chords for those who wish to learn it, if you don't mind). btw, hope you're healing well. You were in the hospital, right?
  6. I agree with the gainsayers here: although OCR's first album, this remains one of its best and is definitely the most cohesive I found several places where you can find it just by searching "relics of the chozo" in a search engine's image search. Here's a couple hits: http://survey.mektek.ca/gift/chozo_cover.jpg and http://ocremix.org/album/3/super-metroid-relics-of-the-chozo (the preview pic of the album). Of course, the latter is more accurate but smaller, but if you just want it for your ipod, it's plenty big
  7. to listen to ogg files (like for the super metroid OCR album) download winamp (winamp.com)

  8. Definitely my favorite track from Serious Monkey Business!
  9. is the "TheWingless" account on YouTube urs?

  10. Ur mixes are so beautiful

  11. Maybe it's because the source material is so awesome, but I was honestly a little disappointed by this album (actually, I've only listened to the first CD so far. The DIXIE CD is sounding a lot better). I still like it, though (I just like the SNES soundtrack more) EDIT: Okay, the Dixie CD rocks EDIT2: Okay, I've changed my mind on the second listen, not trying to compare it so much to the original songs. I think it's pretty good
  12. Really? You're totally missing out! DKC2 was my favorite game growing up and remains one of my all time favorites to this day
  13. I agree, JetForce Gemini does have a pretty epic soundtrack overall. As for DKC2's remix potential, it's sounding like I'll like the source tunes better than a lot of their remixes. But hey, it's hard to beat this awesome soundtrack
  14. "Nayru's Love" by Dhsu (the piano, anyways), transcribed by me from the original MIDI: http://www.mediafire.com/?to52tmjdmgy "Duet of the Keyblade Masters" by Uboichi, transcribed by Lee Kaiwei (Kevin Lee) (this is a piano duet): http://www.leekaiwei.com/downloads.html Uboichi says he's gonna try to find his original sheet music and upload it
  15. Anyone know if someone's transcribed this? Sheet music?
  16. the constant hi-hat starts to get annoying, although it usually cuts out right at that point. nice remix overall. I like the phasing
  17. You could hang Diddy's hat off the corner of the "D" in "DK" and maybe Dixie's hat off the corner of the "K", since these two are the main characters
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